What are we expecting in todays marketplace?

What are we expecting or hoping for today? Personally I want some new liveries


I wish they would publish details about the updates earlier… like: «coming this week». Instead I have to go through this Thursday-waiting-game every week :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But yes, liveries would be a pleasant surprise :+1:


It long to wait. Is it normally about 6pm UK time?

Hoping for some new planes

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Have you got the liveries that are already on the market?

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No around 10-11pm UK time. Yes I have the 4simmers america pack

Hoping for the Buckers Jungmann. According to Lionheart he’s been waiting on the Marketplace.


Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.


I agree im fed up of being let down with it

I expect the scam from MSCENERY, BREDOK3D and Captain Sim has to be stopped!


What about ”Simple Traffic”? That would be awesome! And a SAS livery. Would keep me happy for a few weeks at least!:smiley:


I’ll be happy with anything that works as it’s meant to.


Bredok3d liveries mentioned weeks ago really looking forward to the new 4simmers ones but not expecting them tonight I would say in 2 weeks time as they mentioned :crossed_fingers:

With everything announced last night, there is some hope for some good addons in the marketplace on both Xbox and PC.

I am hoping they take there time and get things right

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They didn’t say when though unfortunately

For Xbox I’m expecting nothing. We’ll get a couple more airports, maybe a scenery item like birds, or some scam-level aircraft.

I seriously hope we get something good though. I’d love to spend money on this sim but Asobo’s making it difficult with the 3rd party add-ons that are released.


I’m totally with you on this my wallet has been open just haven’t spent nothing apart from pilot plus bristol airport and 4simmers livery pack

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Oh…Bijan has a lot going on with his add-on for PC. Hopefully us “Xbox´ers” will get an updated version soon as well :slight_smile:


I’d like to see Saskatoon and Birch Hills airfields (fat chance on the latter :cry: ) and the Carenado Seneca V on Xbox.

I’m on PC and totally agree that you guys deserve to fly that aircraft :smiley:


I think its normally around 10pm (uk) isn’t it? The dev update post ??