VKB Gladiator not able to set axis(s) in latest update

As in the title. After the latest update (and other start up and re-install issues) I can’t set an axis in my Gladiator MkII. Any axis actually. After no issues since release this latest update is a hot mess.

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I have an NXT + GSM. It’s registered with the sim axis wise.

Does Set Up USB Game Controller Applet show the joystick axes as detected?


Yep. First thing I checked. No issues since release. 10/1 update broke everything.

Some ideas:

  1. Create entirely new blank profile for the Gladiator in-game, then try binding axes to something again.

  2. Reflash the Gladiator to latest firmware.

  3. Re-assign your axes to different HID axes in VKB’s programming software, if Gladiator II supports it:

  1. Re-route your axes through Joystick Gremlin, I detailed instructions here: Thrustmaster hotas x no throttle - #13 by PANTSZER

Ouch! This is my stick and MSFS seems to recognize it “sort of” - no picture, don’t seem to be able to assign buttons.

How did you solve this in your case?

UPDATE: I managed with 1.31.220 to configure my VKBsim Gladiator MarkII and VKBSim Rudder pedals using the “scan for input” button to map:
Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder
Flaps up full, Flaps Extend
Brakes, Toggle Parking Brake
Quick Look Left/Right
Save/View cockpit 0 (looking down a little with full width panel in view)
Save/View cockpit 1 (looking out the front with full width panel in view)
Elevator Trim Up, Elevator Trim Dn

to make my C152 profile and successfully flew from KLNA Lantana Florida USA to FD38 Wellington Florida USA for my first flight.

I did not need end up needing vJoy and JoystickGremlin.