VFR Map - Show route/waypoints or maybe companion app?

I don’t know if it’s like that in normal flying mode but in tutorial #8, the VFR map doesn’t show your Navlog waypoints or the route. If the in game map can’t do it, is there a companion app that can read the game’s navlog/route and display it on another window or on an ipad or the like? I looked into some VFR Map apps but they don’t mark the waypoints.

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Great idea,
For inspiration, have a look at the functionality available on X-Plane’s map - Its very good!

Little Navmap. Once you start using it you’ll wonder how you ever got along without, especially if you have multiple screens.


Speaking of Little Navmap, I’ve implemented a VFR map for it:

FltPlan Go on an android tablet/phone. VFR sectionals (or Jet Hi/Low, OSM, other charts) with waypoints, approach plates etc you can OVERLAY on the map while flying. It’s a real flight navigation app, but they’ve made it so you can use it with flight Sims.

Tracks your aircraft along the route. It has airport diagrams which you can also use to taxi as it will also track your aircraft on them. It’s also free.

The best payware for Apple would be ForeFlight.

As others have mentioned LittleNavMap is great if you use another window/monitor. You can also download a mod which adds it to your in-game shortcut tabs. I use both FltPlan Go and LNM.

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