[W.I.P.] Cessna 152 STOL/Backcountry mod!

Ah yes, the backcountry 152!


-5 extra degrees of flaps for a total of 35 degrees

-150 horsepower engine to take off shorter!

-Better and stronger brakes

-Removed Co-pilot to save weight.

Download Link: [W.I.P] - Cessna 152 Backcountry/S.T.O.L Mod! » Microsoft Flight Simulator


CptMoustache - Screenshots and Thumbnails


Thank you! I really look forward to trying this out. With the files that are available, would it be possible to modify the C-152 into a Texas Taildragger mod?

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Realy good Mod. My Dreams Is to have a taildrag Cessna Like 180.

You think Is possibile to Mod the wheel ?? Put somethink big Like the Bird dog in Bush version.

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@GACSavannah @FullGasse At the moment I have no modeling skills and modeling is also a sim limitation. Maybe in the future.

Are you sure ?? For example gotgravel put big tyre on Savage and any other people take the stock Robin and mod in taildrager

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Yeah i’m definitely not a modeler hehehe! Maybe sometime in the future!

Good news everyone! Big tires coming soon!!!

@FullGasse @GACSavannah

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Awesome! Thank you!

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