Water exclusion polygons stopped working in and are still broken in

Agree, all I see are flooded areas that we once tried to fix.

Asobo. Please can you try to fix this bug before the full release of SU12.


Maybe try to tag in someone in this thread. One of the moderators. If Asobo is unaware of this bug.

Please don’t.

The tag literally says: “bug-logged” so they’re aware.

Ok, thanks! Hope it gets fixed.


Since this very serious bug was not fixed for release, can a mod please move this thread to the Bug Reports section?

All bugs in the Beta section will be moved to the correct categories this week.

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Seriously? It made its way into release? I then seriouy wonder what those betas are for…

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The prediction you made earlier in this thread seems to be coming true…

Yep, Asobo really did it. They let this bug into the release.
Many Mods with water exclusion polygons will not do anything for now. Some seem to work, most do not :confused:
Absolutelly ridiculous :dizzy_face:


yes, my wfscenery VHHH is broken.
thank you very much asobo for listening so carefuly beta tester.


Can’t believe asobo overlooked such a huge bug!!!

My VGHS dhaka scenery is also broken :expressionless:


They not overlooked it. They acknowledged the bug

and they decided to go with the SU12 release. Probably their intention was to increase Marketplace sales to Xbox users, by enabling WASM. This is business still…

I’m sorry to hear that. All we can do now is beg for a hotfix I guess. It really sucks having to announce to all the people that use my mods that they’re now broken for the foreseeable future and there’s nothing I can do about it…

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WASM has no connection to this (assuming that’s what you’re referring to). A developer pushed a change to water polygons which broke them. They could have reverted that change before releasing SU12, unless you can think of some important things that were also fixed by this change that warrants breaking so many addons…

Which is why breaking marketplace addons to this extent should not be trivialized or put on the back burner for months. The entire point of a beta is to identify and fix serious bugs before release. If breaking marketplace addons people have paid for (and will continue to pay for) is not serious, then what is?


Fixed some water polygon issues

Again. What was this? I’ve spent countless hours manually drawing polygons, and all I see is a broken feature now. What did they “fix”? Why does this “fix” warrant breaking many addons with no known workaround? What is so important about this “fix” that it can’t be reverted?


They are probably not mature enough with change tracking and release management. They probably have some spaghetti relationships between some apparently unrelated pieces of code. And some workload vs. deadlines constraints. So in the result they probably release the update they care about (WASM for Xbox = sales enabler) despite knowingly breaking some other features.
I’m trying to think about some reasonble explanation, as generaly Asobo and Microsoft leaders of this project seem like very devoted to this sim.

Maybe the topic starter should also put this information in the SU12 feedback thread? Sadly, there seems no possibility anymore to ask questions for the Q&A sessions…

I’m not questioning their devotion or trying to imply they’re being malicious. I’m also not going to speculate about their motives. What is objectively true though is that for going on a month (possibly longer) they’ve known that releasing SU12 without fixing this bug will break many addons. They acknowledged the bug and made the conscious decision to not fix it and release SU12 anyways (for whatever reason). Let’s say they had a very very good reason to do it, they could have at least posted a warning with the release so people understand why some of their paid addons are messed up, and to let developers know that there’s nothing they can do to fix their products. I appreciate that we got a little “bug-logged” caption next to this thread, but most MSFS users will not see this thread.


You can also mention it, the add on developers already contribute a lot, each of us can also contribute. Anyway, it’s already mentioned, bit don’t expect that Asobo will prioritize, only because we post something.

Especially because for example regarding the snow coverage bug and the DX12 terrain tile bug, the “bug-logged” caption is on those threads for more than two (!!) years now, still nothing done to fix it.

To me, they just focus on the wrong things, but this is my absolute personal and subjective opinion. Although I know that it is not done by the same teams, I would have easily accepted two or three world updates less for the sake of proper fixing core sim elements…

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