Very difficult to take off on 172

Are you sure your controls for the 172 are not reversed in the menu? In external view, to which side your controls deflect the rudder when you press the stick back? In this Sim controls are reversed for different planes depending on Sim Updates or other problems. Check your AXIS settings in the menu.

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As far as I know the controls for 172 are the same as 152.

So i think its the following to take off on 172

Flaps 10
Full engine on
Once at speed 60 pull the left stick slightly and hold it there - this is the black knob on the x box controller on the left hand side
Vertical speed should be positive and increase as the plane gains altitude
Once sufficient altitude is gained - should be able to let go of the left stick and use trim to level off

Think this is the way (probably)

Once you have a positive rate retract the flaps while holding your ascent, then trim. Use the HUD to check the trim buttons are set correctly.

I have Num 1 on keyboard to trim up and Num 7 on keyboard to trim down

Once i am in the air and increasing altitude - think i key press Num 7 to trim down and level the plane

Think my instructions above are about right

Remember that keyboard and numpad numbers are not the same. Tbqh I suggest you program vertical trim to your gamepad so you dont need to fumble for the right key.

The numpad numbers are on the keyboard

I orginally had problems with getting trim to work on the x box controller - and I think someone here mentioned a while back that it is a good idea to get a keyboard and mouse - as its easier to control the aircraft on a keyboard with trim changes than it is to do this on a controller

That is why i have trim controlled by the numpad keys located on the keyboard

In any case, I can easily locate Num 1 and Num 7 on the keyboard when changing trim

If i was to go back to controlling trim via the xbox controller - can you suggest what is the best control or button on the x box controller for this - and how do you reassign trim from the numpad keys on the keyboard to the nominated option on the x box controller ?

I’d suggest buttons you can tap for small increments at a time. Don’t do it as an axis or hold the buttons too long as you’ll overshoot and constantly chase things.

I am on Xbox too and used to play with only Xbox controller and keyboard and mouse for a while. (Edit: keyboard and mouse is a must. Especially when you want to fly more complicated aircraft)

Then I added hotas, and it made a huge difference. I suggest a controller if you can buy One.

As trim I think I used it with RB and that plus button up and down.

I dont use a gamepad so I’m not going to say what’s best for you. Mine are on my joystick however if I had to use a keyboard I would set elevator/vertical trim buttons vertically (as you look at them) and rudder/horizontal trims across. But that’s just me, you may prefer your own way.

The default Xbox controller profile has RB+Right Thumbstick UP/DOWN as elevator trim.

You can have both. If that creates a conflict (it shouldn’t, but if it does) you can make a new keyboard profile and search for the trim keys in the Controls Options section and just clear them from the keyboard profile.

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You can take off ok in the C152 (No Autoploit in the c152), but are having an issue in the C172 (that does have an Autopilot)

Maker sure the AP (Autopilot is OFF) …

The AP is not a “Help me take off autopilot”

ie there should be no Orange AP lit up in the left top corner of the AP display

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I took a flight with Xbox controller now. When it starts on the runway trim is set to 11.

As @NixonRedgrave has already said default is as below:. And you can change it in controller settings, just search for trim…

I am uploading a video of the take off which is not perfect :rofl:


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With trim at 11% - interesting this is set before you take off

Is it 11% trim nose up or trim nose down ?

This the default value when you start from the runway not from a parking spot or gate like when the plane is cold and dark.

Nose up, 11%.

It’s KAVX, can you try now? .from runway 4?

I found the using the xbox controller for trim was actually quite good. RB + right stick if I remember correctly.

Not sure why you’re having issues taking off. Sounds like you were originally pulling up too violently:

Is it a case that I just need to slightly touch the left stick down to take off on the Cessna 172 and not push it all the way down

Never use full elevator (fully pulled down stick) to take off. Definitely be a lot more gentle. I would say this is your problem. It’s not clear if you’ve tried it since creating this post.

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Yeah, what others have said. Check where the trim wheel in the cockpit is set BEFORE you take off. Try setting it to zero before takeoff, and see what happens.


The trim wheel in the cockpit should be highlighted when I go inside the cockpit - should be able to find it hopefully

I think I would use the mouse to highlight it and change it to take off position before I take off

Thanks for all your thoughts

I will have a go next time I play flight sim and reply back here with how I get on or if I have any problems

Trim wheel issues do not seem to match up with the fact that the OP has no issues with the C152, but does with the C175.
Both have Trim wheels.

A video of the take off and the resulting unstable flight, would probably make it very clear what the root issue really is.

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Video of take off on 172 very unstable

Also on take off plane veers to the left

I find after initial climb plane loses altitude fast despite light press of stick and trim up

Also I get an audio voice of ‘dont sink’ sounding
Which i cannot switch off

The pitch trim in the aircraft is set to 0.0 degrees in the cockpit before take off. The rectangular pitch indicator is level with the triangular symbol

Flaps set to 10 degrees

This plane is impossible to fly and way harder than cessna 152

So i dont know what the problem is here

What is controlling your your plane ?

X-Box controller ?
Joystick with twist for rudder ?
Yoke & Rudder pedals

I see no rudder movement to control the plane, apart from one very big jump , short lived, to max and back to center during take off.