Waste of time

Dear Asobo,

You may wonder why I am putting this on here but I am now so desperately sick and tired of the constant crashes to desktop that seem to be an integral part of this simulator.
Out of the 20 flights I have had 16 of them ended with a crash to desktop. No error message no warning only the processing icon starts whirring and then the game stutters and the bang another CTD. I am getting utterly sick and tired of this. I have owned or flown practically every flight simulator since the first and this one is by far and away the worst when it comes to basic stability.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game at least three times since I first bought it in August and I have spent more time uninstalling/installing and fixing this game than actually flying and enjoying it.
It is by far simply the worst game experience with a flight simulator I have ever had to deal with in the last 30 years. I am utterly sick to the back teeth with having to spend 8+ hours installing the program
to try and get this fixed. My log book shows I have spent 40 hours flying. This has been dwarfed
by the initial installation - 48 hours, 2 subsequent installations each lasting well over 8+ hours each
just to get the base files in and the roughly an additional 24 hours uninstalling and re-installing
the add-ons. So for each hour I spend flying I have now spent roughly 2 hrs 15 min installing and or
trying to fix the game. Do you begin to grasp my frustration?

I have not bought a flight simulator for over 10 years since FSX was discontinued. When MSFS was announced and the initial trailers released I delayed any decision to buy a new FS.
In anticipation of this game I bought and upgraded a top end system (i9, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 1x 500GB ssd and 1 x 2TB SATA) and yet it simply can’t run a basic little flight between ORBX Bryce Canyon airport (KBCE) and Escalante Municipal (1L7).
To illustrate the point let me explain my experiences over the last 24 hours.
Yesterday I flew from Sedona to Bryce Canyon in the Carenado 182.
On approach to KBCE- it stuttered and then CTD.
So this morning I try to fly from Bryce Canyon in the 182. It wouldn’t even load straight CTD.
So maybe it is the Carenado add-on?
I then fly the default 152 - 5 min after take off heading to 1L7 - CTD.
Tried it again - same problem CTD.
I then did a series of touch and gos in the 152 at 1L7. That was no problem.
Then I tried to fly from 1L7 to Bryce. No chance 15min into the flight I used
the joystick to look left and then bang CTD.
I then tried to fly a circuit at Bryce. I flew around got onto the downwind leg
began to turn and then again CTD.

This is not the first time this has happened. I bought the sim and a significant
number of add-on’s and after a number of long flights I began to get repeated
CTD’s. I uninstalled the sim and then began slowly adding back in the add-ons
and now repeated CTDs.
Of all the ad-ons that I have I have only added back in 4 out of the 57 I own.
So I have now stopped buying all add-ons and if this continues much longer
I am just going to wash my hands of this sim and go to x-plane.
What makes me exceptionally fed- up with this is that I only buy from the
market place and from quality developers such as Carenado and Orbx
so that I have the assurance that these kinds of issues do not happen.
I work in IT so I have huge sympathy with the fact that there are bugs
and issues especially with something so complex as a simulator,
however basic stability is NOT negotiable.
That is why I have absolutely NO issues with you delaying world updates to sort out issues.
That is is the right decision without question.

I have used the Orbx & Carenado in this example but these CTD’s happen across every
add-on that I have whether aerosoft, azurpoly or any number of others. I really do have
sympathy with bugs and things that are less than optimal however this level of instability is
absolutely unacceptable and reflects extremely badly on you.
I am running out of patience with this situation so I strongly suggest that you fix this.


I don’t know the motive or if there was a motive, but a 28 day beta caused me concern. I feel we are experiencing some of those effects.


I am just coming up to 200 hrs flying according to the log book. I haven’t had one crash to desk top. I just think people fiddle to much with their settings just to try and obtain better performance.


Their motives or mine? My motives is that I want to get this issue fixed.

I’m sorry but you can’t always blame it on that. There are other factors.


Theirs, not yours VacantSeal371. I consider myself pretty lucky as I’ve only had a few CTD’s.

I am very reluctant to fiddle with settings for that very reason. The installer looked at my system and put the settings on ULTRA. I reduced the AI traffic and a few things because it was making things like the ATC comms tricky.
What I want and expect is for anything I buy from the supplier to click in and run without me having to fiddle with settings.


I passed 200hrs a bit and maybe (don’t really remember if) I had one. Tho’ I squeeze out everything out of my 2600x 16Gb DDR4 3200 and 3060Ti while it gives 35-40fps (60 in “quiet” places) and @anon64133846 PC beats my one


Man I think your problem is not the sim. I did have some CTD, but most of the times they are due to addons, whether freeware or payware. Did you request support? My system is pretty much like yours except I have the 2080 Super. I rarely have any CTD. I was having a bad one on KSEA and that one turned out to be caused by ORBX’s KTIW (Tacoma Narrows) and I ended up uninstalling it, and another one caused by an issue with simconnect, which it looks like it has been resolved. I’m still waiting for ORBX to come up with a solution so I can install the airport again. Like you, I try to buy the best addons possible, but I also have several freeware addons installed on a different SSD internal drive and the sim works fine with few exceptions. I usually test every addon right after I get it installed to make sure it works fine.
We are all having the same updates, so there’s got to be something else if you are having so many CDT’s. I was wondering if maybe your streaming could the culprit, specially if your internet is not really fast. I have 1GB and it works great.
How high are your settings? I assume you played with the settings already, but I do know that there are several users who want the best performance with the highest settings, which really don’t work, but in any case, we still have to compromise the quality to get good performance.
I hope you get your issue resolved. :slight_smile:


just for interest’s sake: are you on windows 10 developer build or on the latest stable?

I think you may have a point because they seem to be having all kinds of issues with the SDK.

There was a time where I had lots of CTD…But it’s been fine lately…

There’s a big topic in the bug section. Basically some prepatch update by Asobo made Bing data incompatible with certain 3rd party cgl files. Turning off Bing data should resolve.

However, as a firm believer of MSFS, I started to feel that Asobo is inept to QC the changes they made even for these bi-monthly releases, resulting things with significant impact like this one to happen.


well it depends on what you do and what you tweak… im running max settings at 2k and have had a few crashes but that was the coherent CTD which is to do with the A32nx flight plan rendering, which was rare anyway

I have never had CTDs except yesterday. It is probably the Bing data/maps issue. It is reported in another topic and at avsim forums. I was a firm supporter of ASOBO/MS but since yesterday I’ve been sceptical. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you for a thoughtful and considerate reply.
For the sake of brevity I will reply in bullet points because I have pretty much done most of what you suggested.
I uninstalled all of the add-ons and I am in the process of adding them back in one by one and I have also had grief from the Orbx Tacoma Narrows airport.
My internet speed is around 20mbs and I can’t get higher as I am over 1km from the nearest exchange I am currently trying to move ISP, however if an internet connection is going to be the issue with this sim then I will just move over to X-Plane because I can’t be doing with the hassle of having to be dependent on whether or not my connection and ISP are having a good day or not.
My settings are on ULTRA, which was what the system selected when I installed the sim. I have toned it back somewhat for other reasons such as getting swamped with AI traffic.
I hope I get it sorted as well.

It is Version 20H2 - OS Build 19042.804 - I updated all the extra add ins.

I think that dismissing CTDs as either users fiddling or 3rd party addons not working is a very dangerous attitude to have. It’s up to developers to code for every eventuality, not for users to spend hours wasting time with 1st level tech support telling them to reinstall for the 3rd time.

And the error logging and reporting of MSFS is just woeful.


You are sorely mistaken if you think there was a 28 day beta period. I can tell you that much.


From these forums, it clear that many users are having CTD issues yet many more are not. Since the base code is the same for everyone, it must be hardware, addons or a combination. The addons are easy to check… remove one at a time. Hardware and system configuration is not as easy to see what the issue may be.