We need a multiplayer voice - chat option

It’s really fun to have all these other players flying around in the world. but we can’t communicate!

I think even MS Flight had a chat option, and that was loads of fun. Flight sim needs it too… any player you can see should be able to join the chat. Shouldn’t bee to hard to implement either.

Anyway… what are your thoughts?

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Yes, I’ve wanted to say things to people in game too. As long as we can blacklist/whitelist.

Personally I’d want it to work with the second radio channel. Even if it was just text chat. That way, people could listened in on an area frequency if they are interested in chatting then could move off to thier own frequencies if they wanted to.


Yes. This is a great idea. What we have currently is a multiplayer game where there is essentially zero in-game interaction between players.


in the real world, pilots can communicate with each other. I fail to see why we can’t. Set a range for the frequency to degrade (and be able to block people), but it should be a standard feature.


X-Box Live already has chat and voice, why be redundant by building it into MSFS?


Some us us like to have an immersive experience and don’t like alt+tabbing our of our game while trying to fly or trying to find someone in another program that has a 20+ character handle is why.

I also can’t see how to just chat to anyone I see flying along in it. I can only see my friends and I’m not sure I want to go throught a friend process every time I see someone near me in the air.

Lets ask this. Why do you think we should not be able to use our radios to chat to someone in the game? It is kind of the purpose of the equipment after all.


Just enable 123.45, the world wide standard air to air frequency, to operate as a chat for aircraft within 50-100nm.


Yeah, though I didn’t say the frequency that was my thought too. I’d probably limit the range more to those where labels become visible. Though I have no idea what that is.

The main issue for me is blacklisting. It is rather annoying when someone plays music or sings on a global channel.

People do that?

In other games with a captive audience? Yes. Not necessarily often but enough to turn people of a feature.
Trolls exist everwhere!
Another favorite is listening to a bunch of peoples bodily functions such as burping, farting, dog barking, kids playing, etc. That doesn’t affect text chat of course. With text chat we can get people liking to try and sell stuff or just flood with ■■■■.

If we limit the VHF range it would probably be OK. But those I listed are potentials issues I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Oh yes… and other things to offend people.


My opinion,

implementation of Audio channel inside FS is not expected due one logical reason - people will not respect rules of Audio use, they will bla bla bla without any restrictions and send some required messages will be mess. This system is relevant only on systems that have defined strictly rules like Vatsim and other similar networks. Use of independed audio channels like Discord or other type then is expected as solution.


“Chatting” is not the purpose of aviation radios. They’re there to provide essential aviation information.

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I’m glad I’m not using a real aviation radio in the sim then eh! You do realise this is a game. A sim yes, but still a game and that most here are not real pilots and don’t care one little bit if a communication device is used slightly out of context. And even with that, you do realize that frequencies like 122.75 exist right?

Anyway, I am sure that many of us that are pilots don’t care if another couple of players are chatting over a non-operational frequency. Just like many do in real life in fact for many different reasons.

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Then you already have XBox chat. Since we log into MSFS with our XBox gamer id, it would make more sense to have a feature in MSFS where you could right-click a plane and pick “Add to chat” or such, and it adds them to XBox’s chat.

That makes a lot more sense than having them spend development time duplicating a feature that the underlying platform already provides. The developers already have a long enough list of things that need to be fixed or finished.

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For communicating you can use VATSIM

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as said before, you can use vatsim, but i think radio channel, as said before too, it’s good option too, personally i don’t need it, but i think is must have for some people, even me, who even don’t have mic, some time will can listen radio, and may be even will purchase mic for this lol… music on

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Yes we need something.
I have more than once had some nice VFR flights where i suddenly fly together with others and have a good time, but not fun that you can not communicate in any way, just tilting the wings is too limited communication. - Would be nice with some form of ingame communication without the need for external apps and stuff.


It’s a great idea, if it is 1) moderated and 2) can be disabled entirely.

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There are a lot of us that are using our computers to get on FS2020.

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