Very Discouraging- But problem solved

Me too. A bunch of people on this forum claim it’s fixable, but I have tried everything and I know it’s the current patch. What I have done:
Replaced both the OS SSD and the SSD the game is installed on. Seemed to fix it for 3 long flights then it crashed again.
Deleted the CCC rolling cache. Once again it seemed to fix the issue for a couple of flights and then CTD.
Re-install everything, wiping out all traces. Fixed literally nothing and was a massive PIA, CTD on first flight.
Replaced router, made internet a bit faster but didn’t fix anything.

Finally, I own another computer with a ryzen 2700x and 2070 super, it lives at my office so even has different internet, my main machine is i7 7700k and 1080ti, both have 32 GB of ram and m.2 ssd’s. I installed FS on the other machine and it worked for 5 long flights and then, CTD. Every time on every machine its the same event 1000 no other valuable information about the crash.

I think they just need to fix whatever the issue they are having is. Oh and it’s not helpful when people come and say “well it works for me, try this and this and this”. If it works for you and you haven’t had to deal with this issue then stop offering advice on how to fix the issue. If you haven’t dealt with it you don’t know how to fix it.


I already have over 270 hours in the game, and experienced CTD only twice, due to PSU overheating.
Don’t be discouraged, try to find solution. Something in your system doesn’t go well with the game


non sense, it worked great until the latest patch. Every one with the issue is having the same problem. Why are two totally different machines having the same issue? Why are so many people having the same issue? And if it’s both of my machines I should have other issues in other games or programs and I don’t.

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I have the 2070 super and the reason for problems was the driver update 461.09 and after. So I got back to the prio game version and the problems where gone. No garanty but it helped in my case and several other people made the same experience. So give it a try.


Interesting idea guihuy, that’s one thing I haven’t tried. When you say it fixed your issue, have you gone on flights longer than 1 hr? Do you use VR? I do. I also use TM warthog throttle, TM TPR peddals and Honeycomb yoke, maybe we can find some similarities in the setups?

Yep, try rolling back to an older driver.

If you’re running with 16GB of RAM, the following thread might give a solution:
Finally…Solved CTD issues… for those us with < 32 GB ram - Self-Service / PC & Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I have 32 GB on both of my machines. I also need to say most people claim it fixed there problem after 1 or 2 quick flights. I was the same, everytime I would do something to fix the game it would work for 1 or sometimes 4 or 5 long flights before it would CTD again.

You didn’t buy a new house however, maybe that is what is required. :rofl:

I have been “playing” this sim for many months and have never had a crash to desktop. I also do not have anything in my community folder and not 3rd party add ons. Just saying.


Ok, so this is yet another thing I tried. I had a few addon sceneries from ORBX and one ceranado plane. I didn’t install any of them on my other machine and it CTD after 5 long flights.

Well, since there are multiple solutions to some problems it’s quite natural for people trying to help, to suggest different stuff. Even if they didn’t have the problem themselves. How should anyone know what exactly is wrong? Problem solving on a computer is often trial and error.

On the other hand saying you “know” it has something to with “the current patch” just because it coincides with you having problems is a little presumptious. Especially if most people don’t have problems.

There are a few things you haven’t mentioned. You said that you reinstalled without any success and even used different computers. Ok. That rules out a lot of stuff.
The only thing you didn’t mention and which is known to cause problems is:

Did you overclock any of your CPUs, graphics cards or RAM chips? MSFS is very sensitive to slight instabilities other programmes and games just shrug off.
Often just using D.O.C.P. / XMP settings can cause enough instability to upset MSFS and produce a CTD. So in case you used some form of overclocking you can try setting everything to automatic in the BIOS and check whether this does the trick. It did for me …


That’s kind of what a forum is for. Otherwise it’s just you venting.


I only use saitek equipment, no VR, 4k Monitor but presently working with low energy settings so restricting to 20 fps. Long flights, yes but not more than 2 hours. But I had CDTs in all different situations and they are all gone and performance is better as well.

If I need to disable XMP and essentially cripple my machine in order to use FS2020 then there is something wrong with the game. It needs to be more tolerant of ram speeds.

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They are probably not that different and might very well share something common.

This game is everything except discouraging. I am sure you should be able to get it working properly, and then you’ll enjoy the most extensive scenery ever provided :slight_smile:


They both have NVIDIA gpu’s. What would really help is a log detailing why the program had to CTD so we don’t have to play the guessing game.


I never ever had any single CTD, there must be something wrong with your system or with your mods.

Try to contact support via zendesk.

Best advice I’ve gotten so far was to run Task Manager and see what’s interrupting your flights. I found most of my issues in the details tab. FlightSimulator.exe should be the second thing listed, right behind “System Idle Process”. By the time you’re at the desktop, it’s too late.
Whatever caused it was gnawing away in the background.

I had teething problems, but one-by-one I conquered them. I still have random CTDs still but I can’t change when Steam Beta updates.

Edit: I’m running a mix of High and Ultra settings and getting 30+ fps on a 2700X, RTX2060 @3440x1440, 32Gb, nvme drive game install.

So? What do you want to do about it? This has been an issue from the beginning because MSFS is extremely demanding both to the CPU and the GPU while most programs either focus on one or the other. I had other demanding applications (like video editing software) before ■■■■ out on me while running on D.O.C.P. / XMP values. That’s not uncommon.

Those D.O.C.P. and XMP values are NOT a guaranteed operating speed (just as the rated speed of 4.3GHz for your Ryzen 2700x CPU is not guaranteed). Those are maximum values. And using those value won’t damage your hardware or void your warranty. But noone guarantees that they will run stable.
So if your motherboard, cooling and power supply etc are not up to snuff you most likely will have instabilities running at XMP and your Ryzen at 4.3 GHz. And while most software will shrug those instabilities off, MSFS won’t.

In case you want to try it:
I started running my RAM on Automatic and slowly increased until I hit a point where I got CTDs again. The I went down 100MHz. Now I run my 3600 MHz maximum rated DDR4s at at 3400 and they are stable. Did the same with the CPU. Both are running slightly below the rated maximum.