WASM for Xbox SU12

Is WASM support for Xbox being moved to SU12 or is it just a bad spot for a typo? If it is, what will this mean for the A310?


Yes seems to be so. It’s really not funny anymore. As an xbox gamer i feel like a third class customer. TMS F22 Raptor isn’t coming until next year, I could cry


In response to the specific question concerning the A310, this post in a WASM thread in the SU11 beta forums from one of the Working Title developers might help:

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I’m getting so fed up of being mislead by Jorg and others on this stuff. I mean we should of had this at launch given how much it limits the console yet we still are getting delays with absolutely no news. Xbox themselves will add WASM support at this rate before Asobo manage it which was the whole reason Asobo started was to speed it up. I totally get it’s not a simple plug in but we are getting absolutely no information and being in my view mislead at best. They need to put EVERYTHING to make it happen on SU12 or they need to do something big to make up for it for Xbox players sticking with them while being treated like 3rd class gamers by the team.


It’s probably way more of a herculean task than what we’re assuming. Parity between platforms is everyone’s desire. There’s no second class citizens. Once their Marketplace resembles the robust third party market out there, they’ll be printing money. No one doesn’t want this to happen. It’s delayed, that sucks, they’re going to get it right, it’s all good. Is there not enough out there to keep us Xbox simmers happy in the meantime? Go flying! It’s great!


Couldn’t agree more. They even mentioned before “we’re making sure there’s no difference between Xbox and pc” what a fat lie


Oh I can count at least 3 times if not more ACTIVLY lied in marketing. Which as a company with it’s HQ in the EU is amazing given how many rules of trade and commerce it breaks.


So far I’m glad that I didn’t purchase an Xbox for MSFS2020.
I knew from the start that it would’nt support 3rd party add-ons and regular flight controllers.
Currently preparing for investing in a pile of parts to build a new and decent PC game.
It will be a topline i7, RTX3080ti 64GB Ram and a few fast SSDs.
i9 and RTX4090 + VR goggles might be the top choice but my wallet says NO.

Currently running it on an IdeaPad laptop with an i7, GTX1650 Qmax with 11GB Ram, Track Ir and 1 TB SSD but that’s underperforming and ruins the fun more and more each day.

OK, excuse me, I’m running off topic now, this thread was about Xbox

Yea nothing to do with this post really. Us Xbox users have a ton of great quality controllers by the way, tons of rudder, stick, yolk set ups ect. We have mouse and keyboard , high frames, I can pass on VR. I have an oculus and Vr makes me get a headache after an hour and I don’t like the weight on my face.


I meant 'flight stick, yoke, throttle and rudder pedals, mouse and keyboard, just like I am running on my laptop.

But we have all that stuff too friend

No need to pretend like the Xbox version of Flight Simulator is suddenly unusable now. There are tons of quality add-ons as well as Xbox compatible accessories to enjoy the simulator with. The lack of WASM support is disappointing but that’s a compromise we have to live with on console. If the A310 by iniBuilds really arrives then it also disproves the belief that study level airliners cannot be done on Xbox in the current sim.


I think I’m just going to not bother caring about it anymore.

It’s obvious we’ll get all excited once “the time draws near” and Asobo will pull the rug out from under us and announce it’s cancellation.

That’s what I’m expecting at this point. We’ll get helicopters, sure, but we’re going to wait for things like RSP’s Blackhawk or H125…if at all.

I don’t see alot of devs spending the time and work to port over their Rotorcraft from the ground up with the native flight model.


That’s not what it is about. If you don’t know whether you can bring a function then you leave the date open. If I make an announcement but keep postponing it, then it’s just a very bad practice. I can’t act like that at work because my boss would send me home immediately. That’s BS, end of story


Yeah, totally agree. I’d rather have a fluid stable UX with the sim the way it is, than a broken sim that stutters with CTD two or three times per session -but yay I can fly the PMDG 737 in that mess. No thanks.
The Cessna 414 shows what can be done now - and it’s brilliant. the Hjet and the BBS Islander and Trislander also show what can be done without WASM. Now the airliner folks could do with one or two offerings up to that standard.


Yoke situation on Xbox is okey now with the release of the Thrustmaster Boeing yoke and the Honeycomb XPC. The Boeing yoke especially is noteworthy, since it gives you a more realistic 20cm pitch travel compared to 10-12cm on the cheaper yokes.

Rudder pedal situation is at least getting okey. Boeing yoke allowed the connection of Thrustmaster’s premium pendular rudder to Xbox so it’s just TFRPs anymore. Honeycomb is just releasing theirs and Turtle Beach is planning a set. Problem is that none of the pedals connect standalone, they need to be routed through the OEM’s other controllers.

Throttle situation is okey for GA throttles I guess (though same issue as with rudders) and very poor for HOTAS/fighter style throttles.

Joystick situation is awful. There is single contender the Thrustmaster T.Flight. It’s not awful just in the “waah, it’s not a 400 buck premium joystick” sense, it’s bad even compared to budget competitors available on PC. Honecycomb and Turtle Beach are both planning a joysticks. These will probably be upgrades compared to T.Flight but the previews suggest pretty basic disappointing gimbal designs, so they are unlikely to be anything terribly nice either.

Cyclic, collective and anti-torque pedal (aka helicopter controller) situation is non-extant. To be fair even on PC this stuff is expensive and only comes from boutique manufacturers.

Unlike on PC you can’t hack non-game controllers in as game controllers. Some MIDI audio controllers make for pretty good knob/axis/button boxes.

Unlike on PC you can’t assign ALL cockpit functions into your controller buttons and axes, since Xbox does not support AAO and Spad.next. I mean stuff like Garmin navigator buttons, oil cooler levers, light knobs, custom aircraft specific functions (like custom fuel lever, or canopy open-close button) and similar that are unsupported by the base game control options. This means that you must use mouse for some cockpit interactions, even fairly basic ones.

On Xbox you don’t get head tracking. Not scoffing on VR, but head tracking is cheaper, faster and less heavy and intrusive.

It is always fascinating that some people here have problems with reading comprehension. I don’t know how many times this topic has been discussed (I’ll just remind you of SU10) but apparently it still hasn’t gotten through to everyone.

it’s not about the wasm integration not being ready. it’s about the way it’s been communicated. (please remember the statements made after the DC-6 release and the Q&A)

and even if it takes another 2 years to finish - we won’t be able to change it and it’s ok. but then please say that it will take another 2 years.

i think you can expect that from a software company that follows a project management plan in 2022.

“It’s probably way more of a herculean task than what we’re assuming” - yes that’s right, but then i’ll have to plan even more time for it. what’s a project management plan for then?

it would make much more sense to plan for more time and publish it sooner if possible than to keep setting deadlines that are not met. everything else is bungling and annoys the customers.

I would really overlook it if it happened once or twice, but we are confronted with it again and again. And then there are always comments from users who try to put this into perspective.

Yes, the most important thing is functionality! But communication is just as important!


Cool another delay. No problem, I’m not going to spend a dollar in the Marketplace in the mean time.


You mean like all this I have on my Xbox here?


Thats on point, thank you. I hope someone at Microsoft or Asobo is reading this. That’s what it’s all about, communication.