VR Excitement! Why I feel the addition of VR to MSFS will be awesome

Hey guys, I just want to bring some positivity and hope for those on the VR bandwagon right now! I hope you’re as excited about getting to fly across the world in VR as I am! I’m actually brand new to flight simming, and i’m a carry-over from truck-simming in VR. Played lots of ATS and ETS2.

I’d like to share a bit about how VR felt in truck sims. VR does something transformative: it adds immersion like nothing before it. Something about being able to actually be in the cockpit of a vehicle is really comforting, it’s almost like you’re chilling our in your little bubble, seeing sights and checking out the insides of your vehicles, checking out the little minutiae of the instruments without having to directly do it with a camera. It’s like the natural evolution of simming and gaming!

I will be seriously investing a lot of time into VR in this sim as well, since truck simming was so addictive in VR. I hope I can provide feedback as a newbie VR enthusiast to this sim as well! Unfortunately I won’t have a HOTAS quite yet, so I plan on doing it with a controller or keyboard for now, or maybe even try my Thrustmaster wheel (or not :joy:).

Something i’d really love to see toyed with is implementing motion controller support. I remember playing No Man’s Sky in VR, you could actually control the flight stick with your motion controller. It was really janky and sensitive, so I doubt it will be a good replacement for precise flying, but I think it could be really awesome to combine it with a HOTAS to have more interactive elements in your cockpit, letting you flick switches and knobs. It’s pretty ambitious, and maybe there is a flight sim out there that does that, but I am not sure.

I’d love to hear what you folks think about what VR could be used for Flight Sim! For those curious, i’ve been using the cheapo Acer AH101 Windows Mixed Reality HMD for 3 years at this point, and i’m planning to jump to the G2! I’m pretty excited that Microsoft has seemingly taken a renewed interest in pushing VR again with MSFS!

TL;DR: yay vr, vr epic. vr make u in game!! vr awesome 4 flight game :crazy_face:.

For VR in MSFS to be good, the interaction with the cockpit has to be really good. I can imagine some things becoming extremely fiddly.

Just keep in mind that because your GPU will be rendering two screens, you might (depending on yr rig) have to tone the visuals down to get a smooth experience.

There are other flight sims out there that do VR very well, BUT, and it’s a big but, none of them are attempting to process the quantity of data that MSFS2020 is.

VR needs good frame rates, so the other sims all have limitations in graphics quality to achieve those rates, or limited drawn graphic area, or no ATC at all. Even no other moving objects such as airport vehicles or other taxiing aircraft!

If Asobo pull this off without a massive list of complaints about falling frame rates, poor graphic quality, and stuttering systems I’ll be surprised. We still have a chorus of users who can’t even manage to download or reliably play the version released in August.

As i mentioned in my wishlist thread (which i need to rip apart #sigh) there’s some very basic features which must be present from day one, it’s no good having VR when it’s difficult to use.

Other than that I’m just hopeful it will be good enough, the proof will be in the pudding as always, I just hope it isn’t a bolted on mess.