Virtual Airlines Not Supported?

So I created my own VA on, and I am at the point where I need to purchase/lease an aircraft. The main page for this site said it supports this new game, yet I’m looking to buy/lease one of the three airliners that are currently in this game but I dont see them. I see a bunch of 747-8s/787-9s/A320s but not the specific ones in this game. I did some research before signing up with this site and it seems very popular, so I guess I’m just asking does anyone know if these new aricraft simply arent updated over there yet or if I’m missing something or if I should be using a different site?

I can’t speak of the compatibility of fsairlines (although it has been funnin the past). I DO know that onair company is compatible with mfs.

i see thats a paid service. you sound like a member, worth it?

its not a very expensive subscription, and I find it really good! It’s not perfect, but they are continually improving it and i like where its headed. They are offering a free trial now that mfs is officially released i believe…

I subscribed with Onair but I hate subscriptions. As soon as air hauler is out I will switch back. For now it’s a good entertainment product if the subscription wouldn’t be there

what is air hauler?

Something like Onair or fseconomy but without subscription. One time fee

VA’s that you can join that use smartCARS are supported with something like FSUIPC7, but the performance is horrendous until a hotfix comes out.

you say “once theyre out” meaning?

It means that the devs are working on a fs2020 compatible version of air hauler 2. no release date announced so far

oh…duh lol. ok i accessed the free trial, no clue how to get to the making airline part, help? lol

There is a link in the program to the manual. Read it

it was in my task bar sorry

OK, I started the free trial with onair, seems really cool. However, I am confused right now. I did the first training mission. I chose my “home” airport as KIAD, and the first training mission asked me to fly to Norfolk VA (KORF), which I did and onair recognized that. It then asked me to do it again, IDK why, but any when I went to setup the flight and got on runway at KIAD the onair tracking still showed me at KORF (where I ended my first training flight last night and got off). It is not seeing me at KIAD where it is telling me to depart from. Probably stupid question but is it due to being so realistic that I now need to fly back from KORF to KIAD to start the next training flight? Or should I just be able to start over?? I started a flight back to KIAD in hopes this is what it wants from me to progress through the training but figured I would ask as I clearly dont know and you seem like you might!

To be honest, I don’t have much feedback there as I ignored the whole tutorial…i rented a TBM930 and started making some REAL money! Haha! Yes, I’ve been playing things like this for awhile…try finding the location of your “carcass” and renting a plane there and also finding a job! You get to pick what you wanna fly. I’m up to flying Airbus now and soon going to move to the 87! Let me know if you need more help…message me and I will see if I can provide more detail.

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