VR panel windows lose position when closed and reopened (SU8)

After opening a panel window in VR, repositioning it, and closing it, it snaps back to default position when it is reopened.

Hiding carefully positioned panel windows until they’re needed is critical for cockpit decluttering and immersion in VR.

Surprised this wasn’t caught in beta. :thinking:

EDIT: Turns out it was caught in beta by rapsta71

Naturally, this was noticed during the BETA. Unfortunately, like many other SU8 regressions, despite being reported quite early, it was not fixed before the official release. In my opinion, quite arrogant attitude by Asobo.

You’ve linked to the wrong thread;

The other Toolbar Windows Bug was fixed during beta.

Thanks, corrected.

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This is one of the most annoying bugs. It can take ages to get the map window in the right position, and then it pings back to default. Would be so easy to fix.

The new SU8 introduced Toolbar bug in VR is that occasionally (most often) it does not show up with TAB for no reason discernible … WHY

Whatever was ‘fixed’ (that rudder thing), ACTUALLY most is not fixed (mouse over Popups) and it’s now worse (I stopped flying with this rudder bug)

Feel free to vote up,if you have the same problem and didn´t done so far. And it was found in Beta.

This is why I am losing faith in the beta process. This behavior and many other bugs had been reported during the beta.

Well. Maybe this bug is not so easy to fix. And if we are honest, the time between the bug was reported by me and the release of the SU was not so much. And we don´t have full insights to the whole release process and the dependencies. So for me personally it is important that the bug is logged.