Very slow download speed

I’ m stuck. My problem is slow download abount 1 Mb/s. My internet speed is 100 Mb/s. What can I do ??? I try everything and I m surrender :frowning:
Before update my download speed is very good and simulator works well. Please help…

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Check your NIC drivers; Device manager–> Network devices
Anything else installed before the issue occurs?

I’m also having very slow speeds/ choppy install. It goes up maybe 30-60mb, then stops for a good few mins, then does it again. No clue what’s the problem as I have 200mb/s internet.

Right now, for example, it’s stuck at 369mb.

I install Only Red Death Redemption 2 :slight_smile:
Drivers are ok, anything else download fast, just flight simulator stuck…

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Same here. Initial installation ran fine a few weeks ago (same hardware/network setup). Elsewhere I’m getting speeds of 5MB/sec while since Friday MSFS won’t let me download the update any faster than 70-100KB/sec, which is surely ridiculous.

What I have been trying so far:

Still too slow to download the update within a reasonable amount of time.

Which MOBO are on? MSI, other, Z1xx Z2xx or Z3xx.?


Give it a shot to remove MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner, MSI Dragon Nvidia if you have such installed. Re-install drivers of the NIC. Check the download speed with before and after each action.

Same very painful slow download speeds here too. 1Gb in 1 hour! I downloaded the full original released version on 19th August in less than 6 hours. I tried all suggested tweaks and tricks but I’m stuck with a snail’s pace download speed.

Bottom line is that I’m paying for this Sim. but I have to wait for over 100 hours to download it. Ridiculous!


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What does your ISP supports you download/upload via LAN?

It’s clear to me the current d/load server is incredibly slow now compared with the release version.

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I started this download session almost four yes 4 hours ago.

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My download speed is slow only in Flight Simulator. All the rest works great.
In I have 100 Mb/s in MSF2020 downloader I’ ve got 1 - 2 Mb/s.
In steam or epic store the download is great all the time.

Today I updeate BIOS and NIC drivers but nothing change…

Before patch 1.8.3, there was no problem installing MSF. It was download at full speed.

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As recommended No firewall, no antivirus, ran netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal " in CMD as admin and rebooted etc. etc.

Still a pathetic download speed of 270Kbps on average and over 94Gb still to download.

If the next update/patch/hotfix doesn’t help then with regret I have no choice but to cancel my subsription.

We must wait for next patch :frowning:

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Thought I’d do a little investigating re. the download speed / feeds I’m getting using Net Limiter. Tells a story… I’ll have a full beard by the time I can get flying :frowning_face:

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@ Jersey: are you on wifi?
With 32 Mbits/sec you have a download bandwidth of 7 MBytes
With 95 GByte to download and install it will take 95/7 * 2 hours …
Even the ping 21 msec will not help you to speed up. Either you are too far away from the server or there is a sick DNS in between.
try a tracert to
(windows start -> cmd enter -> tracert enter)
You should remove all settings that prevent limits to download in net limiter; remove al the checks in the menu bar.

I noticed that when I change the internet to a different network operator, the download works at full speed. in t-mobile it does not work, in orenge it works. I don’t understand any of this anymore.

Yes, on Wifi and yes the server is rather far away - just across the Atlantic Ocean. Isn’t advanced Server Technology wonderful?

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