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Dear Microsoft Team,
Dear Asobo Team,

Thank you for all your hard work on the simulator! It is often overlooked how much sweat and overtime goes into the further development and thus into the updates in order to offer the best possible experience. A word of thanks has to be expressed clearly.

With a new simulator that is still to be expanded by many new functions, not everything can always run smoothly. We fully understand that. We exchange in this forum, but of course also on other platforms such as Discord or Reddit. However, it is indispensable for a large company to provide appropriate communication, even if only on one channel. But there is a difference between informing and communicating. Disappearing into oblivion after a botched update and neither communicating nor informing is not a suitable means. This can also be an opportunity, but you have to be able and, above all, willing to use it.

In view of the current mood, it may make sense to pause the current roadmap so as not to cause an overload. After all, stress and time pressure cause mistakes to happen. A clear swing towards a SU5.1 that contains only bug fixes - even those we have been waiting for for months - is more beneficial to everyone than implementing new features that we can’t really enjoy because of built-up technical debt. Equally, this also allows all 3rd party devs a period of bug fixing. As you have heard, some can no longer adapt their developments and thus have an unusable product. These are your customers too. We are all looking forward to great new features, but gladly all in good time.

The best time to do things differently is always now. I hope that together, and with our support, you will find the right way.

Thank you for your commitment!

P.S.: This is a personal statement. We currently do not need another discussion on what is broke and what got worse. We need communication and a suitable solution for the future. But this is up to those whom I am addressing this. Please take this into account before posting here. Thank you.


Absolutely. It’s crucial for MS/Asobo to understand that it’s time to fix before implementing new features. The good news is that they are now aware that they need to improve the communications¹… let’s see!

Âą - Please Open A Communication Channel - #8 by Jummivana


Not sure why we need yet another post about communication, but at least it is respectful. @spacemonkey3510 above has provided a useful link indicating they are on to it, albeit in their own way. Now, at the risk of ME being repetitive:

  1. They read the Forum
  2. Keep using Zendesk bug reporting
  3. Maybe time to cut them some slack and let them get on with it in their own way.
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Thank you for your feedback here as well on communication! @spacemonkey3510 said it best, and there is a link to my prior post, but we have not disappeared! We are right here, reading and responding to everything. We appreciate your approach and hope to address as many issues as possible.