Discussion: Live dev Q&A January

I don’t think they think the issue doesn’t exist. It can be very very hard to recreate a bug. Give them time, information and videos. Eventually they will find it.

Sure they said maybe you’re doing something wrong with live time instead of weather. 1) They saw it happen and 2) it would be a nice and easy ‘aha’ moment. :slight_smile: But that doesn’t mean they don’t believe you. Hey Seb tried to recreate it for 5 hours straight. :slight_smile:

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Im not saying they are calling us liars i mean officially, because none of them can re-create it i think it has to go down as that until proven otherwise :slight_smile:

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I once spent 4 months trying to fix a bug that I couldn’t recreate because the user was approaching the software differently. I know their feeling. :smiley:


So have I. I could almost feel Seb’s pain when he talked about his efforts to repo the error.


Well. Gateway on their works, hopefully no more dark airports once it’s working.

But no one word or question about the Live/MP traffic CTD’s… hope it’s solved for next update.

LOD & Trees

Being one among others documenting the exact problems with LOD and Trees for months, I was indeed quite puzzled they were answering as if they were just discovering there could be an issue with LOD and Trees. It is especially even more troubling to me that IIRC, in a previous Q&A the same topic was brought to their attention with the same reaction.

For those wondering, here are a few of the LOD and Trees reports I’m talking about:


In the Forums:

In Zendek:


First I’m glad they’re making it a 1st class citizen because I didn’t think the mere 44 votes would do ( [VR] Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category ) given the 265 votes for Trees are not even sufficient to make in the radar in 4 months. But on the other hand I can’t help thinking there is something wrong with it, like the LOD and Trees topics.

Where do these “wishes” come from?

Screenshot of the VR bugs and issue taken today vs feedback snapshot VR

For example I can see this one in the list and I’m glad because it is paramount:

[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR (161 votes)

TL;DR: The entire chain of IPD/ICD projection matrices must be cross checked with at least WMR OpenXR and SteamVR OpenXR drivers (the 2 most used) in addition to offering a user adjustable override (scale + bias factors).

But I don’t understand Martial’s answer about the “Brightness Slider”. I’m not certain he was joking or seriously not considering this an “important” feature. In my opinion (biased opinion being a developer too), what we really need in VR is not a “brightness” slider but something different:

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR (44 votes)

TL;DR: The Shader code behind the EyeAdaptation setting is fine in 2D but wrong in VR because of the difference between moving the head and moving the eyes.

[BUG/FEATURE] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR (73 votes)

TL;DR: Not all headsets gamut is the same and we need Tone Mapping Gama Slider + Tone Mapping Brightness Slider at a minimum (and more details in the topic)

And what about this one:

[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is (75 votes)

TL;DR: Nausea inducing and actually preventing a lot of customers flying in FS2020 in VR

And this one which is important for flying airliners or the future G3000/1000 improvements in VR:

[BUG/FEATURE] EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility (43 votes)

TL;DR: solutions for rendering EFIS screens with high resolution even if you don’t have a G2 and a 3090.

PS: These VR topics I’ve listed above are prefixed with [BUG/FEATURE] because they are not only reporting a problem but they are also offering solutions which are readily implementable with minimal effort and time (all things considered of course).

AI Traffic and Liveries

I believe there is a disconnection again between language and facts. Jorg is telling us it is a simulator for simmers, yet, Microsoft is trying to control and shape everything for us, like the AI traffic liveries. Of course it will be hard for Microsoft getting all airline companies licensing, because it has always been. Long time developers like me having worked with ACE studio back in the day do know airlines are reluctant, do remember the American Airlines threats, do know the PT fiasco in trying to impose the community paying royalties for a famous airline livery…

This is not new, and this is why there is no commercial offering for this but a great choice of freeware libs of liveries and models for all other simulator but FS2020. Why wanting to control this (in addition to sandboxing 3rd party devs) instead of just creating what is necessary in the SDK for just helping these freeware authors doing the same libraries for FS2020?

I have no doubt there is some value in the actual FS2020 SDK approach for the XBox version, and this might suits well the need for some airliner developers on the PC version as well, but to me, and I’ve been working nearly 20 years in this industry, I believe what makes a simulator for simmers is 3rd party developer add-ons, not just the simulator itself.

Bugs and Repro

I’m glad to hear they are trying to repro some of the reported bugs, but wouldn’t it be just easier to get started with a proper logging system?

Debuging log - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Other questions

I might have wrongly understood but didn’t Sebastian told in the Q&A they do have a replay system already but it is only used for their Video capture needs where it can help them producing videos without any stutter?

This begs a question: we were told in previous Q&A the screenshots and videos they are presenting are always from the simulator version we also have, not a future version. However it has been brought a few times: some were wondering how do the official videos are showing stuff we can’t repro with our versions, such as building/terrain draw distance in ULTRA without stutters. The answer has been so far they’re running it on high end machines, but isn’t it just because the videos are recorded from a replay system designed to eliminating stutters instead? I’m puzzled with this one?!


I’m glad you’re mentioning the dedication of the simmers and our involvement with FS2020 and the forums. You seemed genuinely surprised by this and this is not the first time. This is why it is important to also see all I’ve written above not as a rant at all either.

With your strong commitment to a “simulator for simmers” it is also expected you get feedback and demands with a high degree of quality and detail. This is a driver and what also defines to me what is the simmers community and why I’m glad working in this industry for the last 20 years!


I believe you’re doing a great job in trying to not only assemble the most prevalent questions, but also with your ability to pick some niche questions sometimes buried in the chat or in these forums.

However it seems to me, in every single Dev Q&A, they’re spending maybe 1/3 of the time talking about the same things they’ve already said before, 1/3 telling us how great it is working with 3rd party devs, and 1/3 telling us about new things (actually I enjoy a lot Sebastian’s talks, please don’t stop doing!!). This is most likely what the Q&A is all about, maybe, but I can’t help on the other hand also having the feeling there is a complete disconnection between the decisions making process about resolving the issues, and the daily work you’re doing here with the community with the addition of the thousand of hours spent by the community reporting the problems and making suggestions.

All this (and more) makes me feel like the Zendesk reports and the topics we are creating for reporting and documenting bugs are not worth a dime at all and we’re just loosing our time, and I’d like some reassurance about this.


Not sure that they talked about it or if it was in on a list they put up, but one thing many users have been asking for is some sort Sim Rate indicator. You know when on a long flight over water and we use CTRL+R++ to increase the rate to get to land faster.

In Flight Sim Features | Asobo Studio in one or two of those video, they accelerate the sim rate and on the top right of the screen it shows something big >>5 indicating that they are at five time normal rate.

Was that superimpose with video editing, or will that be added soon? Hopefully added soon.

I know that many people say to press CTRL+R± many times and then CTRL+R++ twice and that will put you back to normal rate, but that’s a pain and it would be nice to know how much you have accelerated the Sim Rate.

So to clarify, does that mean that I can disable the logbook popping up at all, regardless if it logs the flight or not? This is a huge immersion breaker for me.


Sometimes, that’s what it is. It’s harder when you’re on the dev team. You know EXACTLY what to do. You know the beaten path through an application and you follow it. Users, on the other hand, will do all kinds of messed up things that you would never even think of doing and trigger a bug that only occurs in that very set of circumstances that you could never have planned for.

I don’t really think this is necessarily the case here though. It’s happened at various times for various reasons for different folks. My live weather was working fine. I restarted the sim after a flight to get the new update (the last update in November). The live weather bug started at that moment for me. It never worked again after that update, aside from using the workaround.

I feel his pain, because I’ve been in that situation a few times over the last 27 years as a dev trying my hardest to reproduce a bug some user was seeing but not being able to reproduce it myself. Every time, it ended up being some obscure bug buried in the code that caused an error under a very specific set of circumstances that couldn’t have been forseen. Sometimes it’s user error / input that triggers it, sometimes it was an external event. But in all cases, it was ultimately due to a bug in the code.

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That seems to be par for the course - they always act like they’ve never seen the bugs yet there are thousands of forum posts.

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I actually think the devs are in fact watching the forums. (perhaps with an intermediate person to list new things)

But to assume Jorg, Sebastian and Martial to watch everything may be a bit crazy. That’s a near fulltime job? They probably watch the threads they are working on.


I said it before and I’ll say it again; what I love most about this sim is the devs’ willingness to co-operate with the community, interact with them, and continuously make improvements in this sim.

It’s such a breath of fresh air compared to previous “take it or leave it” types of software development projects. The fact that we can call out an issue instead of having to live with it or work around it is such a relief.


That’s it man!

Totally agree

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Where can I find this? I’ve been having trouble.

I don’t think we have done todays awnsers yet, but Novembers ones can be found here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/archives/live-dev-answers/215

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Agreed with all points. And that logbook popup should have no place in a flight simulator, be it a home desktop, commercial, or Level D. I am more than willing to trade it for the Press Any Key feature .

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One take away I had from that Q&A session concerns bug reporting. I am not claiming the following is never done, however it is not always done.

If the purpose of filing a bug report is to have the bug fixed, then, I suspect as much relevant information as possible would be of great use. In particular a detailed description of exactly what the issue is and the necessary steps to reproduce it. I see many posts concerning bugs that, while no doubt accurate and real for the person experiencing them, are not as clear as they could be for someone who was trying to troubleshoot the bug- through lack of detail given as to how to reproduce the bug.

I am not trying to cover for the devs here, nor do I want to diminish any case where this has been clearly done, yet there still seems to be confusion about the bug’s existence. However I suspect it may speed up the whole bug fixing timeline if every bug report was as detailed as possible.

Just a thought!


MS/Asobo are doing a great job. Loved the Sim from the very start (warts and all) and love all the ongoing improvements and new features. Great times ahead for many years to come. Cheers.


It did seem as though one of the devs had created the code for the popup at the end of a landing challenge, which is a more appropriate place for it, and then someone has decided that it would be a good idea, perhaps in the spirit of recycling, for part of that code to be re-used for every flight.

I’m with you, this type of screen would be more appropriate at the end of a level of a computer game and there should at least be an option to suppress it.