VR - Express your first impressions

Iv just had my first flight in VR flying the A320 from Newcastle to Heathrow omg its amazing

Runing med/high settings…Very playable, Just a bit more tweaking to do

Specs i7 9700k RTX 3080 Strix OC 32GB Ram Deadicated 2TB SSD, Using Quest 2 with offical Link cable

Been using VR exclusively for around 3 years now. Have never flown any other way since putting my first HMD on. Never looked back. I keep my machine well optimised.
Even with my current 1060 6gb and 7600k @4.5 and good old rift CV1 the experience is usable for me. I’m surprised that people with hyper machines are struggling and think this might boil down to other local issues that need optimising on their machines perhaps?


My setup:

Oculus Rift S
RTX3090 FE
64GB Ram

I did have to set it up. (Make sure I was using version 24 on the oculus software, setup the keyboard bindings, etc) With that said I couldn’t be happier with the performance and experience. I am running most of my settings on high and its smooth flight.

Only issue I have is with the contrast in the Rift S, it looks a little washed out. but thats not FS2020.

Using this setup

1080ti/8700K (4.7ghz)
Rift S

I’ve been tuning away all day but finally I have a nice performance balanced graphics tune in VR that I’m extremely happy with…for now!
From someone who’s worn a VR HMD since 2014, I must say the VR in this sim is definitely the future.
First off lets start off where we come from…(XP11,FSX,P3D)
Do you know just how nice it is to not have to worry about OOMs when approaching a densely packed urban airport area? I haven’t seen one black block or texture lod pop into my sight since being in MSFS VR. This is a different experience, with the older sims air travel feels rather bland even with VFR because the textures and objects are redundantly autogen. Now in this VR I’m now seeing how places actually look from above (“ok I remember passing that house with the blue roof coming through this valley so now i’m familiar with this area and the riverbend should be just beyond that treeline”)
Sitting on Miami Beach and knowing Bahamas are in that direction and if I hop in the air and fly that way I’ll eventually reach the Caribbean.
Finally terrain features that are actually speaking to my receptors in terms of navigation/familiarization.
It also feels really good to be able to use shadows and other eye candy and get smooth performance.
When the lighting and shadows hit your cockpit its just a total mood and virtual place one will remember.

My quirks…
The mouse pointer is very cumbersome and annoying already.
Why no simple head pointer Asobo?
As for antialiasing I don’t feel TAA is enough…I need DLSS or MSAA.
Hopefully in the future they can implement a better launcher for strictly VR mode. Right now the two key command then hitting spacebar to recenter is annoying. Make it so we can simply launch MSFS as a VR app within our respective home environments and already be centered at the position we are facing when we launch the exe.
As far as other quirks is just the foundation core little issues that stick out even more in VR.
This is really a totally new world…I never feel newer sims replace older ones as they are all different worlds and experiences imo. I’ll go back and fourth between MSFS and FSX in VR for a while as FSX is home to all of my favorite aircraft and its just a different experience on its own even though much older and outdated. I can def see myself switching over completely to MSFS VR in a year or two, where I’m sure things will be on super duper next level simming by then.


Wow, so good to hear you can even use the game in VR from another place remotely. Wish I was in Tenerife, it’s one of my favorite places in the world, just after Gran Canaria. But I do spend a lot of time in the virtual skies over there :slight_smile:

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I had the same blurry, wavy mess. Try disabling ASW (Asynchronous Spacewarp) for the headset and see if that improves things. Your machine should be able to run at a pretty high resolution with many settings in the medium to high range.

Somehow my performance is not very good when turning the plane on the ground, but I can get a mostly smooth performance already at pretty high settings without having tweaked too much.

Oculus Quest 2, RTX 3080, i7@3600, 32GB 3200
Rendering Scale 100, TTA. Using Oculus Link 1.5 rendering scale, 90Hz. Almost all settings on HIGH for VR Graphics, Traffic 10%. Disabled ASW in Oculus Debug tool and 300MBps bandwith

Very smooth (25-30FPS) and clear experience - both A320 and C152


Don’t use steam vr by the way. I had the warping that was awful. I then followed the online zendesk instructions to use oculus app instead. Works perfectly.

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Yes thats why I returned my Rift S on release. The colours were too washed out. Night flying was horrendous due to the deep blacks being a greyish colour.

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Got it running at 80% with other settings on high, some on medium and it is great. Only bug i`ve got is if I try to change weather in VR mode instant CTD.

Motherboard: Asus Rog Hero x11 wifi Z490
55" curved oled Tv, till VR arrives.
CPU: Intel i9-10900K @5.1mhz per core.
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 turbo
CPU-Cooler: Liquid cooled 240mm
PSU: Kolink 1200watt Platinum
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4/3600mhz
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
SSD: NVME Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
5.1 logitech sound system Soundblaster Z.
Next level V3 Motion platform on GT Ultimate rig.
2 Buttkickers on race rig with 300watt earthquake amp.
VR HP Reverb G2
Sim Racing studio wind and tactile generators.
Saitek Hotas.
Alpha Honeycomb flight controls.
Thrustmaster TPR Rudder.

Yes that was my biggest gripe going from Odyssey Plus to Rift S… the O+ does a superb job with blacks.
Rift S makes nights look washed out and makes textures look ashy.


After having some fiddeling with Windows Open XR (had to change the registry entry) and having to switch Oculus Software to the Beta Channel I could start up FS2020 in VR and it was working. On the Standard settings I got reasonable performance and could try my first VR flight.
As I have some experience in how painful setting-up and getting good visuals and performance in VR could be in other flight simulators (DCS is a continuous miss and hit experience and even XP-11 could be a pain to get it running smooth and looking good) I was really surprised that this first iteration worked at all - maybe I am satisfied with very small steps nowadays.
The main ‘issue’ I have so far is that the picture in my RIFT S is not as sharp as I would need it to use it for longer flights. But this is for sure something I could ‘fix’ with a better PC hardware (if it will be available for reasonable prices again some day …) in the future.
But the main experience is night and day compared to flying without any head tracking in the early days of FS2020 and even using kind of track IR is not the same as sitting ‘in’ the cockpit and looking around naturally.
During the development phase I was not very convinced that I’ll buy into FS2020 soon. Now using the Gamepass version for a 1 month period I am pretty sure that I will buy one of the ‘normal’ full versions after this period is over.
So far I have to admit: Well done ASOBO and keep on developing FS2020 further.

I have made a list of suggestions, check the topic VR Suggestions List in this subforum (can’t like yet, new account)

I had these issues with the oculus app, but I might have set ASW to always on somewhere. Going to check that out when I have the chance.

Having read most of the posts in this thread, i agree that some of the problems with higher rigs must be related to some local variations as there are others running the same hardware and reporting that things are working just fine.

I also agree that Asobo is on the right track, VR was NEARLY and afterthought, it wasn’t in the design, but got in early, separate settings for VR and a Enable/Disable VR toggle is a pretty good idea. Other sims where it got in by design (cough AeroFlyFS2) is REALLY REALLY REALLY good at VR and have lots of FPS without any drops when flying near all skyskrapers in lower manhattan.

I suspect that we get a good experience in a few patches and that they continue to improve the experience so people don’t have to fiddle around with settings as much. The negative side of being an early adopter is just that - you have to tinker with settings. If we compare with Google Earth VR, it has a very good experience with high FPS + photogrammetry in high population areas, so why couldn’t it work better?

For people who are having problems with their setups, i suggest cleaning out your systems from software that shouldn’t be on there, like adware/spyware, unnecessary services (P2P/Torrent), Coinminers etc and such that could ■■■■ up your CPU/GPU resources, also while you’re at it, check for bottlenecks (like an old Core i7 CPU, or slow/small memory) and consider replacing that, my i5 is almost faster than that.


for me it is running great on a rift CV1 but i have been using VR for a fair while now from the early days with the DK2 which showed how good well sorted VR can be in elite and DCS , in DCS i have quite a few of the jets like the F14 and A10 and so running this on a warthog HOTAS which helps immersion in that sim

system wise i have a ryzen 3600 pegged at 4.2 ghz on a custom loop , 16 gb of 3600mhz ram , RTX 3070 and it all runs from a pcie gen 4 500gb m2 drive on a b550 board and it is sweet , so i was’nt expecting any problems running FS in VR , i have it running at 100% scaling and ultra on volumetric clouds and terrain etc , i want it looking good and it is delivering , i havent had any of the problems many others are reporting as i updated oculus as soon as i saw the black bars issue popping up on the forum while i was waiting the download completing so all told i spent an hour last night just optimising my system and when i turned it all on it delivered

first flight today i took off from the south coast of england in fog and rain , climbed above the clouds and was immersed , i used to fly years ago with gliders and microlights as well as fix slightly faster ones usually painted air defence grey so i am no back seat driver and honestly i am impressed , i think the biggest issue is many people could do with a bit of tinker time with their machines and it will cut down the issues so the forums doing its job of informing and getting the details out there that people need to optimise their machines because this is a fairly large step change from 2D screens

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I have a I7-7700k / 32gb ram / 1070 8gb GPU with no OC’ing so I thought I’d be on the low end for sure. I started at KBUR and it was a mess. Very bad graphics, and I was very disappointed. All the settings were on Low end automatically, which was to be expected. And no controllers? I went to bed and got up this morning determined to at least make it better. I made a LOT of changes (upgraded Oculus to Beta, used Debug Tool and Tray Tool, made changes in SteamVR as suggested on this forum) and was amazed at the difference. Even with my system that doesn’t compare to some of the others here, I’m happy with the results. I wish there were some master reference that we could all use (e.g. If you have this level of CPU with this level of GPU and this VR system, try these changes) but I’m sure there will be many references out soon enough, just as there were for XPlane.

So I’m happy. I wish we could use the controllers, but I’ll take this for now.

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It looks very realistic, the lighting effects in vr make for a very convincing scene.
Switching between VR mode and pancake is seamless and very quick.

The big downside though is the terrible performance, worse than Xplane (in my case).
Also the lack of controller support brings down the immersion more than I expected.

Just as info, on the Oculus Tray Tool, I had ASW Mode set to 30 hz and I thought I was going to be sick with the jumping and stuttering. I changed that mode to ‘Off’ and I immediately had a much smoother experience. I’ve noticed that setting works for some and not others so be aware.

So happy with the added VR option in MSFS

First impressions:

After few test flights and a bit tweaking settings, including Openxr developer tab. (I did use settings and videos of youtuber: vr flight sim guy as a base) I think for now i have found a sweet spot, in terms of visual quality and frame rates.

This evening i did a short ferry flight EHAM - EHGG in the A320NX, the weather was terrible raining on descent until short final. But the whole feeling of being " there" soo immersive! It made me smile! and drop my yaw…again and again…

Mouse control for cockpit interaction works good for me, just like i was used to in P3D. ( i did put the forgotten side table just next to my desk chair, makes an perfect mouse area just next to yoke and throttle :smile:)

note: on a few occasions after starting VR, there was no mouse pointer. only solution i could find was re starting the flight.

In the future i think the experience would benefit with a good hand tracking device like in the past the leap motion, or some finger pointer.

VR Wishes:

  • Need to find a way to overlay companion apps inside MSFS VR so we can use for example charts and/or vpilot etc… , WMR home “follow me” could maybe work? or a tool like " OVR Toolkit" for steam but then native for openXR or WMR?. would do the trick i think?