Verticalsim Quality?

Good evening forum,

Haven’t purchased anything from Verticalsim yet. looking for some reviews.


One of the better developers, IMO. They’ve been active in the flight sim community for a long time, and their sceneries seem to get that much better with each new release. What are you thinking about buying?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Looking at KMYR to start.

I have that one. Good rendition of the airport and immediate surroundings. Not sure how much you care about interior modeling…that particular scenery does not have it.

There is another KMYR on SimMarket that has fantastic interior modeling, but not as much “area coverage” of surrounding buildings and landmarks as Verticalsim’s version.

If you’re thinking of purchasing KMYR, I’d take a look at both and determine which one suits your tastes better. I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

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I think they make decent stuff. I wouldn’t put them in the league of FlyTampa or Drzewiecki Design, but I’ve bought a few things from them and the quality has been solid.

That being said, I had a bad experience with some major rudeness on their Discord server. So, I will probably not be buying from them again, which is a shame.

(Disclaimer to those who don’t know: Moderators are not employees. The above is my opinion alone and does not represent any official opinion.)

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I have KBOI and KSYR from them and both exceeded my expectations. Really nice modelling and textures. Also the night lighting is beautifully done. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another scenery from them.


I have Boise, Syracuse and Omaha from them. Quality stuff and overall good performance. I‘d buy from them again without hesitation if an interesting airport pops up, especially if you can grab it in a sale.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Appreciate it.

Got Myrtle Beach and will likely grab some more.

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Yep, I recommend them as well. I have KORF, KGSP, KBOI, KOMA and the latest KTPA. They’re excellent.


I got KTPA, KMYR, KBOI a few weeks ago and they’re all good quality, KTPA being the best. Definitely one of the better scenery devs out there right now. I’d go for any of their airports.

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