Water exclusion polygons stopped working in and are still broken in

It is indeed frustrating since I’ve spent not hours, not days, not weeks, but months drawing polygons to fix their sh!tty water rendering in the first place. Not just for my enjoyment but to share with those who wish to have it fixed.


This need a hot fix ASAP


Hi everyone, the team has been investigating this and would like more help reproducing this consistently, if anyone above would like to provide more information on their repro state, please share it below. Thank you so much!

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Thanks for asking.
I can explain what I see as a user. The first thing I saw after SU12 update is my payware VHHH from fwscenery have is third runway now floating in water.
I will show a picture later.
Developpers who have their add-ons broken will certainly explain better.
I’m unhappy as user because the scenery I paid for is now unusable.

even if the picture is overexposed (nvidia HDR capture bug) you can see the airport border and water in the middle, where there was land before SU12.


Thank you Jummivana. Here is how to reproduce the scenario in the first post of this thread.

Open dev mode and travel to: 34.243973, -116.781015 (The closest airport is L35)
You should see a little lake. Usually in real life (and in Bing imagery) this is a dry lake.

Surround the lake with a polygon

Select (Properties → Water → Exclude → Water), and the lake does not disappear like it used to. All that happened is one corner is gone:

Next to that is an even bigger dry lake. With this dry lake, instead of only excluding a corner, it keeps one corner and excludes (almost) everything else:

Near that is a wastewater plant. As you can see, only half the water is being excluded:

This is how my mod is supposed to look:

This is how it now looks:

How it’s supposed to look:

How it now looks:

How it’s supposed to look:

How it now looks:

Also, the water changes when moving up and down in altitude:

The examples in this post are related to this mod:


Interestingly, WF Scenery just released an update fixing the water exclusion issue in their VHHH scenery on the third runway. How they achieved this? Or is it a completely unrelated thingk

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yes, I’m so happy with that, i will try it tomorrow.

Hopefully they will stop by here and explain how they worked around it. I’ve tried different things and get inconsistent results.

I’ll check this out later today. I have done a ton of water/foliage fixes on flightsim.to (38 to be exact), and even in the past, there have been times when I could not get the exclusion polygon to remove water, regardless if I chose “water”, “ocean”, “river”, etc in the exclusion choices. When presented with the situation fsdude shows above where half a water body is removed, it takes a second polygon with a different exclusion choice checked for it to completely disappear. Again, this has been since day one in the SDK.

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Hey, same here with my Water Fixes/exclusions. In some rare cases, multiple polygon exclusions are required - Water + ocean, water + river, etc.
But it’s more the exception rather than the rule.

I went and checked my New Orleans water fix package… and indeed the sunken barges and docks have returned. I double checked that the package file was still in my community folder.

Here is the screen pic straight from the flightsim.to description page. Note the visible river barges:

Here is screenshot I just took after SU12 from roughly the same spot:

I went into DEV mode and opened the package. At first, this is what I saw, sunken barges, polygons in tact with the river exclusion still applied:

I then tried to change exclusion from river to water, nothing happened. Then I went back to river and BAM, the water exclusion worked. Not only for the 1 polygon I had selected, but for all of them in the scenery package.

I then re-build the package, exited the flight, went back into the sim and voila, the water is removed, per this pic:

NOTE: I did not reinstall or overwrite the community file package. I simply exited DEV mode, exited that flight, and re-entered the flight.

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UPDATE: I exited the sim, then went back in to the same area… sunken barges were back. I then exited the sim, installed the fresh re-built package from above and sunken barges fixed, along with everything else in the area that I unsunk.

So, it seems like a cleanup of the original file by changing from one exclusion type back to the original on a single polygon, a package re-build and re-install fixes the issue.

I will confirm this process with another scenery of mine.


UPDATE/UPDATE: I checked my Houston package, and it’s not as cut/dry as NOLA. Most of the polygons were functioning fine, only a handful of river exclusions were not working (the NOLA package is all river exclusions, the HOU package has lake/ocean/river exclusions). And it wasn’t all of the river exclusions, just a few. However, changing one river exclusion to/from fixed all of them again.

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This has never happened to me over the course of over 2 years of developing my mod and creating many water exclusion polys. At worst I’ve had to just tweak the shape of the polygons a bit. Suddenly with SU12, all my exclusion polys stopped working properly. I’ve tried recreating the polys, rebuilding the mod, overlaying multiple polys and either nothing different happens or I get various glitches \ inconsistent behavior under various circumstances.

Back to the original example: Here I have 4 water exclusion polygons of various sizes surrounding this little lake, and the results are the exact same. Just one corner is being excluded. Changing the shape and sizes has no affect. Changing the type back and forth only makes the corner appear or disappear.

After rebuilding and installing my addon:

I loaded up my SoCal water fix and tried to get rid of this lake. Can’t do it. I even tried the trick I’ve used maybe twice, where you draw a poly around the area, set it to lake, then another, slightly larger poly and exclude lake. No joy.

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I checked my Japan/Tokyo water fix package, and none of the exclusion polygons are working. The workaround I used for NOLA and HOU are also not producing results. In this case, neither water, river or ocean exclusions are working.

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Hey folks, on behalf of everyone, we thank you for your time and effort in attempting to resolve these annoyances.

I asked him to come here and share his observations too. There might be some good info in there:




I haven’t played with the new terraforming function yet. I’m hoping that it will fix pavement issues that arise at airports where the scenery mesh tears at the seem causing uneven surfaces. MS/Asobo addressed this in their FEB livestream and stated it requires manual fixing one by one by their internal team. Maybe this new terraform function can do something about it at our level.

Info about it here:

There are lots of posts in the Dev Forum already about the issue in this thread. Package examples are sent to Asobo to analyse whats going on.

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