Vienna International Airport (LOWW) from GAYA Simulations

You guys should try it, because it’s just simply amazing with minimal to no FPS hit…


It’s from Gaya Simulations, not Orbx, they are just the host.

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You’re right…but I got it from ORBX…thanks for pointing that out…its still incredible, regardless!

The price is certainly much more reasonable than on Xplane and P3D, glad I didn’t buy it on those sims. Shame we don’t have any flyable aircraft that would actually use that airport yet though.

I tried it with many AC’s, but the GA seemed to do worse than the Jets for some reason @ 1440p 144hz.

on the way at the moment :slight_smile: !

Not bad at all-love flying out of LOWW!

How is it amazing? You’re not off to a great start with the sales pitch tbh.

Got two Orbx apts, Lowi and Lowz, really amazing… demanding but amazing. Curious to see Loww.

Its so detailed and beautifully designed, performance is absolutely great, good textures resolution and the airport is a great hub to flights in and out of Europe.

Loved it! :slight_smile:

awesome airport and great performance compare default and I start to see some details of the new generation like animation where statics planes move to repair hangars,

Now Asobo have to fix the terrible Ai traffic to give life to the airports come on!! at the moment is worse than fsx or xplane traffic

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I would like to use this airport in MSFS, but I absolutely do not want to use ORBX stuff. Up to now I did not purchased any airport from the MS Marketplace, so I do not know the installation procedure.
I hope that LOWW from Gaya Simulation will not need any ORBX software for installation. If that is the case I will buy this airport for sure.

Not sure why you don’t want the Orbx installer. Never once had an issue with it. It works really well and also will give you access to freeware and sales.

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Way too expensive for what it is.

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Out of curiousity, why do you think its overpriced and what price would you pay? this is for X-Plane and maybe they will create the same for MSFS this is free AND not only airport but also lot of important buildings in Vienna City !

It’s only an small airport with a few 3D buildings. Not worth more than 4 or 5 euros.
17 euros for this is totally overpriced.

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I think you are getting your airports mixed up LOWW isn’t on the marketplace (yet) and its huge.

Payware LOWW Vienna.
No taxiways (blue arrows)
ILS Approch is missing in the MDCU when planning IFR Flight to LOWW
Manual ILS frequency Rwy 11 OEW 110.30 Rwy 29 OEX 109.55
Rwy ILS 16 & 34 are totally missing. No ILS frequencies!
Please update.

You do understand that Gaya Simulations is an independent third-party company and has its own forums? If you want them to update something, this is the wrong place to ask.