Guys so in the past I had used FPSM for VR to have a working MAP in VR and I struggled with the small font so I did not use it much.

This mod is pretty much the same but retains the FONT size and can be adjusted if you read the readme file.

It is pretty epic, so much fun when flying VFR.

Brief install tutorial and overview of the 5 different map types available.


This looks sweet. Don’t have the time to install it now, but I’ve made a note and you can bet I will!

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It’s a nifty-looking plugin and works well.

I just need to find a way to change the awful “Airplane” to its proper spelling, “Aeroplane”.

For a VFR map it’s missing a critical piece of information: a depiction of your route with magnetic track and flight time next to each leg.

Is air spelled aero or air?


Hey guys! I’m the author of the mod @theVRpilot mentioned above. PM me or post here for feature requests and general feedback :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Aeroplane please. not that awful truncated “airplane”.

British vs american english battle is back :grinning:
Airplane vs aeroplane, impossible to standardize (or standardise)


There is no battle - the Americans speak English!


This is a great tool. Any chance we could replace the map with geo referenced sectional charts? I know they are not available globally, but they are available for the US. Would also be great to be able to pull up approach plates? Maybe from PDF’s stored locally?

Thanks for your contribution!

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@TheStoepsel2001, here’s my primary recommendation: Contact Navigraph and offer to give their app the same treatment for an amount of money that is, say, 2x what you consider fair. And throw in a free lifetime subscription for me for being this smart… :cocktail: :cocktail:

And I’m only sort of kidding around, they need this, you can provide it, they’re a for profit company, you could probably use some profits, it works out for everyone involved. Including me with my free lifetime subscription lol…

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Tested yesterday and it works perfect.
Would a satellite layer be possible?
Thanks for the job.

By the way I’ve not received your subscription for “My VR Settings” :joy: :crazy_face: :joy:

Arrowplain :rofl::canada:

I wasn’t offering to give one away, I was offering to accept a free on lol…

But I did take your settings and print them out, just in case I get permabanned from here, at least I’ve got a copy of them. Made a label with your name on it and everything…


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Wow, this looks nice on paper!

You never know maybe my own posts could be vanishing all of a sudden:
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