VR issues - Oculus Rift S

Yes the desktop software. What issues are you having still?

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Guys. Once you get this sorted. This will be the least of your troubles. I have a good spec pc. And this sim in VR makes me wanna puke! Flat screen I play in ultra. Nice and smooth. In vr everything on medium. FPS under 30 which makes it jittery. Utter ■■■■! Thoughts? Help?

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I’ve since read that the recentre key combo is " Alt + R". I’m almost dreading getting it going now , because of reading another comment here, mine runs pretty smooth at the moment on High ( not ultra) settings, but in VR, I doubt it’ll be the case. I don’t have absolutely cutting edge hardware, but a RTX 2080 ti and i9 9900k CPU so normally should be good with 32 GB ddr 4 ram, I don’t think VR’s going to be kind to me.

Yes, me two

Don’t understand it. I have older hardware, with many settings on high, and 30fps over London City is smooth as butter for me? Guess I was lucky and it will take a bit more tweaking for you :kissing:

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Oculus Rift S
Asus prime Z390-A
Intel core i9-9900k cpu @3.60ghz, 3600mhz, 8 core(s) 16 logical processor(s)
32gb ram
GeForce RTX 2070 Super

I just don’t get it.


Must be a settings issue somewhere. I’m on an i7-7700k (o’cd to 4.8), with a 1080Ti…are you running at 3.6MHz, not o’cd? - wonder if that is it?

Are you using the Oculus Tray Tool? It’s probably not your graphic settings, but your Oculus settings. I had to play around a lot in X-Plane to find good settings. How you set your ASW and your Super Sampling will have a large effect on jitteriness. Also, set up a profile for the game so that you can adjust the CPU priority on the Rift as well.

Also in the Rift’s graphic’s settings you can choose to prioritize for performance or quality. Mess with that as well.

Lastly, do not expect to get the same ultra performance in the Rift as you get in pancake. VR is a lot more GPU intensive.

Everything’s fine with the last Oculus V24 :slight_smile:


I dont know about anything you have said other than the graphics to priority.

Is there a step by step guide on YouTube or google I can follow. As I think you might be right about all that. Thank you

Same here, Same problem

Here’s an article on how to adjust graphic quality.


Yep same for me. I don’t obsess over FPS but to me the smoothness feels like real motion. No jumpiness I can perceive.

Thank you. I already had that set. So I’m not sure what else I can do.

Can someone help me with this oculus tray thing? I just downloaded it.

Try disabling Asynchronous Spacewarp using the oculus debugger tool if you have a lot of issues using Oculus devices, it makes my experience heaps better.

I cant even get that far. It still says “headset not detected” when I try to switch to VR mode. Tried all the fixes here

How do I use the oculus tray tool in game? I have made a profile.

Super sampling 1.2 (I heard that is ok but I don’t know)
ASW is off
CPU priority is high. (Should I change that?)
Gpu scaling is off. (Should it be on?)

Thanks for the replies. In honesty, I think it’s worth a bit of tweeking work to get it running smoothly. Good that the mighty MS have at least ( Asobo), decided to give us this treat. No doubt , in a few days, weeks, months, there will be loads of more information, on how to make this a really functional, visual treat for VR fans. I do use the voice controlled " Voice attack" program for some vr games, makes using microphone / voice control another function for key presses, but not sure how it would pan out ( work) for MS FS 2020, so many key press functions to map in.

The game wont even detect my headset? WHY?