Very poor perfomance in VR mode

Very poor perfomance in VR mode for Airliner. Even in Low-End settings
Need implementation and tuning.

i9-9900K/32GB RAM/2080Ti/m.2 nVME SSD

Oculus Rift S

VR graphics settings:
Lowend, 70% scale, 50lod

B747/B787/A320 at KLAX RW
takeoff and flying around KLAX at FL020

Nvidia drivers tested:
446.14, 452.06, 460.89

HAGS off, Game Mode off, VSYnc off

Same here. There is a huge difference: All jets have absolutely fluid framrates in VR and no stutter. All Airliners are unflabble,… searching for more investigation …

You might want to review the following, it may help you (or not):

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

NB: among other things, have you tried 457.30?

  1. Yes I tried all recommendation from these post
  2. Yes I tried all nVidia version drivers released from may2020.

I don’t have SteamVR or WMR. All problem with Oculust Rift S and MSFS2020 Store version

still cant get more than 20fps in rift s. Only one way - huge quality decrease

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So, after lots of testing i have conclusiion.
WMR device has better performance, than other.
Oculus Quest 2 - better performance than Oculus Rift S

But. Still unplayable game with Airliners ang huge airport

I’m at a G2 with 80% render scaling on a i7 and a 1080TI and I have WAY better performance. Sounds like something is off in your system

Have you by any chance tried without any community mod, including yours?

Just a shot in the dark but sometimes you never know what could affect the end result.

Im trying withoout any mod. Even my. Empty community folder. I dont have G2. Rift S absolutely bad performance. With Quest 2 i can fly with stutters, shakink and 25-30 fps in GA aircraft. Airlines A320/787/747 cause lots frezes, sometimes CTD an VERY bad FPS

Let’s keep finger crossed the next update (anytime soon?) will help you solving this performance issue then.

16 feb =) But yes. I’m wait performance improvement.

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