VFR Map with POI

VFR Maps are too simple to use as navigation. Improve map detail and include POI on them to help navigation. See sample Nazca VFR map to sample map with better details.

Image from FS2020
Nazca 1

Better map

Its great that we can see points of interest on the pre-flight world map and I would like them to also show up on the map during flight so we can navigate to them more easily - if that is possible…

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Yeah ! It would be great, as an option, to see or not the POI in the VFR map during flight.
We need to vote more.


Yes - I often start at an airport near something flagged as a POI and then have to guesstimate my way to it. Last evening it was The Forbidden City in China and several enhanced areas nearby.

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yush it needs an upgrade overall I think VFR map upgrade - #38 by TripsyTipsy

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Would be nice to have the Points of Interest displayed on the VFR map.
Sometimes there’s so many of them in an area, that I end up missing most of them.