Well I think its GREAT

I am sick of all the moaners on the forum about updates and something is not right, I would just like to say a BIG THANKS to all involved with this sim for me it is one of the best things that has happened in the flight sim world just look at what we get with these up dates free me being a very old man and can not afford to buy addons.
Every time I fly it just blows me away my only concern is my SSDRIVE IS ONLY 500GB and I hope it is big enough.
I am not attacking them that have problems running the sim just them that keep moaning something is missing in a update its still new give it time.


Couldn’t have said it better! Congratulations Asobo - great update, and keep up the good work.


Guys, these posts aren’t helpful either. Just because you aren’t having issues doesn’t mean any of the other thousand aren’t valid. I totally get the frustration - wait until it happens to you and you can’t fly with 4fps at an airport (while having the latest and greatest hardware). It’s extremely frustrating.

My 2 cents.

Of course we should also compliment and congratulate… but majority of the complaints are valid.


I agree with the OP’s sentiment. I mean, I do moan and whine about the state of MSFS2020 (mainly about the lack of water masks, if I’m honest - it’s an on-going irritation), but the software has always run for me on my lowly i7/GTX1080. Sure, I’m trundling along at a modest 30fps, but all my settings are close to maxxed-out and the thing looks fine to me. Yeah, and I play with an Xbox1 controller. That’s what you’re dealing with here.

MSFS 2020 is an amazing breakthrough for flight sims (I’m not an expert simmer, so I’m not speaking from authority, but my personal opinion) - certainly visually. That’s the reason I bought into it. I’m not really interested in piloting; for me, it was the promise of seeing the world, albeit a virtual facsimile, but nevertheless a version of the world more accurate than anything we’ve ever had in any other flight sim to date. On that, I think Asobo delivered. Now it’s all about improving the software’s potential.

So, yeah, they done good. They know they can do better and they are trying. I sort of understood that was the deal when I bought my ticket into the sim. This is a journey. It might get bumpy, but the views are something to write home about.


One doesn’t have to be a fanboy to show some gratitude to a fellow human. I’m sure the devs and designers and all the support staff worked their asses off for us. There is room for improvement, sure, that has also been acknowledged by MS and Asobo, but they’ve shown dedication and passion for this project. I’m sure we’ll get there.


You took the words right out of my mouth!

I fly in VR (only) and the immersion is absolutely incredible! I often find myself recalling scenes from my last flight, almost like I had done it in RL…

Even with its faults, MSFS for me is the most amazing software I ever had the pleasure to use.


I see two material faults emerging from this update - the WASM modules causing crashes and the community folder content showing as not installed when it is. The second of these is cosmetic and whilst confusing is not an issue. The first is a real issue and needs to be resolved - but the decision to continue with the release with this fault known was obviosuly taken and there can be criticism reasonably levelled for this. There are, of course, legitimate complaints around performance - whether arising from this update or previously. Again, perfectly reasonable criticism can be levelled for this too. But none of these criticisms call for the tone and virtiol that we are seeing on some threads that is, frankly, unacceptable and unreasonable. Unfortunately, this sort of thing has been a feature of these forums since the outset.

And then we have all the myriad of complaints that arise because people fail to read the release installation instructions and post sarcastic comments with the “great job Asobo” etc, which is really unnecessary. Even if you think that Asobo might be deserving of criticism becuase of past mistakes (real or perceived), this sort of thing doesn’t help anyone.

Yesterday we had people saying that because the fix for the “Honeycomb 10 degree heading bug” was described as this in the patch notes, people posted that they hadn’t fixed it for non honeycomb controllers or for other controls other than heading - without even bothering to check and see.

Then we had people screaming (literally based on the capital letters used) that everything in their community folder was uninstalled “WTF Asobo!!!” without bothering to look and see if it actually was. Turns out there was no issue - it is purely cosmetic.

And I’ve not even mentioned the people who are shocked and dismayed that all of their 400+ mods in their community folder need to be cleared out as part of the update and refuse to accept that Asobo can release an update that can invalidate some of those mods.

So in the context of all of that unnecessary heat, light and energy (at best, abuse at worst), I for one want to put on record my appreciation of what Asobo are doing and their continued commitment to the sim. My personal view is that showing some appreciation for what they are doing will encourage and motive them to keep going, make it even better and deliver on their vision for this sim (which I’m pretty sure is aligned to the vision for what the vast majority of people on these forums). In my experience, shouting, screaming and generally abusing people rarely results in a positive outcome for anyone.

Just my personal view, and I don’t think it unreasonable to post it on these forums - away from the complaints thread so as not to antagonise anyone there, and as ever, people are not required to read these posts.

So I’ll say it again - thanks Asobo, please keep up the good work, keep building and developing this sim, and deliver on your vision.


Well stated, Gordon. I agree with you on that.


Absolutely agree there are valid issues with some people, however I have noticed everytime an update is out…the same people publish worse update lost 10 FPS, goodness their FPS must be -250 by now. Also some people post negative comments yet post pics “what have you done in MSFS today” so who do you trust and believe…

My experience has been ok with every update,.Mediocre system not 3090…dont look at FPS no complaints because I know there have always been issues with sims.


I concur. I believe we are heading in the right direction with this last update.


Agree with you on that too. There’s a lot that needs fixed but definitely seeing progress.

I.e. spent 2 hours flying, on VATSIM, and just got to my STAR and MSFS crashes to desktop. That’s so frustrating for me, but it could be 50 things so I can’t blame Asobo for it, although I do want to scream. Lol


Yes, its a great update. These people are making a alot of noise but it is unhelpful noise. Unhelpful like ‘Are they listening to US?’ , ‘It stutters when I fly in Antarctica and look 33 degress to the left, UNPLAYABLE I AM DELETING THIS NOW’ , ‘Work with AIG NOW!’

Asobo ARE communicating and working harder than any other devs out there. Its these complainers who are not listening to Asobo. There are Q&A with them every month and all the questions are answered, sometimes the same ones each month. The sim has improved considerably over each update.


^This. For several people the game offers more issues than fun and that’s a fact. Of course those who don’t or didn’t have to deal with these (for whatever reason) won’t care. At least some of them see the bigger picture and even check feedback outside official forums (which is much less favorable for MSFS).

If it causes more issues than fun…then walk away. Plenty more Sims out there. Or am I missing something. If I bought a game didnt like it…I would not play it anymore…maybe I am half empty kinda person

I just want to fly instead of spending hours trying to get this ‘simulator’ to run properly. Terrible vr performance (rift) after this update. Last Monday, it was the best it has ever been for me.

Back to XP11 for me. I fly IFR and couldn’t care less about the eye candy, pretty though it is. It matters not at 35,000ft.

The weather looks great but is totally inaccurate.

I’m happy for those who have had a good experience but as eye candy is unimportant to me and proper procedural IFR is important to me, XP11 seems a better choice. No offense to others intended.


Absolutely agree, XP11 is great for you…thats the beuty of flight sims soo many platforms and enjoy flying

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And its genuine issues like that that makes Sims better competitive, they have to up their game, its healthy

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Its actually a fresh of breath air, TBH the guys that bought a new rig for MSFS and its not working the way they want it (Asobo fault) , to work…beggars belief.

It’s all about the attitude of who’s posting. There’s “I think it’s great” meaning I love how it looks compared to other simulators, and there’s “I think it’s great” implying something negative about those who dare voice their issues and complaints (on a FORUM, of all places). Trouble is, you never know which one it is (not making judgement on the OP - I’m just stealing his quote).

I for one am very fortunate to not have suffered, but I fly only in the western US and only use the modded Longitude. All I invested in this game besides the purchase itself was a new SSD, more memory, and a yoke and pedals. I really do feel for you guys though. If I’d have put thousands of bucks into this game as a lot of you have, I’d probably have already been banned from the forum.

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It’s all right here. I’ve never had problems with updates. In my opinion, the simulator is getting better and better.