Discussion: Live dev Q&A January

Just a reminder, the live monthly Q&A session with ASOBO developers has ended. Feel free to discuss below


Seems like it will last 90 120 90 minutes, nice. :slight_smile:
Am I reading this wrong? :smiley:

I’m looking forward to this.

When does the actual Q&A start?

22 minutes ago, you can see it in the post above.

Ah so it is, The link I followed must’ve been for something else as I’m seeing some MP session in China. Oops.

@ community managers: can you please ask the devs to contact AIG to ask what they are missing in the SDK for their AI?

(@Kaiii3 on this forum)

I’m at work atm so can’t watch, but I do hope the issue of weather only working on the first flight was brought up. I hate that this problem has been ignored and side-stepped at every turn.

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Thank you Jane and the guys for a great Q&A, you kept this well focused!


Will be any summary of the Q&A?


My question wasn’t really about small bugs though. It’s about small UI/UX improvements. I hope the answer still remains the same and that we will soon see some of the improvements then. :confused: :slight_smile:

Hi @StellarRunner!
Yes, we do summarize the Q&A’s into “answers”. This will be at the bottom of the forum in Q&A Archives.

We update the topics with the answer given. We also try to link the timeline from the video.


Thank you Jayne, Alex, moderators, Jorg and devs. Lots of big questions were answered today. Can’t wait for UK, France and Belgium world update and the much-coveted Aerosoft ‘aeroplane mod’ :wink: :slight_smile:

Sim for simmers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Understood! Same answer really for the small UI/UX improvements. Even if it’s seemingly small they still prioritize based on dev availability to work on it. Martial wanted to mention taxi ribbon toggle and logbook pop up should be improved during the 1st semester.


That is really good news, thank you.


Awesome news. Thanks!

The issue was brought up during the discussion, and several factors were addressed. Some of it went by while I was trying to write some other things, so I didn’t catch it all. But it’s there, and Jayne and team will be doing a synopsis of the video, so you can find it there, or if you have time, watch the video. They had quite a few comments about things we’ve wanted to know. It was a pretty jam-packed video with lots of info.

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Thanks for that. I just got home from work. I’ll be able to watch the video shortly after I go shovel out the metric f$&kton of snow the plow dumped into the end of my driveway.

For once I wish the snow conditions here IRL looked more like it does in the sim vs the other way around. lol


It would be nice if the Asobo_UI.bgl could be used as a mod, so we will be able to fix the shape, color of the UI elements… I dont know why (or how) but this file is one of the few that can’t be made as a mod in Community, yet it can be edited in the official folder (so protection seems not the case, else it’s a bad one)