What are you guys favorite aircraft of all time that you fly with MSFS 2020?

Hi there, I was wondering what your favorite aircraft that you constantly fly all the time? Any information is greatly appreciated. TIA

I’m not an overall good judge in this as I have been flying planes “in order” so to speak

C172 Steam / G1000
G36 Bonanza
G58 Baron
Kodiak 100
Twin Otter

So far, my most favorite has been the CJ4, at 106 hours in it currently. Really loved the Kodiak and the Twin Otter as well. The 310R is the current “weekend warrior” when not flying the CJ and it’s been a blast!

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C172 Steam


Used to be the 787. Haven’t turned on the SIM in a year.

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and the
C172 G1000

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Was the WT CJ4 then the Aerosoft CRJ-700, haven’t flown either since the PMDG 737 was released.

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Changes almost weekly.

Currently Sting S4, Quest Kodiak, Beech 18, Boeing 247D, Warrior II

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Tantalizing craft.

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Cessna 414 mostly and and the S4 occasionally these days.
The Fenix A320 and PMDG 737 every now and again.

All four are fantastic IMNSHO!

I can’t say I have any favorite because no airplane is perfect but for just general all around do everything GA it might be the Bonanza.

I love the TBM 930 for the speed and technology but it’s terrible at tight maneuverability.

Sting S4 for pure hands on flying and sight seeing.

It’s a Carenado at heart.

Looks great, cockpit at night is excellent, sounds great, the FM seems OK if you avoid the edge of the envelope and just fly it sanely, not a lot of system depth, may be some AP issues, bounces on landing as you would expect with a Carenado taildragger they all do it, price is great.

My current favorites:
CRJ 700

I like the C152 and C172 steam. They’re a bit slow, but they’re great VFR aircraft.

The C152 is particularly nice for it’s lack of autopilot or GPS.


Now I have it, PMDG 737.

If someone brings out an A380 or Concorde of same detail and quality it will be those.

Any plane so long as it has a G1000 in it.

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To be honest (no it was not Airbus) - it was always was the Boeing 747 Cargo Airplane. Unfortunately I never had a 777 Freighter, that´s why I choose the 747.

The 747 has such a special “coming home” flair when entering that special cockpit layout and design.

But I am happy that Fenix brought the best and most sophisticated Airbus ever made, with complete circuit breakers and all systems and whatnot, so I could learn to fly Airbus too!
Now of course the Fenix is the best and most complete simulated aircraft ever made.


My answers are probably different than most, but mine are:

DC Designs PT-17 Stearman - One of my favorite planes in real life and I think they did a really good job bringing it into the sim. I fly it probably more than anything. It’s genuinely fun. It came with some nice liveries and an aerobatic version as well.

Parallel 42’s Fox2 - An absolute joy to fly. Great for sight seeing because of how slow you can fly and the windows give you a fantastic view. It’s great for bush flying because of it’s amazing STOL capabilities, and I love all of the included liveries.

T-6 Texan (from the Reno DLC - I specifically bought ‘Undecided’, but I’m sure they’re all great) - Another favorite real-life plane. It sounds pretty good in the sim. It’s enjoyable to fly and fun to land. I prefer it over the P-51s from the same Reno DLC, to my surprise.

FBW A32nx

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Aerosoft PBY Catalina WW2 flying boat, twin P&W radials, fabulous in FSX.

The Britten-Norman Islander, my favourite aircraft.

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