Virtualization Based Security in Windows 10 on MSFS

an interessting article in which VBS within Win10 was now tested with MFSFS:

when i checked, VBS was already turned off on my system.

I checked my Win 10 install and VBS was OFF.
All of the MS Updates over the past several weeks did not turn VBS ON so It remains OFF.

Checked my Win11. VBS is off and I’m running 22H2 (OS build 22624.1391)
which is up-to-date.

Great article, however, it looks like the test results were based on Win 11. I checked my Win 11 based PC and VBS was OFF.

Not just home builds, nowadays I think most mainboard bios will have security and virtualisation turned off by default and only by request or advertised spec will PC companies change this behaviour. Laptops, tablets, phones are another matter but only because of people’s tendency to leave them on trains etc.