Waypoint Behaviour on Flightplans

Anyone notice issues with waypoints on generated flightplans. Specifically on transatlantic crossings, the aircraft will hit a waypoint then instead of follwing the path to the next waypoint, veers 50+ miles off-course towards a different waypoint that isn’t a part of the plan. When it hits that waypoint, it then re-aquires the original flightpath.

Also some of the approach waypoints make zero sense. On Tahiti’s approach for example, the flightplan expects you to make really tight turns and even looping patterns before settling in for the final approach. vector. I can’t be the only person who’s noticed this.

Could please provide the two mentioned flight plans related to each single situation, including DEP SID STAR ARR so we can try to reproduce on own rig ?

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I will when I’m back home

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I’m now unable to get either to recreate. I’ve just started another transatlantic crossing right now though so I’m keeping my eyes open for the rough area it happens. As for the Tahiti approach, I can’t re-create that in the flightplan generator. It offers two alternatives and I tried every approach option with both and couldn’t re-create the crazy looping pattern.

I did take some pictures of the Atlantic issue as it’s happened quite a few times now on different crossings. I’ll upload them shortly. Not sure if I took a picture of Tahiti though but I’ll check.

Here’s the crazy Tahiti approach

Earlier in the flight, it did what happens usually on TransAtlantic flights and veers off toward a different waypoint before re-aquiring the flightplan again.

Here’s the Trans-Atlantic ones. It usually happens closer to Newfoundland though. In the pictures you can see I’m still in Shanwick airspace rather than Gander. But you get the idea…

Is this using a stock sim jet or a third party jet? The FMS will influence how FPs are executed to a certain extent.

Stock 787 with 3rd party skins for Tahiti.

The Shanwick pics are stock 747 with 3rd party skins

What you’re seeing at least on approaches are the limits of the Flight Planning logic that is stock to the sim. It doesn’t understand full AIRAC procedure legs and types - so instead of projected course turns that are very efficient U-turns or teardrop turns, it projects a very lazy wide turn for example.

That will change when Working Title rips out the FP logic in the sim and replaces it with their own. That improved FP logic is currently seen in the G1000 NXi and the CJ4. The work won’t start until WT is finished converting all the stock FMS to WT standards, so there is no projected milestone.

The only workaround here is if the jet has an FMS that does understand the AIRAC standards fully. Unfortunately, the 787 stock is not one of them. I’m not sure if the Heavy 787 Mod will fix that, but you can search in the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft for related threads.

The Tahiti approach is a multitude of loops though. I’ve never seen anything like that before on any FP or approach and haven’t been unable to re-create it.

The transatlantic ones are in the stock 747 and aren’t so much about sharp turns but veering completely off-course to another waypoint before requiring again. All it had to do was a slight turn and follow the next leg.

You might want to ask here if the FMS improves anything. Since you’re on Steam/PC, you can apply this mod.

Hi @Morpheus5827,

I’ve selected this one today, which should avoid any weird loop

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Yeah, that was one of the approach patterns I was able to generate when trying to re-create the original. I got the Atlantic one to recreate last night though. East Midlands to Memphis seem to be slightly different waypoints than the last and if you look at the comms box, seems to be between transitioning between Shanwick and Gander ATC. Maybe it’s the peak of the Atlantic flightplan curve? I don’t know… :thinking:

Could you past your own selected transatlantic route including DEP RW SID route STAR APPR RW ARR ?

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I guess it’s the in-sim internal computing precision and the curvature factor didn’t help that much, as you stated
Performing similar flight plan on LittleNavMap, gives a distance difference of nearly 20 nm between the expected flight path and the intersection H5625 from your screenshot

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I have absolutely no idea of what all that means sorry. You mean could I show the flight plan I chose on the world map? I dont use any third-party mods or anything for flightplans you see.

Report by hand, all the waypoints that appears while on World Map after setting your own Flight Plan.
here between green dots on the screenshot below and we see the next waypoints by moving the horizontal scroll bar to the right :

Well, I’m using default MSFS navigation data and it looks like the aircraft isn’t able to perform a DME Arc to Fix, even using the 787 Mod Heavy (B78XH-v0.1.14). I was even forced to descent manually, as the VNAV path wasn’t followed. Further the ILS APPR wasn’t achievable in proper conditions
Weird flight path, we’ll see more in later screenshots :

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Yes, I’ve been forced to decend manually a few times in both the 787 and 747 due to the VNAV. As it happens, yesterday I did a return trip from Memphis to Dusseldorff. The skipping of waypoints in the mid-Atlantic happened again and to boot on the decent into Dusseldorff, the flightplan seemed to go on a weird loop thing again. This wasn’t noticed in the flightplan creation window. It seemed to generste this of it’s own accord during the flight. What’s more, as it had me go on this detour which took forever, it didn’t decent me the rest of the way from 17,000. Tried to do it manually but I had too much energy and ended up crashing.

Something is seriously wrong with the VNAV and waypoints/flightplanner

Atlantic transitioning from Gander to Shanwick ATC

Approach into Dusseldorf

In any case :

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You can close this thread. This issue appears to have been fixed in the SU10 beta. Thanks

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