Was there a big loss of FPS in SU9?

Has anyone suffered significant loss of frames with SU9 ? I don’t have an amazing computer (4790k + 1080) but I used to be able to run the game decent on high settings with 100 terrain LOD, even in photogrammetry areas I would get around 40fps bar maybe the most busy areas like New York or San Diego (which is oddly punishing).

However to get that same level of performance I now have to lower terrain LOD to 50 which makes the game look ugly as sin and then also turn the render resolution down to about 80.

I’ve got no mods installed, latest Nvidia drivers etc

Yup, see here. More than 230 votes already.


Wow. That could be the topic I unfortunately had to ignore, because somebody kept insisting my performance issues were my PC’s fault :laughing:

That is nothing new. Don’t ask me why, but there is always this certain group which claims that everything is your or your system’s fault. Happened in during the bugs introduced in WU3 and SU5 as well.


They are kids who enjoy having their parents buy them new hardware every time a game developer makes a coding mistake.

I fly VR and didn’t see any discernible performance drop, 12900 + Rtx3080ti

See existing topic on this issue here: