VHHX RedWing Simulation - Marketplace update

This is really getting ridiculous, according to the developer Microsoft has acquired the updated version from them a month ago!!! and its still not present in game. when I bought this addon you couldn’t get in in simmarket I believe, or else I would have never bought it on marketplace nor would I ever buy anything else on marketplace.

There is a bug since SU5 that causes a CTD whenever you land on RW13, literary every time.

Without this update this airport is unusable ( well you call land on RW33 but RW13 is the famous Kai-Tak heart attack approach…

Please, please, please push this through so I can land on RW13 again T_T

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Use the free one in the time being?

I’m aware of those mods and thanks but that’s not really the point of this thread.

Is this payware mod still broke or has all teh CTD been fixed now? I’m thinking of buying the redwing version via the MSFS marketplace and not sure if its compatible with HK Times from Sam Scene.

Also I want to know what you guys think… is the Redwing version better than the [Model Instruments] for roughly the same price (Flightsim.to » Model Instruments)

let me know your thoughts before I pull the trigger.

Is there Redwing Promo Going?

Its fixed now

Ok cool, is the store version msfs2020 marketplace fixed too? Was thinking of buying it via the msfs marketplace.

yup, I only have the marketplace version, if you haven’t bought it yet though I would recommend to buy it from Simmarket to get future updates quicker.

Super good tip. Thanks for letting me know.