VR World Scale

Yea, we all know the Cessna’s are small. But let’s consider the fact, that you should still be able to fit in one. I mean, if I adjust the camera so I would feel like I’m sitting on the seat, my head is almost poking through the roof. And if I lower the cam, so my head’s inside the plane, it feels like my torso is severed by the seat. I’m a tall guy (6’2), but I had a chance to sit in a C152 and it really wasn’t that bad…

Try increasing IPD to make world scale bigger and opposite to make it smaller. MSFS and anything VR related probably needs to be restarted after adjusting for change to take effect.
Have your IPD measured by optometrist for free to confirm that your IPD is correct, i bet loads of people use their headset with incorrect IPD.
Perceived world scale can differ between headsets, my Vive has smaller scale than my Pimax.
And yes, ability to adjust world scale would be nice.

All the GA look too small in VR, immersion killer.
Hope they fix it, should not be too hard.
(Real GA pilot, fly 3 to 4 times per week)

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I am first using the default Cessna 172 in VR and it sure does look to small. I have over 100 hours in a real 172 and everything in the cockpit looks to small using a HP Reverb G2.

I also have X-Plane and with the HP Reverb G2 the default Cessna 172 is certainly bigger. I have put my left touch controller on the left door and the right touch controller on the right door then measure the distance between the controllers and it is very close to a real Cessna 172.

On my MSFS I do not see the controllers so cannot do the same test but am sue it will not match a real Cessna 172.

This problem is not related to the IPD.
Changing this just moves the sweetspot of Your lenses out/in Your eyecenter.

There is another thread here which expklaines the real cause of the problem.

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Please vote!

[FEATURE REQUEST] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR

This is not true, it also changes the projection matrices per eye. Try this: get very close to a switch on an overhead panel, I mean the switch nearly touching your “virtual noze”, then move the slider and observe how the perspective changes as well.

Why can’t they just look at XPlane and make it like that.

You might be able to fix the scale using the Steam app FPSVR , it has an IPD offset utility. I don’t have Gamepass anymore so I can’t try this potential solution.

And it changes distance between viewports, ie. virtual cameras that represent each eye, otherwise scale would be incorrect for anyone outside default IPD distance. If you don’t see difference in scale immediately try restarting game/steamVR. I doubt there are differences between headsets here but on headsets i used effect is plainly visible.

I tried to point out that with all the influx of new VR users i bet a lot don’t have a clue on how to measure and adjust IPD properly and tend to just set it to value that looks best to them. Ensuring that IPD is set correctly should be first thing to do before trying other things, otherwise they could work against each other.

If I have the info right left door to right door of a Cessna 172 is 34" so when we get controller support you can put your left and right controllers on the doors and measure that distance.

My guess is that it is less but time will tell. This has nothing to do with IPD but how the model was scaled when it was created.

I have done the same thing in X-Plane and I have found the default Cessna 172 is very close to the correct dimensions.

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You don’t need controllers for that, just use your headset. Place it at one point, mark in real world, place it on another and measure distance.
We need to differentiate here between perceived world scale (can vary due to headset design, IPD and other things) and actual RL to VR scale ratio which should always be 1:1 unless devs scaled things incorrectly.
My understanding is that the issue here is with perceived world scale.

Some planes feel a bit small but the A320 cockpit feels too large on the other hand. The throttle lever is so far away I wouldn’t be able to reach it without bending over. Is it only me noticing that?


I totally agree with you, the Airbus appears massive in the cockpit, there’s no way I would reach the throttles, if I adjust position so I can reach the throttles I can’t reach the side stick. All the other cockpits feel not bad to me.

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From few planes I tested so far Cessna 152 and 172 seem smaller. Like 80-90% scale of real life.
It’s easy to see beyond the simple feel you have inside by just stepping out (with Quest 2 wirelessly is really easy) and… they almost fit my living room and no… I don’t live in a palace :slight_smile: My living room is 5m wide.
Not only that but stepping out of these two planes lets you be a lot taller than the top of the canopy which is not the case in Real Life.

I think the scale of the planes is controlled independently because Da62 doesn’t fell that small.

Normally the world scale is controlled by the distance between the two “eyes” that view the scene. In DCS World is called (in a confusing way I agree) IPD. It is IPD but not of the projected images to fit the user eyes but the IPD between the cameras that capture the scene.

You’re probably floating a bit in the air when you do that though. How is your scale/height compared to the people of the ground crew? Also the pilots in the aircraft don’t seem to be any smaller than the ground crew, so I would expect most things to be quite well to scale.

A C152 is about 10m wide and 7m long, does that seem reasonable in comparison to your room or too small?

There are planes where when you get off you are floating because the game doesn’t know you stepped down actually… like C208b which is taller (you climb into it). But in Cessna 152/172 you pretty much sit in it with the eyes at the outside standing up level… however in game… you need to sit down on the room floor to actually go beneath the wing.

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I just think the cockpit 3d models aren’t scaled correctly. It didn’t matter when viewed on a flat screen. Some are too small (C152), some are ok, others are way too large (A320).

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I will test with the humans and other planes and vehicles close to me.

I have been using VR for several years, and my IPD is set to the value given to me by my Optometrist when he measured me for glasses. I can assert that as far as I am concerned, the world scale issue is real when using an original HTC Vive, and changing IPD does not fix it.

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In VR try the 152 cockpit view. Look at the yoke in front of you, look at the seat under you and you realize they are sized for children. That can’t be right. Then take place in the Beechcraft Baron and admire the yoke there: It feels right.
I think the IPD discussion is not very helpful here. What is needed is an adjustment tool for scale. Everyone has their own preferences.