Very low fps on top hardware

hi guys.
I play Flight sim on a i7 8700k @ 5ghz , 2080rtx and 16gig ram.
Even on low settings i got 25 - 40 fps.
Drivers are fresh…everything else is fine too.

Any … tipps or did i missed something?!

what resolution?

V Sync off. It makes a huge difference for me

The low setting is not interesting because it is not used in a strong configuration. Use high and ultra settings and 25-40 fps is appropriate. The error may not be in the FS settings if there will be much less.

You might want to review this and try out, it might (or not) help you:

Your screen resolution? that plays a major role in the sim.

V Sync off sure.

25-40 fps is not a thing for me, i left this behind years ago when i throw my console away.

Screen resolution 2560x1440

Try this video Fix my stuttering and I am running most setting on ultra with I7 10900, 32G ram, 2070 RTX @ about 60 fps also turn cloud to low along with turning off vsync

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sorry cant send links

Also I am running @14400 monitor

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Insane 15 fps with this settings.

Thank you for trying. There must be something wrong on your system or you’re flying over an area which is causing FPS drops.



With the settings I’ve posted and a lower spec CPU at lower Ghz and a lower spec video card I can run in 4K at an average of 50fps over LFMN (some areas around 55fps and some other arouns 45fps).

Increase RAM. Over cities and complex scenery this sim munches on RAM for breakfast. If you’re running 5ghz its a sin not to have 32gb, maybe even 64gb. All that CPU power isn’t getting channelled through efficiently otherwise and you especially need it if you have settings such as Render Scaling set quite high.

As an added addendum, the higher res screen you have, the lower your render scale setting needs to be as your screen makes up for the difference. Tinker with it on your 1440p monitor. RAM is dirt cheap and I’m glad that’s your weakest link.

PS, theres some odd people out there with 3080 or 3090 cards with 24gb VRAM and 16gb at 2400mhz and you think, what the hell are you doing :stuck_out_tongue: … Never ever have less physical memory than Video memory. You’ll be CPU bottlenecked to beneath hell, even with 5ghz and never get the best out of your wonderful card.

Love always :))

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I have similar spec to you but with 1080ti and get 30 - 40 fps, some setting are less than ultra and v-sync off. Also the cockpit refresh rate set to Medium.

Low Internet connections could be the problem…

you have any info or solution for now?

3800x /2080super - 64gb ram / 900mbit internet / and a nvme ssd…

1440p or 1080p low or medium, or high… ultra… .everything between