WASM for Xbox SU12

Interesting, I didn’t know that. Heard rumors that the Airbus and the Beaver had some WASM requirements. I’m more than happy to be wrong though!

There are WASM planes, yes, but due to a whole bunch of technical reasons, the platform API issue that prevents other WASM planes from running doesn’t apply to planes shipped with the sim itself.


Not fully, it is still possible for SU11 but they did say the possibility for SU12 is there. I honestly can not see them pushing it back too much if they want to get the ini builds A300 in the sim on time.

Read the post before yours.

Got it just read it. Hopefully it does not get pushed back but the least to say is that it is not 100% yet confirmed if it will be pushed back.

I was curious about this too: You can find the Dev Q&A transcripts in the Community > News and Announcements and look for the “q-and-a” tag to bring up the list of transcripts (link below) which makes it easy to search for “WASM” on each page.

This link brings up the list:

Mar 2, 2022

Aug 18 2022

Today’s (Oct 13, 2022) dev update on this forum shows WASM moved to SU12

Such a sad joke disappointing post too. Can’t believe it. What do they have one person working on it? SU 12 won’t be out until like February.


Does anyone know, if there is an Dev Q&A again with MS/Asobo… so we can raise the question there…

Yep, what gets me is, they keep listing it for the next SU update, bit like dangling a carrot in front of you, time comes and then it gets pulled away to the next SU update.
I don’t expect miracles when WASM finally comes to xbox, but if it means planes like the DC6 finally working and other 3rd party planes available to xbox then great, weather “study level” will ever perform on xbox, i’m not sure, I just want more choice and WASM will hopefully bring that.

Even between the SU9 and SU10 phase there was encouraging signs that they were close with WASM on xbox, so I really expected it with SU11, so disappointing.


Again, this is ultimately a platform issue: in other words, it’s up to a team that is not the MSFS team (the XBox platform team, i.e. the people that are on the XBox core software and framework team itself, which have nothing to do with the MSFS team).


There will be a Dev Q&A coming up in November, though we haven’t confirmed the exact date yet. As always, you will be able to submit your questions and vote for the topics you would like answered in advance of the Q&A. I imagine WASM support on Xbox will be a popular topic that Jorg will address.



Hi @RomoRocket,

Very frequently in software development (not just on MSFS – on all software projects), dev teams encounter unforeseen issues that can cause delays. Whenever you read the Feedback Snapshot and see that a bug fix or feature implementation is targeted for a specific Sim Update, those should always be interpreted as just that: a target, not a promise.



Thanks for your response, I do realise these are only targets as such, it’s just a shame it keeps missing that target, but I realise you want to make sure it’s working and fully tested beforehand.

In case of the WASM, they have missed the target by miles :rofl:

Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:


Given just how far the target has been missed on this endeavor, coupled with Jörg’s highly positive sounding message about this in the last Q&A, it should seem we are due some explanation for what is going on.

While I appreciate @Bishop398 stepping in here to shed some insight, it would be far better if target deadlines are going to be pushed not one, but two SUs out that we get some kind of a reason from HQ for why this is happening.

The silence, while typical, isn’t the right way to handle this. Stepping in to school us on target dates having some potential to be missed isn’t really the right approach either.

Most of us have been extremely patient and understanding. Throw us a bone here.


They should have announced it and left it at that.

Not given any “SU10 or SU11” stuff like they’d been doing. Should have just said “WASM is coming. We’ll release it when it’s ready.”

But Asobo shot themselves in the foot by slapping dates on it.


In my opinion the priority for us , Xbox users is the stability , ability to use all addons airports, and visual improvement.

In my case i prefer wasm to be delayed and get thoses improvements first .

There is so much pleasure to have with all that’s already available for us .

Wasm Can wait


I am not an xbox user and cannot speak for one. But from what impression I got from the last Q&A, Xbox version needs to optimize it’s memory footprint. If that’s not sorted, even with WASM, I am not sure how will be the experience with aircraft like PMDG 737. I hear many players experience something like black avionics screens during flight, CTDs due to memory pressure etc even with default aircraft like the a320. The Pmdg 737 is much more complex albeit very well optimised (on pc at least), so not sure if that will increase the potential for those issues.
And I agree, Asobo should have refunded everyone who purchased any WASM plane for Xbox accidentally and release the proper WASM support when its actually ready without any deadline. That would have reduced some of the backlash.


I don’t recall if it was mentioned or I just had a random “shower thought”, but there was a discussion about the Series X in particular possibly being able to partition it’s internal SSD to be used as virtual memory.

I would be more than happy to delete some games and have that ability over just having games I procrastinate on filling up my SSD.

Sorry to say, but your answer isn’t helping in any way.
It happened so often now that deadlines or how you want to call it “target dates” haven’t been hit and delayed with a kind of radio silence that it doesn’t seem that there’s an multi million dollar company behind the development, it seems more like 4 guys working on their mobile app in the backyard shop of their parents house…

I mean really, how long is wasm for Xbox on the table now?
And also been said, that the most luck for ms/Asobo is, that i guess only a 20% of Xbox users a participating in that forum. Otherwise there would be (and should be) more discussion about the bad treatment of the Xbox community!

Would be interesting to know a statistics how many Xbox users Ms flight sim has already lost?
Anyway in worst case have a look to frontier development how they have messed up their console market… throughout bad console support and an even more worse communication…

Edit: please give at least an info what will happen with the 40th anniversary update on console in November if wasm isn’t ready for release?
Will there be gliders, helicopters or even the A310 for console?

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