What Annoying MSFS Bug/Flaw still remains in 2023

Photogrammetry cities are suppose to be better.
ALL of the bridges in Pensacola Florida (KPNS, a Photogrammetry City), Home of the famed Navy Blue Angels, STILL remain with Missing or Submerged Spans. Cars still traverse across the missing spans on the water. See screen shots of these Bridges that have submerged or missing spans since MSFS was released.

  1. Interstate 10 Bridge
  2. Cervantes Street Bridge
  3. Pensacola to Gulf Breeze Bridge (2 shots)
  4. Naval Air Station Pensacola Bridge


That was not very nice ! I may not be a Floridian and I should not have to install a THIRD PARTY Bridge pack to resolve an interstate bridge missing spans causing traffic to drive on water…


Your graphic card has encountered a problem and blah blah blah…

sure. A 6900.

Only with this sim.


The intrusive message which appears on screen when there are online server/internet steaming issues.


Oh yes, I agree. Have seen that several times for a very intermittent streaming problem lasting only a few seconds.


Oh great.
It’s Jan 1st and we already have another “let’s collect a bunch of minor stuff that not perfect”-thread where everyone has a chance to spread misery and negativity with absolutely no chance of the perceived problem ever getting fixed.

Instead of wasting energy like this:
please go and look for existing threads for existing problems and vote for them. Or create new specific threads for problems that are not already known.

This approach is totally pointless and will only serve a select few who can feel good about themselves by voicing their misgivings.


On my 3 monitor PC system (e.g. P2Atc on left, FS2020 middle, flight gauges (AAO) on right) I have to double click each screen with the mouse cursor to activate each screen.

Don’t know if this is a Win 10 or FS2020 issue or even if the problem is unique to my system. It would be great however to find a fix for it.



Personally, I find this an interesting thread to voice a few minor irritations which will hopefully be put right at some time. No massive pressure here. The two I’ve mentioned aren’t going to cause the end of the world but, yeah, it would be great if they could be looked into at some point in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Having massive fun with the sim at the moment with the Black Square King Air (great ac) and the Himalaya Mesh (great mesh) but nothing is ever going to be perfect is it?

And, as always, if we don’t like a thread we always have the option of moving on don’t we? :smirk:


Double cursors in instrument views in VR - a regression introduced over a year ago now in one of the SUs and still not fixed.


Whaa whaaa whaa. It’s a New Year and complaining is still in strong force. Why can’t people just enjoy and be happy with what they have. I do my flights, I enjoy the sim, and if there is TRULY an issue that needs to be looked ator discussed, I’ll post about it. A bridge and a couple buildings (referring to the OP) are not it.


Maybe a little, yes😁
But not without reason I believe

Well it might seem that way. After all conversation and discussing problems IS a good thing.

Still, I’ve seen several dozens of threads like this one come and go, and the only thing that ever came out of them was that they turned into comprehensive rants about every minor little thing that single people felt offended by and endless repetition of older issues.

Some of those minor issues - most people hadn’t even noticed before - get totally blown out of proportion or people start quarreling among each other. Others have been discussed multiple times (like the GPU error message, or the intrusive lost connection message) And the only solution that would be suggested is “Fix it, Asobo!”

The end of the matter always is: nothing will change this way, because Asobo and MS don’t care about these threads.
They have spelt out a method for reporting bugs via Zendesk or via creating and voting up an issue in a seperate topic in the appropriate category. Those are the ways they will start tackeling problems.
So this thread maybe an outlet but it’s not a constructive outlet, because it’s unlikely to lead to anything.

Lastly I don’t think actively asking people to search for stuff that’s wrong with the sim is a good thing. That’s like standing in front of the local mall and asking people: “what is wrong with your life in 2023?”.

Generally social media - like this forum - are inherently focussed on the negative anyway. This forum is already a loudspeaker to highlight every minute little detail not to someone’s liking. If you check the threads here the vast majority of them deal with problems. While only a few deal with positive things and even those are often being highjacked.

So while this forum can be (and already has been) a great asset for making Asobo and MS aware of things to fix, if done properly, I see no reason to actively ASK people to bring more negativity into the world if it’s not even serving a purpose for the future of MSFS.

And YES, this rant of mine is also partially self-serving because I am a little sick of negativity in general, and because I think the timing with the New Year is so absolutely awful.

But at least I have suggested a viable solution to my problem…

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That’s exactly why you should install a 3rd party bridge pack. Because you are missing such great detail in a single object which is irrelevant for 99.99% of the player base.

Do you have any idea how much of a minor minor minor issue this is compared to the size of the world this project deals with? :smile:


well, guess my New Year’s mood after 4 hours in the A310… :slight_smile: last day of my holiday, tomorrow back to work, CTD. wohooo I’m happy =)


WOW ! I just got admonished by a Forum Moderator Team Member and told to install a 3rd party bridge pack because I am only .01% of the player base and my complaint is a “minor minor minor” issue … according to a MSFS Forum Moderator Team Member. WOW… Please excuse me… My sincere apology for such a minor issue.


So what does my role has anything to do with it?

You seem amazed by the fact that I can have an opinion and/or join a discussion?

I did not admonish you in the slightest. Just stating how it currently is in the sim.

That’s a bit rich. Technically you on yourself are only 0.00001% of the player base, but I’d guess there would be 1000 other people who also would like to see that bridge. :wink:


It kinda is tho, in the grand scheme of things. There is no hiding that there are some flaws in the world map, it’s pretty much unavoidable at this scale. Find a wishlist topic that covers your issue, or make it a bug report or smth. It’ll be fine, I promise.

signed, a Discord Moderator Team Member


Moderators are volunteers and generally aren’t MS or Asobo staff. They also have the right to have personal opinions on the forums too.

Also I am not a moderator and often share critical opinions on the sim, but this complaint is indeed pretty minor. MSFS Is simulating the entire globe and doesn’t have lifelike fidelity for every object in the world. To expect that of a $60 game only 3 years in development is not reasonable.

Long term, these issues could be resolved potentially through a scenery gateway that’s crowdsourced. In the meantime, 3rd party solutions are a reasonable suggested fix.


Agree with your post. We have the ENTIRE world that gives us levels of details and representations that would have costed 1,000’s of dollars to get in prior sims. Yet people are acting like they’ve mortgaged their house or donated a kidney and expect nothing less but having every single tree being shown in the sim. Someone complaining about missing bridges is actually quite laughable in the scheme of all that is offered out of the box. Thankfully we have people who are slowly filling in or improving the ‘gaps’ through majority freeware products. No matter what they do it’s a loosing battle becomes it’s human nature to never be satisfied and always wanting more, in simpler terms; greedy, impatient, and entitled. I think we’ve been overly spoiled with MSFS when you compare back to what the standard of simming was with XP/P3D/FSX. Seeing as how the majority of users are most likely adults, it’s embarrassing to see adults acting like entitled children.


The sound output from the sim should change when the main windows output device does. All the other games do it this way, and it’s an annoyance having to change this manually from the options menu when you are wearing wireless headphones or a VR headset.

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There’s a factory on the backstretch near turn 2 at Talladega Superspeedway, Talladega, Alabama.
Silly enough that the track surface is grass rather than asphalt here in FSIM, but a factory smack in the middle of the track, they must be retreading tires in there or sumthn’?.. :crazy_face: