VR - Express your first impressions

I think what would be interesting to know is the location where you flew whilst trying VR (as some have stated above). If you fly over the Grand Canyon or another remote location versus over NYC, your experience will be vastly different in terms of FPS and graphics settings. You can’t compare the two from a GPU/CPU load perspective and your VR experience will be vastly different between the two locations.

I plan on doing mostly bush flying in the sim in VR as my rig is not good enough to do VR properly in big cities. But in the wilderness it should be a fairly good experience (still to test) based on my current FPS on a 4K TV.

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Was going for a ten minutes test flight, ended up taking three hours :smiley:

On an old Rift CV1 with a 980TI I did not even expect it to be playable, but it runs fairly well.

It becomes a completely different game in VR. It is really amazing to be inside the plane, and much easier to get a feeling for speed and distances than on a screen. I felt quite nervous going down for the first landing!

so relaxing to go for a long night flight.


As an overall VR experience, there’s some work to do. But for day-one VR implementation, it’s very comparable to my experience with X-Plane’s day-one VR, which is rather surprising as I was expecting much worse, and possibly to not even be able to run it.

So, I’m definitely pleased.

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VR is here, kudos to Asobo (and thumb down to Microsoft that pushed back my order for a Reverb Gen2 I made in November to a delivery late January 2021 as opposed to December 2020 as expected when I did the order). So in short I had to use another headset.

I have an Odyssey+ (retired) and a Vive Cosmos (about to be retired). I did not try the Odyssey+ and just spent few hours with the Cosmos…

Of course, it is not perfect, far from it, and you have to make many compromises… but as always it is very hard to beat the immersion factor.

I did not yet play at all with super sampling I will see what I do with that later, but I am using 100%, I have pretty much start pushing all the sliders to the right and although there are few artifacts here and there, ILS cross country flying is fun.

Specs: i9-9900K @ 5Ghz all cores, 2080Ti (also overclocked), 64Gb RAM, 2x1TB 980Pro NVME SSD in Raid 0, Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Well, it’s a new feeling to fly, great. But i have two black rings inside the cockpit ???

I testet 4 hours with differnet aircrafts and airports. It runs very smooth and it feels to sit in a real plane.

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Absolutely stunning imo, using a cv1 with 3600/2060s and smooth enough to enjoy. Far from perfect but the sense of flying is amazing. The one thing thats bothering is keep spawning me outside the cockpit.

Initially I was disappointed using the default settings as everything was set low or off and it looked terrible, however after following VR Flight Sim Guy’s settings on his video I was able to improve the looks and performance.

Performing aerobatics in the Pitts Special in VR was exactly that…special and brought a smile to my face.

It is quick and easy to switch to and from VR unlike X-plane and looked a lot better so a thumbs up from me.

Started with circuits in C152. Had to turn everything waaaay down low to get bearable performance. Decided to leave it until tomorrow to do some tuning.

So, I did my next leg in the CJ4 up the East coast of Brazil (intending just to use the good old fashioned monitor). As AI co-pilot Charlie taxied out, I thought ‘oh what the heck…’ switched back to VR and spent the next two hours slack jawed and drooling as the evening cloudscape slid through dusk into night.

Okay, need the dual RTX9090 and Reverb G4 Retina to really get the smoothness and resolution we all want. But, yeah that immersion is amazing; and the lighting effects are like nothing I’ve seen before in VR.

I like the implementation … switching between VR and screen (each with it’s own graphics); and the ‘3D’ mouse pointer feels pretty easy to use and natural.


Still tweaking my settings. Very happy so far, there are several issues the most frustrating one is the checklist does not always display. It’s a good start though.

I’m pleased enough for starters. Menu implementation and ability to change resolution and graphics settings on the fly is really nice - helps to tune for something acceptable. In-game toolbar and panels work well and the mouse interactions in the cockpit are reasonable. Occasionally challenging to get the pointer to jump ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the screen (depth wise) to go over a control, especially the VR toolbar, but not much worse than the fiddly-ness we get in 2D sometimes.

Running a Reverb G2 on my i5-9600KF with a GTX 1060 is a bit of a struggle, but at 60% resolution it’s passable, if a little ugly. Immersion is fantastic overall though and the cockpits look great. 100% resolution looks quite nice but the frame rates are in the 15-20 range I think, so not usable.

I’m not very knowledgeable (yet) about all the possible optimisations and technologies as I’ve not had much time to tune my settings in DCS or other sims, December being a busy month, but as a taster of what VR in MSFS holds, it’s looking very good indeed :relaxed:

Coming in to land at night in the King Air, in rain, with the nosewheel lights penetrating through the low cloud ahead was just incredible. :exploding_head:

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Well, on the whole a fairly positive experience. After dealing with DCS and X-Plane, I would say that ASOBO is in the ballpark, although I’m sure they can do better.

OG Vive
i9 9900k @5Ghz
64GB Ram 3200

It’s fairly smooth and stable in terms of fps. I’m certain I’m getting reprojection but after so many years of other sims, it’s fine.

My BIG problem is scale and not having a VR scale is just dumb! I’m sorry but VR has been here for many years and not having a VR scale is such a crass mistake…Everything is way too small…and yes, I have my correct IPD. If I turn down manually my ipd it gets better, but then I cannot use it for more that 10min as my eyes star to get strain due to incorrect IPD. Please fix this and I’ll be happy. Rest of problem are due to this needing a better GPU and probably a CPU from 2 generations from now…


Ryzen 3600
32GB Ram
CV1 Oculus.

runs great, i just have one issue and i cant figure out how to adjust/fix it, when looking forward on prop GA its really jittry and choppy (not really a FPS thing) but really jittery and sharp… when i look to the left or right a little bit it smooths out great, any ideas on what i need to tune here guys?

My config:
3090 FE
64 Gb DDR4 3600 MHz
i910900k @5GHz
Only SSD and Mvne drives
Gigabyte Internet connection
Reverb G2
Motion sim SFX-100

Wow this is as real as it gets! You are really in the cockpit and it is so much easier to operate your plane
Amazing :clap:t4::clap:t4:
With motion everything feels even more like the real thing
I had the chance to land twice seating behind the captain of a 747 so yeah it’s the closest you can get from being a pilot.
Bug - as expected
Feels rushed - when you switch to VR in the game menu you are just seating in front of large screen watching things. Instead of being in a 3D environment
Why the rush to ship VR now? I have been on the beta of this game (not VR) and I don’t think this is ready for prime time. It’s at best an early access.
Optimization of the sim was not great and now they added VR on top of this huge task. Why?
To be playable you have to lower your settings so much that inside the plane it doesn’t look better than X-plane VR.

In conclusion I love the vision of flying one day with VR to really be in the sim not in front of it through a monitor. Now I really and genuinely don’t understand why this feature was prioritized against other at the expense of it being not ready for release 🤷🏾.
I can’t wait for this feature to be optimized to really enjoy it. For the time being I am going to play with the settings to find a sweet spot.
Happy flight

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For those who have issues with the recentre screen from a fellow simmer Disconnect your head set go to the bindings and use the arrow keys to set camera cockpit view restart it will ask you to hit one of the arrow keys to set your position in the flight seat took me 3 hrs to sort it but now all good also keep adjusting the car settings while flying until you get what your looking for no it’s not perfect but it is very Immersive, need work but very playable if you just have some patients. I just completed a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide few hick ups on the way but to be honest it kept me on my toes rather than the AP doing all the work.

This is a great point. This ability to quickly and seamlessly switch between 2D and VR will be extremely useful when higher-end third-party aircraft become available, many of which will likely include extra features and menus that don’t work well with VR. A2A’s walkarounds, for example, made FSX VR a bit of a hassle.

  • You wanted VR,
  • You wanted it NOW,
  • Now you have it … VR 1.0

Going forward, there is obviously masses of room for improvement, and that will come a lot faster with some positive and constructive reporting of issue and perceived problems, rather that a constant stream of complaints that it is not good enough.


Returning my Headset.

I bought an Oculus Quest. Running a RTX3090 and an i7 6700K at 4.6 GHZ. With 64GB RAM and all I get is a blurry, wavy mess looking out the window. I get the same problem on other sims as well. I just don’t VR is there yet.

1 year ago. I tried the Oculus RIFT S. Had a very similar experience. But then I didn’t have the wavy disaster I have now. I am just giving up on it.

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With such a powerful PC rig there’s no reason using the Oculus Quest for PC VR and especially sims like FS2020. It was never made to be a PC VR headet and will never replace one. Just invest in a high resolution VR headset such as Pimax 8KX (that also gives you wide FOV) or a HP G2 and you will quickly understand what you have been missing out :slight_smile:

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You’re right. Its being returned. I am going to upgrade my CPU to a 10 series and try again with a good headset next year.

I just don’t understand what is going on here.

How are people saying that they’re getting “great performance” and that VR “works perfectly” then saying they are getting 30fps?

30 fps is not playable in VR. There would be so much frame loss at 30fps that you would get sick almost immediately, or at the least get a massive headache after a few minutes.

VR isn’t like a television or monitor where 30 fps is playable.