Virtual Memory with 64GB RAM

I was lucky since game launch up to the end of 2021. Literally no CTD at all. Now I lost the faith. Forum has a CTD section and each beta has a CTD section as well. That´s not casual. They are aware of the problem.


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yes, that I want to say with my comment and just put a little bit attention on tools which already known as making ( at least once before ) trouble :slight_smile: … Intension was just to mention: a lot of these super-fancy tools are not necessary and cause more issues as they are helpfull. Issues which we then search here in huge topics and at the end the users mention “and, ah,. I forgot I have this installed …” :rofl:

EDIT: @geloxo of course… msfs is not free of issues. But a not less amount of issues is caused from the user-system ( for me the best issues, because these we can fix ) :slight_smile:

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Yes. I have windows on drive c and msfs on drive d

the recommendation depends then how much RAM you own and how much space is on your maindrive.
If you own also 64GB RAM, just dont worry to much about the pagefile setting. Best let it on System Managed. As mentioned, I “optimized” it and so I safe 8GIG disc space ( not that I need that :wink: ). The system never ever increased the pagefile over my minimum setting.

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I down’t know what happens,
I have SDK 0.18
I always get CTD if i make a Taxipoint and try to move to another Location.
Now 3 restarts an always CTD.
Pagefile is 24GB Fix on Drive C

Please help!
Screenshot 2022-04-11 203855|418x209


hello,i just want to share some information,if anyone of you still experience CTD’s until now,my solution is(probably works with others)i delete the World Update 8 via Content manager,and my ctd is gone,hope this works :slight_smile:

So… You were right MichaMMA. I decided to set page file to auto in windows (I had it disabled) and then my total RAM usage went from 50% to 75%, with a pagefile set by system around 5Gb. Even better: Feelthere KLGA (La Guardia), which systematically crashed on my system since months ago, now loads well.

Definitely I was completely wrong in having page file disabled in Windows. I never had problems with any games for years, but clearly now MSFS needs it.




hello,why when i put to system managed page file the system choose 65Gb of page file? is it too high right,im using 64gb ram


not sure that I understand it correctly and would like ask to be sure:
If you choose “System Managed” then Windows will create in your case a 65GIG pagefile ??

If so, this should not happen. The default size in your case should be 8~9GIG and this is because the rule behind ( /8 ). The maximum size depends on your free disc space.

If you see a 65GIG pagefile, then maybe there was a application with a memory leak. I had this one time with DCS in multiplayer where it fills completely the RAM in a few seconds and then of course my pagefile runs out too. But, here you can also see that my max “safe” me in these situation too. There is no “game” which consume these amount of memory and so it was only 4GIG filled instead 65GIG filled on my ssd.

I still can recommend for 64GIG users a manual setting like:
Minimum: 1024 and Maximum: 4098/8192/… ( jsut how you feel good, but you will usually not need it )

Or… wait… I get an idea…
Did you have crash/memory dump creation enabled ??
If yes, this might explain the huge pagefile in System Management setting, because pagefile is just necessary for that. If you choose “complete memory dump”, then the pagefile is bit more in size as your amount of RAM. With “auto memory dump” the increasment of pagefile will happens after some( or one) crashs only ( cant remember all rules :slight_smile: ). Mostly you not realy need a full memory dump. Just choose “the mini dump” setting.


better we should not mix the “advice topic” with an issue.

I assume your issue is like the “memory could not read” topics:
( sometime also ‘written’ instead ‘read’ )

It can be pagefile size, but also users reported invalid files within the AppData ( indexes,cache,dne,… ) which was helpfull in other cases too, e.g. CTD after Sim Update #5. Can't get into a flight - #14 by Leptoon9492 . But possible is also RAM issues or some kind of OC.

Aside from the well known memory leaks, MSFS uses a lot more RAM than most other apps and games and this can often highlight issues with faulty ram in the higher registers that never otherwise shows up, even sometimes in “ram tests”.

A classic example is some idiot that refuses to take even the most basic static precautions when installing ram as they believe the whole static thing is a myth (it is not). Static rarely kills the ram outright, but if it does they blame faulty ram and complain loudly online about the ram manufacturer. Of course more often than not the damage is subtle and may take months or years to show up, or only effect the ram under heavy load. Ram damaged in that way is likely to only play up with ram intensive apps like MSFS.

With regard to Process Lasso, it gives access to parameters and setting that Windows has locked out on the assumption that most users do not know enough about what they are doing to allow them access. The issues with MSFS arose when a patch last year started to directly play with the process priorities of the CPU to try and improve performance. If users had tried to use Process Lasso to set the same priorities the game refused to start.

yes u’re were right :slight_smile: i contact the MSFS team and they gave me a attachment,it’s says it’s only 400-500 Kb tho, so i unzip the file and put install it to my C drive,and after 1 days playing fs2020 and the game crashed,and when i checked the page file settings it bumped up to 65gb,and also i have “complete memory dump” instead auto,i changed it :slight_smile:

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yes,it will create 65 gb page file

658478 MB = 658.478 GB

I think this is the space available on your C: drive for a Page File.
It must be a 1TB drive.

:slight_smile: … no Ron, I explained above why these 65GiG pagefile ( memory dump creation ) :slight_smile:

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Wow have 64 gigabytes of RAM?
But we were all watching Linus Tech Tips and JayZ 2 Cents hmmmm before building our rig… :wink:
In real-life every-day-computing 64 or 128 GB are a little bit over-the-top for all known common programs and games, and will not be used in 90% of all applications except 4k rendering or video editing.

You should not have any technical problems even with 32 GB of RAM.
I personally have 32 GB RAM and 32GB Virtual Memory to keep the system clean and tidy and fast without overstressing and slowing the SSD with too bloated cache files.
Virtual memory is deactivated on all NVMe because these kind of drives have limited write cycles and virtual memory would reduce the life of an NVMe. It of course does that to an SSD too but I don´t care if my 20€ SSD will die in 2092 or 2090 A.D.

well, buy addition 32GIG RAM and you are on topic and you not need the 32GIG Virtual memory and not think about lifetime of your NVME :wink:

Mine is different . Win 11.

It is all relative. One of the genetics/genome servers at work has 1.5TB of RAM and the users are complaining its not enough.

The server in question can take up to 6TB of RAM - but an upgrade would require removing all the current RAM and replacing it with 6TB of LPDRAM at around $US20K minimum for the swap over so I suspect they are out of luck.

yours is on the default I mentioned: 8-9GIG for 64GIG RAM users and Syarasd got a higher value of 65GIG pagefile because the “(full) memory dump” creation was enabled.

If you have enabled “kernel dump” creation you got the 800MB minimum warning , because this amount of pagefile is then necessary. If you have only the “small dump (256k)” (mindump) enabled, the minimum warning is about 1MB.

Its only the order of the two posts from @Syarasd which is a bit misleading.

PS: and the most important info was in the topic was again: never disable the windows virtual memory completely :slight_smile: