VR - Express your first impressions

Ok guys, i’m pretty sure everytbody is testing the VR mode those who own a vr headset.

Wich is your firsts impressions?

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There’s an entire subforum for VR, you can find a lot of feedback there.


My only impression is that if I try using VR with the sim my PC will start burning :sweat_smile:

The visual quality was worse than I expected, but the feeling of immersion was WAY better than expected, I am pretty happy overall.
In the a320 and c152 and c172 I can read everything perfectly with my quest 2, in the 787 though I have a hard time reading even the speed and altitude.

Btw now I get why people wanted to use the vr controlers to press buttons, ■■■■ it feels as if you are inside the cockpit, you feel the urge to touch it xD


Hola! Sigo tu canal, he estado viendo tus updates e info de VR hasta que salió! Buen trabajo!

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Gracias! jajaja

As this thread now is in the VR forum, i’ll post here:

My impressions of the VR mode.


  • Hardware: i5 8500, HTC Vive, 1070TI, 64GB memory.
  • This hardware setup runs DCSWorld and Aerofly FS2 just fine.
  • I did not update the NVidia driver, tested it out first and determined that it wouldn’t make much of a difference unless NVidia had magicians programmers.


  • 3D feeling is really there.
  • Trees looks lots better. This was a real surprise.
  • Zoom mode (focus) works good, but should be a true zoom and not just a “pop forward a couple of centimeters”. Looking at the dashboard instead of the instrument panels does not move you forward as much so you have to zoom out, look at the instruments and zoom in again.
  • As i expected, landing is much easier when in VR, but this is true for all VR capable sims.


  • Currently unoptimized with REALLY low FPS, i had to turn EVERYTHING down or off to get any FPS.
  • The “lag while loading showing black artefacts on the sides when turning your head like in DCSWorld” - is there. Not a big problem when the game has loaded though.
  • Default key for recentering VR was unbound when i started up the game, didn’t say it was unbound just “press the recenter button” ? Like WTF? There should be a “cancel VR mode” button you can click with the mouse so you can go and rebind it instead of pressing ALT+F4 and restarting. HOW did the betatesters miss this?
  • Starting up the game from Steam says “MSFS does not support VR”. Still works though, have to be enabled ingame.
  • Looking ahead when taking off, the graphics through the propeller (C208) shows some large pixels.
  • VR preview should be possible to turn off since it doesn’t to much if you want to record anything and eat FPS. You probably would use Steam “Display VR View” anyway to record anything anyways.

Verdict: I’m gonna stick with Aerofly FS2 in VR mode for a couple of months, and continue to use MSFS2020 with TrackIR at least until i buy an i9 with 3080 or similar - or optimization gets better, which i expect.



  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • GTX 1050Ti (Max-Q)
  • i5 8400


  • Menus easy to use
  • As with other flight sims, VR makes telling distances and heights so much easier, butter landings every time


  • The scale seems a bit off (especially noticeable in GA aircraft)

Overall very very good, easily as usable for me as XP11’s VR. I play on lowest settings even without VR and I’m using a DK2 so I can’t really comment on graphical fidelity.


Relatively good VR performance i.e. smooth at 30fps

Default FS2020 VR settings
Render resolution to 80%
Clouds set to HIGH
AI Traffic to 10-15

OpenXR Render resolution: 100%

R7 3700X oc @ 4.3Ghz
32GB DDR4 oc @ CL15 3600MHz
RTX 2080 Super oc @ 1890MHz
HP Reverb G2

The VR mouse control feels difficult at times. Wish for VR controllers.
Missing a VR zoom (but might be the VR focus function, will check)
VR reset needs to be pre-assigned to a key by default so that users do not get locked in the menu. Or a bsck/cancel button.
Many default head positions inside aircraft cockpits need to be reviewed and adjusted for users not to be half outside the window (checked default camera H- V-position settings to 50%).

Just amazing! A short trip over the Grand Canyon in VR.

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RTX 3090 on a Valve Index and no, just no it’s awful.

I’m a VR vet I don’t get motion sickness anymore and this thing has me having to take off the headset after a few minutes.

Tired stock settings, tried the guides around to improve things, it’s just unacceptably bad visually and bad FPS or good looking and totally unplayable FPS.

Glad I waited to try it on GamePass and held off on purchase.


Hot garbage that is what it is. I have followed everything possible workaround and still cannot get the window asking me to reset my view to go away. I still am ontop of my plane when I switch to VR AND the keybinds dont work once I enter VR. Its like the game freezes and no response.

So awful is what I rate it at this point. NEVER have I had this much trouble getting VR to work with a program.

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Wow terrible choppy performance. I mean I only have a 2080ti, 32 Gigs of Ram and a i9 9900x but sheesh, choppy even at low Rez. O well. I had a feeling. Hopefully with time it will be optimized.

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I just returned from my first A320 VR flight in MSFS: EDDH - EDDK, “live”-wx.
Besides the obvious quirks with the A320 and the resolution that needs more tuning by me, I had the feeling of sitting in my office! Flying this plane IRL “feels” almost the same and I can´t wait for the next 2-3 gens of VR headsets and GPUs so I can work from home!
The immersion is good and the rest (systems, resolution, microstudders, etc) is just a question of time.


Graphics look worse than what I was hoping for, but the immersion is making up for that.

Specs is Reverb G2, RTX 2070 super, i9 9900KF.
Didn’t change the graphics settings for VR yet and while the GPU is at 100% the CPU idles at about 12…15% while in flight. That was a big surprise for me.

3080 on my wishlist now.

Fun things to do:
While in flight walk back inside the Citation then stick your head through the roof.
Or while on ground step out of the plane.

You’ll agree that cables are always too short.

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After spending some time looking through the new VR threads on here while the update downloaded gave me pretty low expectations of how it would run for me, what with a Rift CV1, i7 9700K@4.8, 32GB RAM and a 1080ti. I was expecting stuttering, lag and nausea. Thankfully I ended up being very happily surprised.

Firstly, I was sat with my head just above the captain’s floor in the C208. Resetting the view made no difference, I had to go into the Oculus menu and recentre the view there, then do it back in the game. Bit of a faff. And I’ve only tried the Oculus debug setting change so far but I can’t get the black frame on the right to go away yet. I’d prefer it if the menus were closer, like in ETS2/ATS, as I found them hard to read with the Rift’s resolution.

But once I was in the seat (and realised I couldn’t read the ATC or camera panels as the text doesn’t resize) and I took off from Jacksons PNG it was WAY better than I was expecting. Using the default VR graphics settings it was smooth as, no stuttering and after flying around for 5 minutes thinking ‘this is amazing’, no nausea. The descent and landing was so much more intuitive in VR, one of my best landings. The yokes don’t move though and can’t be removed (maybe to reduce the performance hit?).

It’s very hard to use my throttle quadrant and button box so will stick to TrackIR mostly, but It’s very cool and the feeling of immersion is excellent. Thanks team :clap:

EDIT: Enabled Oculus Beta as described by others and the menu panels are correct (closer) now as is my position in the plane. And the black frame is gone. Stunning.


I agree with your first point! Performance has been great for me.

I am using the game from Tenerife with virtual desktop but my PC is in Madrid (away for Xmas), I expected all that to add a lot of lag and I also was expecting low fps from what people had said.
However, I am getting around 40 fps, 25ish around New York, which is great given my settings are in medium-ultra

Specs of my PC:
32Gb de RAM
I9 9900KF

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The best thing in vr is how much improved landing is. I feel like oh thats why it was so hard to do proper landings. (Oculus RiFT S)


CV1 user here with low expectations for my first run.

Old system Ryzen 2600 4.1Ghz OC, GTX1070FTW, 32Gb ram.

Cut the in game resolution from 90 to 60%, and some other settings lower than the default VR preset.

The resolution was of course really poor but the immersion is so high sitting in the cockpit.

I was giggling like a little girl at the take off, and sat with a big smile on my face when I climbed above the tree tops around the airfield.

The CV1 does some heavy lifting with its ASW but my system was quite steadily producing frames for me. 45 FPS stable most of the time which was upcycled to 90Hz in the headset.

All in all a very impressive start to MSFS VR and further optimizations from Asobo along with me buying new gear will make this a true VR nirvana!


I was pleasantly surprised; compared to all the hours of tweaking required for VR to run decently in DCS World, MSFS2020 just worked.

I’m enjoying the immersion, and the sim is pretty smooth at 80-90% resolution. Bumping up to 100% gives me much clearer displays in the a320Neo, at the cost of some black bars as my card struggles to render frames. I flew over Seattle and a rural area; definitely better performance in the middle of nowhere.

At times, clouds actually look like real life. Bloom is great and I found myself looking through the sun visor.

Overall: a good experience but I wish my rig was more powerful so I could fully drive my Reverb G2. It’s disappointing to know that the displays could be crystal clear and be unable to achieve it.

I did try to tweak the experimental settings in OpenXR and not sure if it made a difference. I’m also noticing the game bumps out of VR mode whenever the G2 controller falls asleep.


  • R7 3700X stock
  • RTX 2060S w/ minor OC
  • 32gb GDDR4 RAM @ 3600mHz
  • Reverb G2