VIDEO: DX12 vs DX11 FPS comparison

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Good video, DX12 is stuttering though. I tried it and got similar results. Maybe it will get better.

I stay on DX11 because DX12 gave me a big fps drop down.
On triple monitor display fps drops from average 38 fps to 20 fps.

There is no difference graphically. DX12 at this stage is just a wrapper. People on various forums are trying to spot lighting and reflection differences that just don’t exist. The weather will be slightly different between the two tests causing a slight lighting difference (before anyone claims there is one).


Heres a short recording of my experience soon after SU7 was live, yes fps drop slightly, but for myself its good enough to enjoy what I do in the sim mostly GA flights. I have recently upgraded to a nvme 4.0(7000mb tr) from an old ssd which may have helped me run this game better, but overall looks good to me.

This is ridulous and irresponsible, it is way too early for such comparison videos on Youtube and there’s not one mention that DX12 is still in beta, version 1.0

Talk about give a dog a bad name :rage:


But why would you enable that option? It doesn’t give you any quality improvement, just stuttering and lower framerates.
Also, how do you like all the clouds touching ground and the abrupt weather changes?
I really don’t understand how people still defend SU7, this update is a disaster.

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All the SU updates have been problematic some worse than others. SU5 was undoubtebly the worst I think.
Onwards and upwards they say. I cannot as yet see an advantage to DX12…but maybe in future, who knows.

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SU5 was absolutely the best update for me with 120% uplift in fps … then someone complained and we got two hotfixes :cry: It was probably you


Look at video above
when you see windows with DX12 parameters vs DX11 parameters you have
DX12 ( beta)

If you have got DX12 to work and you experience stuttering lower your renderscale settings
And see if this works
Reinstall your graphics driver is another option or reset your ui in sim and try again
Make sure the usercfg.opt is not marked as read only this is very important otherwise it will not save the changed settings.

Try before you cry

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I enabled it to see how it performed, didn’t you? I uploaded footage of it running on my system and was commenting how it looked. The stuttering I encountered was my track IR but have sorted that, as for lower fps I’m still happy with 30fps for GA flights.

Either way I’m happy to use dx11 or dx12 in any title, I don’t really see how you can say how anyone can defend an API, in this case a beta dx12 in msfs… dx11 will be phased out in few years anyway just like the previous versions.

It isn’t really. Beta just means in the progress of evaluation. This is good feedback imo. It shows how it is performing on both set ups. The OP has put in more effort than most and kudos to him for it.
If Asobo thinks that the OP has missed something then they need to give us a method for testing.

Disagree. It’s all about fun. That’s what us computer people do. We’re not just game players like the majority. If a new software toy, or hardware toy arrives, it will be explored, compared, taken apart, and put under a microscope, because…hold on to your hat…some people can actually have fun, and not take everything as seriously as world hunger.

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Yes, It is beta and it slowing down the sim.
That’s the reality.

No one says you have to use DX12


All is just exciting to me. I am a tweaker and sometimes depending on the mood I will be a cry baby. But overall I am content. I am learning to be patient especially since my last comnents. The world as we are all aware are cutting their noses off to spite their face. It’s a weird time. No one wants to work so we are suffering the consequences. Especially with the smallest of components that make circuit boards and more your and mi e computer parts. Back orders galore. The manufacturers are trying to keep up with demand without workers who just want to sit home and collect benefits. A fact without detailing the all the politics and all excuses. At least the teams and people who are involved with this project are making efforts to keep up with all the demands and fixes I every once in a while read and evaluate on multiple topics.

We need to be thankful that all is being handled and not at all. Just look at what is going on in the shipping industry any where in the world.

Covid is no excuse anymore, it’s us. Covid , like the flu, viruses common cold which is certainly devastating is “here to stay” . I understand some of those that have fears . That is normal. We all do. . I have lost many older relatives and assiciates over the years to just the flu and some to a cold turn bad. We as humanity as a whole regardless are victims of our own demise . We need to set an Example for those who are in reality (but not the politicians don’t blame them. Lol). take a moment and encourage those to get up out of bed and off the seat in the home and go back to work. However I am and others I know in the forums are happy with the ongoing efforts by the few to meet our demand for just a few bucks out of our pockets invested in this simulation. I am refraining from my selfish ways because I get more enjoyment from MSFS 2020 Flghtsimulator than disappointment. The DX 12 interface will eventually fuly find its way to some extent within this sim.

Apologies for the sentence structure expressing my thoughts . I was sitting in stand still traffic on the way home and used the mobile phone to compile the message . Funny most of my messages in this forum are written while sitting in 1 hour stand still traffic my goodness so boring. . My fingers don’t like the small buttons on the cell. LOL.

I have read that DX12 performs at it worst with the F18. So as this video uses the F18 it is biaised against DX12. Would be interesting is this test was run using different aircraft.

Thats true, but the performance of this beta is bad.
Therefore i stay on DX11. :wink:

I’ve done all my DX12 experimentation on the Longitude, and it’s at least as bad as the F18.