What 3rd party aircrafts did you get and how do you rate them?

That’s where the PDF editor comes into play…

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And even though the YMF-5 has got a modernish panel, it still feels kind of “age of old/golden age” of flying… free.

I love the P149, that and the JF Arrow are my go to planes at the moment. It doesn’t hurt I did a TONNN of research on the P149, so I’m rather intimate with it’s characteristics and history, despite the fact I haven’t had the chance to fly one… yet. I did sit in one though (it’s engine needed an overhaul, so we couldn’t take it up). The radio issues of the P149 don’t bother me at all, and everything else works great (I did mod the retraction to 4 seconds to make that more realistic). It has a bit of a left turn tendency that gets to be tiresome on long flights (more than a half hour), but, I use the mobile companion to add an autopilot for the long legs and it fixes that right up.

Oh, and the Aeroplane Heaven Cardboard Spitfire is a ton of fun… why no mention here? I even painted it :slight_smile:
(Oh, no, I just realized, the old 1/32 Revell model was DW-K, not DW-D)


Didn’t buy it yet, but the Carenado PA34T SENECA twin engine seems to have very positive reviews on Youtube, several reviewers saying that it’s Carenado’s best effort yet on MSFS, which gives it some good marks on the fun and quality for the price ratio.

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The Seneca looks nice, but just like the real one (that is almost entirely used as a trainer for people doing twin endorsements) it is just hard for me to see where I would use it when I have the Mooney. It basically has fast single performance with all the disadvantages of a twin. At altitude with one engine out it is going to struggle to maintain height. “Get to the crash site more slowly” stuff if your up above 5000’ in the mountains on a hot day.

It does look like they did a nice job and I might pick it up, just because we have very few nicely sorted twins yet, and the reviews are good. I suspect long term as we get more choices, it’s main market will people either doing twin conversion on a real one or wanting a bit of nostalgia for their first twin.

Are you sure you’re not confusing this with the Seminole? I have heard that that aircraft is used as a popular trainer for twin engine training, but I hadn’t heard that about the Seneca.

I bought

Aerosoft CRJ
JF piper arrow
Milviz Corsair

All 3 are high quality. I can’t say what’s better as they all fall into different categories but I’d say in terms of quality they’re equal.
I won’t buy garbage I do a lot of research before making a purchase.


FBW A320 as good as the payware listed above.

Airbus H135 heli also top quality esp for a sim with no helicopter logic


I have purchased five, which is at least one more than I fly on a regular basis. Ranked in order of quality and flight time:

1 - Just Flight Piper Arrow III
2A - Carenado Mooney M20R Ovation
2B - Carenado Piper Seneca V
4 - Carenado Seminole
5 - Carenado C182T

1 - This is by far the best GA model available at the moment. Lots of fun to fly!
2A - While not as well done as the Arrow, very fun and quite fast. I fly it a lot cross-country.
2B - This is a nicely done model. It is stable and the sound quality is good. Lands well.
4 - If the Seneca V had been around this would get a pass. Too slow, but lands nicely.
5 - A disappointing model. Looks nice in the hangar, which is where it sits now. Bad sound.


@BostonJeremy77 Have there been enough new planes or updates to justify an updated list? Asking for a friend. :grin:

Nah. Only 4, I think, and the recent threads are pretty obvious:

CAPTAINSIM 777-200ER: Garbage. 747 copy with nice visual 777 model. Predatory development practices

MSCENERY: Garbage. Same as their other stuff

BLACKBOX BN-2: Great plane with great support/updates by the developer. Perfect short-trip cruiser.

PAPERCRAFT RACEX: No idea what this is. Some imaginary thing. I don’t think anyone has ever bought it.


Indeed, very good choices.

Small update: I have now the Asobo ultralight Solo TopRudder and it’s a lot of fun to fly. Amazing to be able to land on a sand strip in a few meters and take off again so quickly, and the best thing is the view under your chair !
Plus it’s really cheap.

A solid 8/10 from me.

Bleriot XI: i got his interesting model discounted, but so underpowered that I’ve failed to make it fly so far

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None so far. Default aircraft are so good i’m in no dire need to buy anything. Gonna buy CRJ when the price is right. Waited for justflight arrow but no one knows when it will be released so i guess i’m gonna buy carenado arrow when the next sale hits.

0 airports bought too. Freeware often are higher quality.

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  1. P28A by Just Flight. Everything has been said about this beauty, my 5 pence is: buy it, it’s THE GA aircraft you’ll ever need
  2. Asobo ultralight Top Rudder 103: fun, fun & more fun. Enjoy the landscape below you sitting on a flying chair…
  3. FBW A320neo: God knows these guys deserve a monument; they are offering for free a close-to-real design aircraft. My eternal gratitude goes to these unnamed benefactors of the virtual flying community.

For me, it‘s the Aerosoft CRJ, hands down.
And for recreational purposes, the Top Rudder Solo

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Err… The Arrow is out.

Can’t see it, there’s only carenado. Maybe they added it this a day ago?

They did. The Turbo Arrow III and IV are out now and well worth it. Hefty discounts too if you own the Arrow III. Go to the JustFlight website and all will be revealed.

The just flight version is not available on the marketplace.
And my suggestion, only buy the Turbo Arrow. No point in buying both now.

I think the BN2 Islander is OK.
Not great, but OK. That is version 1.0, remind you.

All other aircrafts I purchased where either not my cup of tea (needed to get them to find out, like a fighter jet I bought or an Ultralite.) or not worth mentioning because I don’t use them anymore for reasons in regards to their features or bugs or because I have too many similar ones that I slightly prefer.

I use some freeware addon planes though. Not many but a handful keep installed.
I use the Savage Carbon, The Bushleague Legends Tundra Cargo, the 208 No Pod version and the 172 Taildragger. Oh and the VL-3 915i.

Can’t see myself buying more payware aircrafts, tbh.
I feel I am all set with what I have and once Parorng gets the floats on his 208 No Pod Mod, I even will have a seaplane I want to use.

I mostly fly the 208, the Bonanza, the Baron, a Cub, the Islander or the King Air. Don’t wanna fly faster than that.

Never say never though. Maybe something comes along that makes me reconsider. I’m not much into cockpits with steam gauges however and until now this seems to be what the third party GA planes are about.

Can’t find them. Not released yet.
I’m not going to buy from some third party website.