Very difficult to take off on 172

Xbox controller and keyboard with mouse

The rudder is controlled with the trigger buttons on the controller

I dont understand as when I do the same movements on the xbox controller for the cessna 152 I can take off ok

For some unknown reason this does not work for the Cessna 172

Far enough … I have to leave it to someone else to try ti help you then, as I have no idea how anyone can fly from the outside view with an x-box controller. !

Just something I have never chosen to do, so have no experience to be able to help you with that technique of flying.

However, will watch this thread with interest, to see how and what a solution may be .

Maybe, consider investing in an X-Box compatible Joystick …

What is the best joystick for MSFS on Xbox?
Best joysticks and flight sticks

Thrustmaster T. 16000M FCS HOTAS. ...
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Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

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In terms of it veering to the left, everything I’m seeing there is normal. Single-engine prop planes simply do that due to three left-turning tendencies:

  • Torque - the prop rotates clockwise, the rest of the plane attached to it wants to roll counterclockwise

  • Spiraling slipstream - the air from the prop spirals around the aircraft, striking the left side of the tail, pushing it right and the nose left

  • P-factor (or asymmetric blade loading) - the prop disk crates more thrust on the right side due to a larger angle of attack and relative forward speed on the descending side of the disk. This is more apparent at low speeds and high angles of attack, like during the initial climb

In a tailwheel aircraft (not here) you would also have gyroscopic precession. You also will get weathervaning effect, in which your nose will want to point into the wind. Finally, at low speeds, your controls will be less effective, giving you less ability to counter this until your speed increases.

But I believe the main problem is your controller. I see your controls deflect to correct and it’s almost a full, instantaneous deflection (then immediately neutral, then back again, etc). At speed, it’s almost not possible to do that in the real plane because of the airflow, as we said way upthread. A lot of folks here use yoke a or joysticks that provide artificial feel in the form of springs, but more importantly, have longer “throw” on each axis, so there’s a lot of nuance between a little and a lot of deflection.

That, and experience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes - joystick good idea

But I dont understand why the Cessna 152 operates well with just an x box controller

And the Cessna 172 does not

It does not make sense and i dont understand it

It’s quite possible the the sim is just interpreting the slightly larger control surface area, stronger thrust slipstream, and higher overall speed of the 172 and equating it to much larger control efficacy. Combine that with instantaneous zero-to-full-stop control and relatively little inertia and it becomes easy to overcontrol.

The plane I’m flying irl in a few hours actually has a trim tab that works against overcontrolling by adding even more counter-control pressure at higher deflections. This simply can’t be re-created in the sim without force feedback. It can be emulated through artificial dampening, but it’s fakey and will never be 1:1.

In the end, the Xbox controller is the root of the issue.

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I think there is a large contingent of people who would be happy with outside view and an Xbox controller: drone users.

I had to reprogram the Xbox settings to match the drone, but once that was sorted, it was more easy to fly the drone camera in the sim. I guess you could fly the aircraft that way too, though I’ve never tried.

Why are the defaults so different between the Xbox controller and most drones in the market?

Barring control input issues, has OP viewed any real-world Cessna 172 takeoff videos? There is a wealth of information from pilots flying the real thing that translate nicely to the simulator. Things shared here like using flaps for takeoff. No the 172 doesn’t use “flaps 10” for takeoff unless you are performing a short-field takeoff which is done for performance reasons. Left-turning tendency, yes, that is normal and requires right rudder input to counteract.