Water exclusion polygons stopped working in and are still broken in

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Water exclusion polygons only exclude a small section of the water now, if at all. The latest version of the SDK is being used, no caching is used, and the water is still not excluded after building and installing the addon. My addon is very reliant on this feature, as well as many other addons.

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In the following screenshot, you can see that only one corner is being excluded. This is not just in the editor, but also after building the addon, installing it and restarting the sim. Prior to this update, the entire lake was excluded as intended.

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Sad to report that this bug is not fixed in Asobo, please don’t put this one on the backburner. It’s a very big regression that should not make it into SU12.


I’m also affected by this bug, it prevent me from woking on a very exciting project. That need to be fixed as quick as possible


This item has been reproduced and turned into an official bug report internally. This topic is now updated with the #bug-logged tag. From here, Asobo prioritizes the bug, works on a fix, and slates it for a future update.


Sad to report that this serious bug is not fixed in, although I’m a little relieved that Asobo has at least acknowledged it. I really hope Asobo fixes this before release. Based on the number of votes on this topic compared to others, I don’t think many people quite realize (yet) how serious this is and how many addons it’s going to break. My Big Bear, California addon cannot survive this bug, and I have spent countless hours on it.

Asobo tells us to test without addons, which I assume most people do. Well, this bug entirely affects addons. Water exclusion polygons are to exclude Asobo’s default water, which only an addon would do.


Frustrated to report that this serious bug is still not fixed in I’m beginning to think that this bug will make it to the release version… They can’t claim they didn’t know…


in the title thread it is marked as a bug-logged, when they have a fix they will bring it…like all the bugs that are on the sim since day 1

I don’t understand the purpose of your response. This is a beta. The purpose of beta testing is to identify and report new bugs so Asobo can fix them before release. This bug is serious enough that it should be close to the top of the list compared to other things I’ve seen reported, and should definitely have been prioritized for .19, yet we’re on .21 and talking about a public release coming soon. It’s not just going to break free addons like mine, but marketplace addons that people have paid for.


That thought is very subjective for what you think is important enough for the development team is not so much, I just say that sooner or later they will fix it just have to be patient and not write that it is still broken in each new beta.

This is the beta board. I don’t know what you’re here for, but I’m here to beta test each update. And since this bug breaks all my addons, including an addon I have been developing for over two years over the course of hundreds and hundreds of hours and almost 40 updates, I am specifically testing this bug with each update. If you don’t like seeing test result threads, then maybe the beta board is not for you…

To be clear, I don’t expect non-devs to understand how serious this is yet. But you will when SU12 is released to the general public.


For what it’s worth, I can see a few 3rd party airports already affected where the ai has placed waterbodies right next to taxiways, in reality those are dark colored areas in satelite image, in su11 those are not affected, but in SU12 beta, the same builds of the airports are affected. Now it may not end up being a widespread issue, but it definitely is annoying.

I have raised a question about this for the upcoming dev q&a. So if you are interested, you can upvote that question.


Oh ■■■■, this will break A LOT of mods.
Asobo definitelly needs to fix this BEFORE the launch of SimUpdate 12 release, otherwise so many mods will be a desaster


A semi-related question for the water experts. (it’s water level functionality, so…)

Is it possible to raise the water level at all, to simulate flooding?
Or any way to do that?


ClevererElm8055Verified Forum 3rd Party Dev
Of course, it is possible to do this both along the horizontal plane (x,y) and along the vertical axis (Z).
Polygon Objects 2

Unfortunately, not strictly true if you want to emulate actual flooding that progressively covers areas, and has buildings sticking out depending on the water height.

I just did some quick tests, and while you can set up a polygon as a water layer a number of issues immediately become apparent, some which you can see here (i have more shots but don’t want to overspam the thread).

I suspect there isn’t an easy solution here, given the number of issues you can see in the screenshot.
. Airport land is submerged but runways & other objects are not affected.
. Exclusion when overlaying the same type such as ocean (known issue in docs), though water will be seemless (different type from ocean)
. Overlayed on the map area on the right it excludes all generated TIN objects, though I guess custom added ones might show through the water, but that’s not feasible to do for a large area.

The context here was a quick test to see if I could use MSFS to simulate some Climate Change effects for a project I have.

Ideally I’d just like a global variable to change the ocean height and have it done automagically, but that’s not possible afaik. Seems fixed.

Thanks anyway!

Edit: Added a dev forum idea: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/idea/15460/easy-way-to-simulate-flooding-other-climate-relate.html is here and this bug is still not fixed.

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never ending story…and counting

the purpose of my comment is to give this thread more visibility because Asobo doesn’r seem to realise that this broken feature need great priority


This is relevant to my interest as I have all of those Water Fixes in the US.


I can tell you exactly how this will proceed: it wont be fixed in the final SU12 release, there will be a heavily upvoted thread for the next Q&A session, the devs will be asked about it in the Q&A session and they will be surprised about it as they never heard of, they will promise fixing it and then another half a year will pass by without anything done about it.

Just happening in regard of the ridiculous snow coverage bug…


Has anyone even seen the benefits from the change that broke this?

Fixed some water polygon issues

What was that? All I see is a broken feature now with no improvements.