Weather transition is not smooth after SU7

But then I have to ask you what you are doing at the MSFS (no offence intended)?
Everything you listed is available in P3D, FSX, XP10-11, because MSFS is not a “real” simulator anyway, so many claim!
If you don’t care about the rendering, well, then I can stay where I am anyway!
And why is only “METAR” something for the real SIMMER ?
METAR is often not “accurate” - and by that I mean not really useful for a SIM, because in real life the values that are important are given, you don’t need to know more, Nature takes over the rest of the depiction - METAR knows nothing about cloud types, from the value 9999 is assumed anyway an “infinite” visibility (10km or more) - who does not say that only 35 SM are etc. etc. and it is also not always 100% up to date.
It may be that values such as visibility or haze were missing and the wind direction was not right, but this could have been solved in a different way and that’s it and should not be released yet in this state or as a “beta” option as already mentioned!
I am also a hardcore simmer, but I don’t want to see what I see here in this “update”, but this (SU_something before SU7):

FlightSimulator 2021-11-07 16-59-32

and I can go on like this forever - with 1000 hours I have collected a lot and now I don’t even want to start MSFS.

and for comparison the current version (I know I had the pictures above but it’s about the direct comparison) SU7:

FlightSimulator 2021-11-19 13-07-05

FlightSimulator 2021-11-19 13-21-23

Realistic is not only the fact if something is right but also how it looks !
But while we’re on the subject, does anyone have any info on whether the weather servers are down and that’s why it looks like this, or is that what we have? Or is the interpolation simply not working at the moment and we’re discussing otherwise? (without the known bug of the sudden weather change)??


This is also a huge part of the problem in my opinion. Release notes of updated weather system with METARs now also included in the weather generation with Meteoblue, but no real explanation of just exactly it’s meant to work or what we’re supposed to see. Couple that with no official acknowledgement about the issues we’re facing, it just leaves us guessing.


This was my concern when people started requesting METAR data in the weather system. The previous system while not as accurate around airports was always going to be more realistic with it being a forecast model and less abrupt with changes. Personally I prefer the previous system. It would be good if there was a toggle option to include METAR or not.


METAR based systems have always had this downfall sadly. Like in the UK and parts of Europe where METARs don’t report clouds above 5,000ft, that can give a CAVOK or NCD (No Cloud Detected) report which a sim would depict as clear, when in fact it could be overcast at 5,100ft.

I do understand where Asobo have tried to come from though with trying to blend metar data with meteoblue. As a simmer who mainly flies IFR, I am reliant on reports such as RVR being accurately depicted, so you would need to take this from a METAR. But currently what I am seeing in SU7 is really poor, and I would rather go back to the previous weather depiction also.


that’s exactly how it is - moreover, there is no exact data on the extent of the cloud front nor on the type, which means that we have real wind everywhere, but these “cumulus” clouds or whatever they are supposed to be, and I would agree with the rest of the comment!

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This is the solution. Vote !!


Please Asobo revert back to the previous weather system!! I can understand the effort but abrubt changes, fog popping up only around the airport, clouds basically in ground contact are s NO GO!!!


Really wish we could get some update on this, at least an acknowledgement that they’re going to address it. Here in the UK the day is nearly over again without any word from the devs, it’s such a shame.

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Could this issue be server based? I just did a flight out of a METAR area and close to a few others and didn’t notice any sudden transitions. The haze, while maybe a bit overdone, transitioned into thicker haze and thinner haze depending on the area. I noticed sudden changes on my last flight, but not with this one.

EDIT: Or, could the sudden transitions come from new weather being loaded into the sim and not because of your flight path?

Metar is static reports at that weather station that conflicts with meteoblue weather. Now it’s more accurate locally around the weather station with meteoblue predicted more varied weather outside of those weather stations. I wish they included it with an on/off switch for this because not everybody complained about the weather before. That would make everybody happy. They need to implement more options for live-weather. They also removed gusts in live-weather in SU4. Soon we have static weather everywhere. The sim was not advertised like that before the sim was released. I’m not complaining they make the implementation of METAR only that they need to have more options of the things they implement or remove in live-weathet.

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It looks to be a contribution of a few things I think, with the servers being one of the issues. Also seems clouds are being rendered as an MSL instead of AGL, so for higher elevation airports they are looking foggy, because let’s say the cloud is overcast at 800ft, but the airport elevation is 800ft, then the cloud base is being rendered right at the airport height.

More on that is in this thread here: Are cloud bases in new METAR system in AGL or MSL?

But even so, I find at airports that are at sea level, the cloud depiction and coverage still doesn’t seem to match up with what’s being reported.


Is it me or are the clouds coming out of the ground a lot?

For example did a quick sight seeing tour over Arnhem yesterday and smack bang over the city was a big fluffy cloud rising up out of the ground it just looked ridiculous!

Please guys drop this scheduled update thing and just release stuff when it actually looks good and is ready

It seems clouds are being rendered as an MSL instead of AGL, so for higher elevation airports they are looking foggy, because let’s say the cloud is overcast at 800ft, but the airport elevation is 800ft, then the cloud base is being rendered right at the airport height

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Absolutely, this is one of the worse things of the new haze, the ■■■■ HARS line between haze and no haze. While it could happen in real life, it would not be common at all, and even less such a sharp transition line. There should be a smooth and thicker transition between haze and no haze

They are testing how clouds are formed that’s why…LOL

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Don’t give them your money. It’s your choice.

I have only done one flight so far and saw no abrupt transitions. Love the new low visibility… just landed in New Delhi. Its not perfect but pretty good. Need to do more flights

Please can you take screenshots from high altitude during the flight, have already asked for it in the other threads ! I read things like “great update” “finally beautiful clouds” “accurately reproduced weather” etc.?
Maybe just my installation is messed up - so on my 2nd test flight I saw the same things as before - cumulus clouds (or whatever that is supposed to be) gathering only around the (presumably) METAR stations - I’m not talking about the abrupt weather changes, I didn’t see the haze in Europe, but about the “destroyed” unique weather engine !

I’ve thought this as well, but I think it’s just a case of different people having different expectations. I share the same experience as you

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I did a second test in the 172 last night, flew from St. Pete Florida to tittusville. KSPG to KTIX
I didn’t notice any issues during that flight, as I did earlier, so holding my breath that this issue is more of a rare event than I was expecting it to be.