VFHUB - Belgium sight seeing tour - January 31st

Belguim sight seeing tour.
Sunday 31st January 2021
Online: 17:30 GMT
Places of Interest:
Canterbury Cathedral
White cliffs of Dover/ Dover ferry port
Belfry of Bruges
Brugge Markt
Grand Place - Brussles
Royal Palace of Brussels
St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels
Congress Column - Brussles
Halle Gate - Brussles
Atomium - Brussles

Single prop only.

Tour plan:
We will first check the live weather and see if it is suitable for flying. if so we will use this and would recommend to the SIM TIME to 12:00am GMT

We will start our tour by making the short trip to the city of Canterbury. We will see the famous Canterbury Cathedral. We will then head over the Port town of Dover which is situated in the South East of Kent, en route to our first stop Les Deuz Caps which is situated near Calais in the North east of France.
12:45:Les Deux Caps: Arrival time 12:45 - (15 min break)
13:00: We shall now depart from Les Deux Caps and head towards the beautiful and old city of Brugges. Brugge is famous for its many churches and cathedrals including the Belfry of Brugge.
14:00: Upon arrival at Brugge we shall do a city tour and see the main highlights of the city
14:30: Although it is not on the route plan, we will take a 30 min break at EBZU which is located 4.2 nm to the north west of Brugge. Lets see if you can find it!
15:00 We pick up waypoint 10 on the route and head towards the capital of Belgium Brussels.
15:30 We start the tour of Brussels
16:00 We arrive at our destination airport EBGB


(17.30 - 21:00 GMT REAL TIME)

Signup to the event at our website - https://www.vfhub.net/event-info/belgium-sight-seeing-tour
Grab the route file from our Discord -


What is that good for?

So we know how many people are attending the Event?

And what is that good for? E.g. are you going to decide whether to do the event, based on the number of participants? Or are you even going to limit the number of participants?

Btw. the registration did not work for me anyway (on an iPad).

Well it is good enough for us? So we know how many numbers to expect so the event goes as smoothly as possible. The event will go ahead, there will not be an issue based on the numbers. We very rarely have to Limit the number of participants. We have enough people behind the scenes to make sure the event is well handled even if the event has a staggering amount of interest.

Not sure why you are having an issue with your Ipad. I apologize for the inconvenience you are having regarding that. I would recommend that you try to sign up using your phone or desktop/laptop.

How do you join and is there comms? Sorry - not done a group flight before.

I have written a short intro to Discord, the voice chat tool used my most fly-in events:

[Tell Tours] Switzerland - "From North To South" (Leg 1)

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No problem, Jump on our discord and I will be able to help you out