VR and glasses

I’m going to buy a Reverb.
I have a question regarding the diopter.
I wear glasses to read, can I correct the diopter or do I have to wear corrective glasses?

You might want to take a look at this thread:


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Same question as Kaledozor. I currently have a first gen Occulus and will purchase something else. I have a much clearer view when wearing my glasses. Does the G2 allow for built in compensation (not the distance between the two eyes) or does it allow for “glasses inserts” (is it built to allow those - i.e. bracket holders)??

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I’m badly short sighted and always wear glasses. I’ve had no trouble continuing to wear them with the G2. Takes a little practice getting the G2 on and off without knocking my glasses off but I’ve got that down to a one handed motion now, can switch between monitor and VR during taxi/take off run.

I’ve got a big head and quite wide glasses so this was all a pleasant surprise. Not sure some of the huge 80s style glasses would fit though :grin:

The problem for me is the lollipop sticking out of my mouth!

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Another Kojak fan I see.

It just goes to show how difficult it is pretending to be a pilot and a detective at the same time.



I got VR lenses that clip over the lenses inside my Reverb G1 from VR Optician, its seems they cater for many different makes and headsets. I thoroughly recommend these, far more convenient, comfortable than wearing glasses inside a HMD and eliminates the possibility of scratching the headset lenses or your glasses should they come into contact with each other. :+1:t2:


If you just wear glasses for reading, you won’t need any corrective lenses in VR, if you need glasses all the time or have more complex issues then you’ll either need VR lenses or just wear your normal glasses. if you are wearing your normal glasses its worth remembering that you will have a slightly smaller field of view as your eyes will be further back from the VR lenses also make sure you put some soft bumpers on your frames so you don’t scratch the VR lenses.

I have G2 (and also PSVR) and normally need to wear glasses for reading or using computers, in VR this isn’t a problem and I don’t need to wear them.


I used to have a Rift (CV1) and I bought (the cheapest available) small, rounded prescription glasses for use with it, as I’m short sighted and wear glasses all the time.
I then bought a Quest and found that my normal sized glasses were fine. The same goes for my Reverb G2. I have had no issues with my glasses and I can’t say I’ve even had trouble putting on/removing the headset.


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I’m slightly farsighted and though I don’t need glasses for most VR games (slight blurriness), with FS I definitely need them for reading the panel. I don’t want to damage my daily glasses so I buy Foster Grant Multi Function glasses for like $35 at CVS. The +2.00 version is about as clear as my prescription glasses.

By the way I checked and Framesdirect.com does not make OccuClear Oculus lenses for farsighted people. Only nearsighted.

The official Microsoft Enthusiast’s Guide for Windows Mixed Reality in the Reverb G2 FAQ section recommends that if you normally need prescription correction for your vision that you wear your glasses or contacts with the headset. Doesn’t have any warnings about scratching lenses that I recall and doesn’t say anything about presbyopia. Because I normally need a +2.5 OD reading glass correction, even though the virtual image is !2 m or so away, I thought I might need some +OD correction but things look pretty good today in the G2 sweet spot without wearing glasses. PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - #25 by JALxml

Same here. Work excellent in my Reverb 1.

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My 13 yr old ended up with a scratch on his left lens on his eyeglasses, while wearing my Oculus Rift 2. It looks like a very small smudge, but enough to bother him. So he was quite bummed about that. now we have to go get him new lenses.

I will look into the VR Optician site, or as someone mentioned, getting multi purpose glasses from CVS ( We are based in the US / Chicago) .

I had a mini stroke when i found out he had scratched it! So far, the Oculus lens seems ok, i dont notice any physical scratch or any in-sim haziness, but that freaked us both out!

I’ve tried both multi-focus Braydon model Foster Grant’s that I had lying around and I’ve tried my progressive bifocal normal eye glasses. Other than trying to test whether a little +OD helps and where relatively in the changing OD across the lens of the glasses that OD occurs, because of the varying OD across the span of the lens, neither type of reading glass (multifocus or progressive) worked very well for me.

On Amazon you can get El Cheapo full-lens reading glasses with +OD correction as low as +0.5 or +1.0 OD (unfortunately, you usually have to buy 3 or 4 - what a waste of the Earth’s plastic!). Presumably, the glasses are made for the average IPD (about 64 mm) and the dimensions are usually given in the product image collection.

BTW, I used the free EyeMeasure app with my wife’s iPhone XS Max to get my IPD. I held the iPhone up to my face at arm’s length and level with my face as if I were taking a selfie. You get a very consistent reading as soon as you look at the phone and like @CptLucky8, I did find that I got the ~sharpest sweet spot if, in the Windows Settings, Mixed Reality, Headset Display, I tuned the IPD set using the Reverb G2 headset physical slider to be ~1 mm more than the EyeMeasure-determined IPD. I used the sharpness of my monitor text like an eye chart for tuning the IPD. YMMV. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit_Update: I decided to try my prescription glasses with progressive bifocals again and find that in the interim, until I get a new eye exam and order custom prescription lens inserts, that works pretty well to give me sharp central vision with the G2 even though the progressive part of the lenses is blurry. My rationale and the way I adapt is described here: PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - #60 by JALxml

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