VR - Express your first impressions

Because a lot of people can’t play flight sims without VR anymore. I simply played other VR sims and didn’t touch MSFS at all until the VR patch. Also they probably wanted it to go along with G2 release.
After the patch all i’ve been playing is MSFS:)

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So you are playing at framerates that are below half the refresh of your HMD?

That kind of performance is completely unacceptable. I could imagine actually getting eye issues from exposing yourself to that much stutter in VR over long periods of time.

There are reasons that consoles and VR storefronts like Oculus have a certification process for VR games that will deny any that perform under half the refresh rate of the HMD. People get sick.

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I play at 64 FPS, motion reprojection does it’s thing as long as FPS are greater than half refresh rate. There are only minor artifacts in certain situations, no other difference compared to full 64 FPS without reprojection.

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How are you getting 64 fps??

On my 3070 with the resolution at 512 and every setting on low, I am getting between 39-46 fps

Even when the sim hits 45+ (my Quest 2 is at 90hz), I get constant judder on the terrain as I fly over it. And this is flying over flat cornfields in Iowa in the middle of nowhere.

make sure you have your graphics settings set to show photo realistic. Without that set the experience is not as good.

What you are experiencing is focal depth. A VR headset has no idea where your eyes are focused. I.e. in the cockpit or out the cockpit. It’s set to find a sweet spot a few feet in front of. So, everything in the cockpit looks great but out the window no so much. VR will really blow us away once they’re able to overcome that shortcoming. I imagine a VR headset will have to have small cameras inside it looking directly at your eye balls and translating where you are looking back to the sim so that it can adjust what should be in focus.

I don’t get full 64 FPS most of the time without motion reprojection. My Pimax allows for lowest refresh rate of 64 Hz so anything between 32 and 64 FPS will get motion smoothed to 64 FPS.
I use 3080 but same principle worked with my ex 2080.
I still need to pick my flights carefully, no low flying over large photogrammetry areas and no tubeliners.

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You said your view outside the aircraft was blurry. That has absolutely everything to do with depth of field.

Oh sorry, I thought you were replying to my post. Didn’t see you replying to another comment.

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My impressions…

  • Wish there was a warning before enabling VR first time about needing the Oculus Beta. Fussed around for a while trying to fix issues until I found the answer in these forums.
  • The cockpit/world “scale” issue is really breaking the immersion for me. Everything feels so tiny that it doesn’t convince my brain.
  • Maybe related to the scale issue, but even with my proper IPD setup, I feel like I’m going cross eyed in this game. I’ve had VR since CV1 came out and don’t think I’ve felt like this before. I can’t play super long because of this.
  • I’d really like VR controller support and even better - hand tracking support for cockpit interactions.
  • Very weird that there’s no directional sound in VR? Engine sounds the same no matter which way I turn my head.
  • Performance was pretty good for me even though my setup is more modest than some others who say they have worse performance.


  • Oculus CV1 (Also have Quest 2 but waiting on Link cable.)
  • Core i7 6850, GTX 1070 ti, 16GB

Still super hyped for this. VR flight sim is the only way to go once you’ve experienced it. I hope they get the quirks fixed sooner rather than later.

Rift S
9900k @ 5.0 GHz all-core
64 GB@3000 mhz
RTX 3080

Once I got through the “center your screen” prompt and figured out the FOV stencil issue, my initial impressions were better than I expected.

My first flight was in Southern CA with the savage cub. Framerates were acceptable. A little bit of stuttering, but nothing excessive. The main detractor was mediocre visuals and a completely dead world with no traffic. I also feel like I’m a bit cross-eyed sometimes, but I don’t have that issue in any other VR games and my IPD is set in oculus.

After some tweaking I ended up with ~50% across all traffic sliders and changed basically all the graphics settings to high/ultra with 100% resolution. This got me framerates in the 50s, so I force enabled ASW with the oculus debug tool.

For the most part this works very well, with the sim locked at 40 fps, and ASW doing its job to maintain 80 fps in the headset. I’ll play around to try and get rid of the occasional frametime spikes that break the otherwise perfect smoothness, but it’s running better than I expected and the ASW artifacts aren’t nearly as distracting in this environment as they are in DCS where there’s a lot more action.

It’s all completely playable at the moment and the immersion is outstanding. Landing the cub in parks and other tight spots is a blast.


I actually started my own thread before seeing this one. Bottom line is that I had some challenges getting everything setup and running, and am in no way certain that I have it right yet, but it is working and I was rather happy with the results. Then again, all I did was one trip in the pattern.

My rig:

  • 10600K with modest OC
  • 2070 Super with large OC
  • 64GB of CL16 RAM
  • Primary display is a 32" 1440p, but not sure that’s important here.

You can read the more verbose version here:

First experience with VR and Reverb G2 - Virtual Reality (VR) / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Rift CV1
GTX 1080
i7 7700

Initially when I switched to VR mode it got stuck trying to center everything because I didn’t have any controls bound for that, and I couldn’t get it out of VR mode so I had to reboot my PC to even get out of MSFS 2020. After rebooting I updated the drivers on the Rift and went back into the sim and setup my key binds for VR mode control. I finally got it into VR mode successfully with everything centered.

I started a VFR flight from KSAN in VR mode, but I got that weird black box, but I flew around for a few minutes and put up with it. Then I exited the sim and checked the forums and found the fix for that issue, and applied it.

Started the sim again and this time everything looked as I expected it to. I have used VR almost exclusively in Elite:Dangerous so I was used to the lower resolution compared to the appearance on the monitor. But it was still a very cool experience. The depth of field that VR gives you is just amazing, and it allows me to overlook the shortcomings we all know about. I look forward to some nice long VFR flights with this.


I totally agree. i9 10900K rtx3090 turbo. HP reverb G2. Rubbish FPS even at low settings. What beta tester said we would be blown away? You need your eyesight checked. Or were you using a cray computer? New it would`nt be brilliant but this? Good God.

I have just tested using the Rift CV1 at max settings all round and its a great smooth experience. I got the G2 for my christmas so will test that. I know for sure that I will have to lower the render resolution under the WMR to get a smooth performance.

My specs are:
i9 9900K
32 GB RAM (3200mhz)
Aorus 2080ti Extreme
M2 drive
Asus Maximus Hero XI

There must be an issue with your setup. My G2 runs smooth with RTX2080 and i9-9900 (out of the box, no tuning yet).

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Using the following hardware:

  • i7-6700K @4ghz (no overclocking)
  • RTX 3800 (no overclocking)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • SSD
  • Oculus Quest 2

Starting up VR was a breeze, I didn’t have to do anything besides linking my Quest 2 via PC link and enabling VR mode in MSFS.

My first impression was horrible, the game was one big stutter fest, with a lot of warping. The scene looked like the ground was lava and the air above it was shimmering from the heat. There also was an ugly black thing floating in the air. I was partially expecting this because I normally run everything at ultra in 4k, so I already knew I had to lower my settings.

Entering the settings screen was a shock though, everything was already at low. That also explained why a lot of things didn’t look that pretty anymore. I started reading the forum, updating my drivers, tweaking resolutions and enabling the Oculus beta. The last step luckily fixed the black floating thing, but I didn’t get any performance gains no matter how low I set my resolution and settings.

I then tried to just raise my settings, I set the resolution to 100, my Oculus link to 90hz at the recommended resolution, a lot of settings to high (including windshield effects and light shafts) and well, the view was quite amazing. Graphically it was actually beyond what I was expecting except for the horrible wobbling of the screen. Performance wise not much had changed from ultra low to high settings though.

It took some time, but eventually I tried to just disable Asynchronous Spacewarp using the Oculus Debug Tool (there is probably a setting for this somewhere in the Oculus settings menus also). This made a huge difference for me, the wobbling and shimmering disappeared completely and the screen was razor sharp, WOW! Looking around felt quite smooth, but I do get a lot of stuttering when turning my airplane on the tarmac (strange, because looking another way doesn’t cause any stuttering). Once in the air things got a lot better, things were almost completely smooth after a while, except when looking at the instrument panel.

The details and the overal feeling really amazed me, things actually looked real and it performed quite well, I could easily read most instruments without leaning in. Didn’t expect it to be this good. Then I started to play around, set the time to dusk, WOW, all those lights everywhere. Decided to add some road traffic as the highways were deserted, really cool. Then I chose the rain preset, no rain on the windshield, bummer. Raising the windshield effects to high solved that though, I also set the light shafts to high to be able to see my landing light in the clouds.

Flying through the clouds in the rain while it was dark, it was really amazing. This has to be my number one VR experience in a sim, it just felt real. The lights distorted by the drops of rain on the windshield, seeing those runway lights all warped up while landing, flying through a thick cloud during final with my landing light peering through, hearing the rain on the aircraft hull… The future is here!


i5-9600k OC @ 4.8ghz
32GB DDR4 @ 3600mhz
2060 OC
Quest 2

Biggest pile of Garbage. I am sick of having to fiddle and fix and what not EVERY SINGLE PATCH.

The game runs horribly using default settings. Black loading spinning friggin hour glasses and all sorts of rubbish. When I take off the plane just goes completely to the right. I’m ■■■■■■■ sick of this ■■■■.

The experience is incredible with some graphical bugs to fix it seems (as said previously).
Really love it. Yesterday I tried every single aircraft, great great fun.

The big problem is performance. My old settings was adjusted to give me 90 fps on my 1440p screen (3440 x 1440) and I was hoping to get 45 fps on my Pimax 8K+ (7680x4320 and 170° FOV) with reprojection.
I did get my 45 fps but still the display was not smooth so I need to redo a full settings config
for the VR mode.
My system : i7-8700K@5.1, 2080ti and 32Go RAM.

  • Hand fly returned to normal (easy :slightly_smiling_face:).
  • Peripheral vision is back.
  • Perfect head tracking is back.
  • Simple joy of flying in a chair is back.
  • That was hard to fly in 2D but it’s over :partying_face:
  • Now I need my VR controllers in game !!! :crazy_face:

Very good first iteration of VR.
With more time I guess it could have been better but I’m glade I didn’t have to wait any longer.

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