Water exclusion polygons stopped working in and are still broken in

I submitted all my findings over at Dev Support (Linked above by @HXArdito )
As well as two projects with water not showing up, displaying partially, and failing to exclude.

NZA seems to think that it is a hierarchy issue like the CGL issues found during Beta, but we’ll see what Asobo comes back with after reviewing my files.

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Hoping for asobo to fix this issue soon


Thanks for all who animated this thread.

I edit my small scenery (Le Touquet/LFAT), setting my exclusion polygons over the river from the type RIVER (or WATER… can’t remember sorry) to the type OCEAN to make them work again.

Hope it’s a workaround. Thx!

PS: thanks also goes to Leonido (user of my scenery) that diagnose and bring me in this thread.


Changing water exclusion to Ocean doesn’t work in all cases.

Here is some examples near LFAM…

First problem : what you get in dev mode, is not allways the same. Sometimes a poly exclude water, another time not… and another time only a part of the poly is excluding the sea :

Here is another example in “baie de Somme”. I have rather complex exclusions. On the screenshot every poly should exclude Ocean. As you can see, only a few of them are doing the job.

When I move the camera, or change something in the scenery : it seems to reshuffle the poly that are working or not.

This is not an editor problem, when closing the dev mode and testing the package : only a few poly are excluding water.

No matter for this week-end, it’s spring tides, so we can accept that high level of water !


Thank you for all the replies! I’ve sent the feedback up. This plus those who contributed in the Dev Forum thread ([SU12] Issues with Water Polygons & Excludes - MSFS DevSupport) has been very helpful for the devs and they are working through this now.


Many thanks for that reactivity.

Another thing I noticed : before SU12 it was possible to create a polygon to exclude water and vegetation :
2023-03-25 10_41_37-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

It’s no more possible, so we need 2 poly for the same area.

Why is it important : because when excluding water on a beach or in a bay, it often create some dark zones. The AI think that zones are vegetation and places trees. So we have a beach without water, but with trees… so most of the time we need to exclude both water and trees.

By looking at the XML, I can see that the tags for vegetation are in the XML, but in MSFS editor, only the Water exclusion is taken into account:

Any updates on this? It makes flying in VFR or in general not very enjoyable.

Hi everybody

We are aware of this issue and are working to find what happens.
For those who participated in the beta, the issue was present from the begining or not ?

Thank you all for the report!


I cant tell, i joined beta only few days before release. But according to the titel, it started with

Yes it has been present from the beginning of the beta, and I have an update post in this thread for every subsequent beta update. I really hope Asobo is considering a hotfix for this issue. It’s very easy to reproduce, but if Asobo needs more information I will happily provide them with whatever they need to get this fixed.

Anything moving on this issue?

Hi! I have tried a lot of different things to make the water Exclusion issue to work, And then I discovered this :

The exclusion works partially? Depending on it’s position. So that means something is interfering with it? I’ve tried to delete stuff and all of a sudden it works…until you move around and then the water is back again.


Yeah, I’ve seen this as well. It’s almost as though there is some integration error between scenery mesh tiles.

Asobo, is there anything more you need from us? Is there anything at all I can do to help you fix this? I could provide an example SDK project with more detailed instructions if it would help. At this point I would be willing to learn french, fly to France, and go over this bug in person with you you guys if it increases the odds of it being fixed sooner rather than later.


Hahaha, thanks for offering your help :blush:
We already have a package with this issue, we are still in investigation to find and fix the issue. We really hope that will be good for WU13


Any workaround for this? I’ve spent countless hours on water exclusions.

I really understand all your comments about this bug on water exclusion. I’m myself affected about this bug as I corrected lot of rivers in Quebec, Canada. But now some of my corrections are ignored by this bug and it’s really frustrating. I agree with you, during a beta testing phase, if you don’t correct the reported bugs, then don’t release it !

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(For anyone reading the forums using translation software, the post above me says that this will be fixed with World Update 13.)


Looking forward to this fix! All my Sandbank mods on flightsim.to I spent countless weeks creating are all messed up with this bug…

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