Virtualcol Model 99 released

So, they released an updated version. I only found out by browsing their site and randomly stumbling on that fact.

I haven’t flown it yet, too much other stuff.

Still version 1.5.2 dating back to January 7th which is the one I tested.

Somehow the brakes are still backward on it. Left brake is Right and vice versa. Do they have a real live human person testing their software?

Anyone know if the simmarket vers updated? Still reflected the orig when i checked the other day

It is updated to 1.5.2. I actually contacted virtualcol support about it and they confirmed as such because I found it hard to believe it was. Seems I wasn’t the only one thinking so but they since also confirmed it here: Update 1.5 for Beechcraft 99 Series MSFS has been released. – Virtualcol FS Software®
As far as I’m concerned it’s still not at a minimum level of quality where I would consider flying it again as I can’t see the friggin instruments. I hope they are still working on improving the cockpit but I’m not not sure what they are working on as there is no information provided, the discussion on that link does have them mentioning a ‘next update’ but it’s anyone’s guess what it will contain.

Jan 19th. Re downloaded/installed the plane. Still, the toe brakes are borked.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I kinda like it. As my country saying goes, “when there’s no fish, even crayfish is a fish”. It’s cheap, has lot of liveries and potential to create new ones (cough Carenado Seminole cough) and for just flying it’s good enough. No one would expect study sim from an $16 addon. The only thing that bothered me was terribly underpowered engines, I adjusted torque to 6000 and max shp to 2000 and now the performance is more plausible. Besides, it is the first analog gauge airliner, and first analog turboprop to be released for the sim. A nice change in the flood of ultralights and bland, flying family crossover cars

Version 1.82 has been released…

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Has not been updated through just flight

I really wish these people at least included version numbers on SimMarket… The download STILL has no version number listed and it’s impossible to tell when it’s updated.

I agree, the previous version had a text file at least saying it was 1.5 although it was 1.5.2.
This DL has no text file and the file size is smaller so it’s definitely updated.

I mean how hard is it to inform your customers of the version they are downloading!

This just signifies how much these guys are cutting corners when it comes to everything…

Has anyone flown 1.82? What has changed? I am a little too busy flying things that don’t make me upset. :wink:

Since the latest update not long after takeoff all power is gone, no radios, no battery… nothin. Also power is still lacking on takeoff as well…engine guages also don’t really work the way they should…its unflyable with the power loss…

I haven’t had any issues with everything going offline after takeoff and based on other threads on avsim I’m not sure if that’s the plane misbehaving there. I did a few more flights with the new patch and yes it still takes a lot of runway to take off and slowing down is also tricky and something to take into account upon approach. Is this real or not I don’t know but it’s kinda part of the fun in a way. I can confirm however that other turboprops like the king air take the same amount of runway to take off based on my testing (not sure about slowing down for landing) It definitely flies a bit better, still induces some white knuckling during takeoff but once used to that I find it part of the challenge, landing is better now without the flap nosedive. I don’t know if this is correct or not but I guess I accepted that behaviour of the flight model. Sounds have improved although still has the weird jet engine spool noise which seems a bit artificially triggered by switching to the outside view as it does every time. That has not been my biggest issue though, that one remains the cockpit readability. I also I still don’t quite understand how the prop feathering is meant to function let alone the mixture as neither seem to do anything even with auto feather on or off. Maybe I need to get more familiar with turboprop behaviour before judging that. I did not recommend this plane upon release, there have been 3 patches since, it’s better and it’s still kinda cheap I guess so for those who like the idea of this type of plane it may be worth the cost as long as you know what you are getting into. The way it is currently I might at least get it out of my hanger and hopefully the patches keep landing.

So I decided to try another flight in the B99 and it wasn’t that bad. Noticed Prop RPM does nothing and landing and taxi lights weren’t lighting the ground, other than that the aircraft is progressing and its getting better where when getting used to the feel of her isnt all that bad, so a big thanks for the developer for the updates!

Just tried flying 1.82…

All power to avionics and lights goes off during taxi phase. What’s up? On takeoff, there is no power to engine. Condition levers at 100. Crashed on takeoff. It’s not flyable, it’s worse than before. What did they even change other than break avionics??? I haven’t had any issues like this with anything else and I fly the study level King Air 350 on P3D so my procedures are pretty solid. Any insight other than bugs into the lack of avionics and no power on takeoff? As it stands, this is the worst aircraft in my collection right now.

Oh no, this stop me into buying this aircraft.
Actually never purchased anything out of the msfs marketplace.
I can’t wait to fly any analog cockpit turboprop like this Model 99 or maybe an Embraer 110.

Fairly though, Virtualcol doesn’t have a very good reputation over in P3D - their quality seems to be pretty basic and systems aren’t deep, but I wasn’t expecting it THIS bad. I was at least hoping for something on the level of default MSFS aircraft, but at this state, it’s not at all fun to fly.

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Hello, i think you have the ignition switches not correctly set. After engined start, the ignition switches must set return to its normal position.

The ignition switches are switched off after the engines have been started, yes.