Weird ATC behaviour since purchasing


I’ve got MSFS on PC and on Xbox. I recently moved from Gamespass to Delux on the Xbox as I really like the B58 and the C172 and they’re my most used aircraft.

However, when using ONLY the B58 and ONLY on Xbox, every IFR flight I try and do, no matter where, the ATC is raising and lowering my designated altitude like crazy, like from 10000ft to 300ft to 15000ft to 9500ft in quick succession. Has lowered me into mountains too, so doesn’t seem to take any notice of terrain.

Has anyone else found this and is this a known bug? Also is there anything that will stop this happening?

As I say, it didn’t happen when I was running the sim under Gamepass and it only seems to affect the B58, although what the ATC has against this particular aircraft I don’t know!


Same. It also seems to stop communicating if, for example, I change flight plan during a flight. The ATC stops talking completely.

Recently introduced bug. Clean up efforts underway. Only coincidentally timed with your purchase.

LOTS of discussion here:

Also looks like a fix is coming on 7 Sept.

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It could as well just be the ATC altitude bug. I find that flying with live weather off helps, unless you’re also flying over a mountainous region.


Oh that’s brilliant, thanks folks. VFR it is for now then!

If ATC assigns FL270 and then tells me I’m 300 ft below, I’ll cruise at FL273 to shut ATC up.

You won’t have this problem if you fly with the clear skies setting.

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