Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem

Personally, I’ve had enough. After SU12 today it’s still the same problem when I want to launch a 2nd flight after returning to the main menu. the same problem comes up again and again. I stop playing for a month and I will see after. In any case I will not download any additional addons. I also stop recommending this game including on the networks

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Got the same issue actually but thats the first time for me…
i’m using an older driver for my gpu coz the most recent -1 was causing issue, don’t know about the latest one so.

As far as I know the latest driver has the fix so if it keeps happening you should update.

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I can confirm the bug is NOT fixed. I have the latest nvidia driver 531.29 and the problem occurred 5 minutes into a flight. Please mark the topic as NOT SOLVED.


Heres me, all optimistic hoping this would be fixed in SU12.


I’ve just had another one as well. Have just replaced their “old” version of the Frame Generation .dll which they insist on shipping the game with for the version (theres actually a newer version now I noticed).

Version has reduced these errors to virtually nil (for me) since I changed over to it when it .came out. Any sim update reverts to the old version though so have to keep an eye on that.

This just occurred AGAIN after update 12. I guess I shouldn’t be so optimistic anymore. Two years have past and still waiting for the view/look bug to be fixed.

EDIT - this is using DX12 (beta) which always fixed the issue for me in the past. Now that it’s not working with the latest update, I’ll attempt to use DX11 which also gave me issues.

This error will still occur on DX12 as far as I know (still investigating) maybe not as much, however it should be virtually fixed on DX11 and latest GPU drivers now

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Never had this bug before SU12. And happens every flight up to the 1 hour mark


Take off from LCLK, no add-ons there and the massage comes with your graphics.

I’ve just been all over that airport, No CTD, no message and vram always under 8GB.

Have you tried anywhere else?

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In my case It got worst after SU12, I keep it under control underclocking the GPU memory speed but after SU12 I had to underclock a little more to keep it running.
Once I get to the proper underclock setting it won’t crash anymore but without underclocking the chance of a crash is now near 100%. Shame.

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Sound’s bad as I’ve been able to re-enable all my overclocks without issue. rtx3060(12GB). Are you on the latest driver (which apparently is the fix)?

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As a matter of fact I haven’t updated to the latest driver, for some reason, maybe history I don’t think this will fix the issue but I’m going to try that today. Thanks for the reminder, we help each other here!

Crash again 3 times in a row after latest update.
NVIDIA drivers are updated and nothing changed in my SIM… except for the damages that are done after each update


Maybe I should keep my old driver and current underclocking settings, it is stable right now for me, can fly 10+ hours without issues.

How to rollback NVIDIA drivers?

You can go to the Nvidia drivers page and download any version to your taste.
Can’t link directly because you need to find the drivers corresponding to your GPU but you can start here:

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Thanks mate.

Please let us know if you’re still w/out issues for the previous driver.

Today i had this issue first time! CTD after Error Message…

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